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  1. I just thought of another advantage: You can install a clear Plexiglas pick guard with a light show under it!
  2. Advantage: You can add one or two new pickups no problem Disadvantage: You have a huge hole in your guitar Advantage: Your pick guard covers the hole nicely Disadvantage: If you keep it you will always know about the hole Advantage: It's definitely one of a kind Disadvantage: Your conscience will not let you sell it without letting the buyer know about the new Barby Pool. If you like it keep it, if not return it. Like I said you can now add a humbucker or another single coil and have a Nashville Custom Three pickup tele! Good Luck...
  3. TWANG covered the subject quite well. I will add that the advantage of a humbucker (dual coil) over the single coil variant is that it is possible to split the dual coil into a single coil or even place these two singoe coils from a single pickup into series for more variations. With the proper switching you can achieve 21 variations of pickup configuration with a pair of humbuckers. Check here for details... http://i434.photobucket.com/albums/qq69/RevCharlieD/2HBwith21sounds.jpg It's worth a try...
  4. Please consider this as a comment and not an attempt at Dogma. When you purchase any item from an online dealer , you are taking business from your community. Yes, for those that live in areas with limited resources, on line shopping is an excellent way to obtain the items that make your life worth while. Shopping locally when you can supports your community. I have a friend that owns a Guitar Store - Non affiliated (Not a chain or franchise) and his business is really down this year. I know that all business has fallen off in this economic time. Consider that the person that owns and runs a small business has a lot invested. They have the advice and knowledge that you don't often get from the online retailers. They do setup and adjustments. They learn who your are an what make your style and learn what sounds you like and can even advise on tone, etc. What I advocate is to shop locally first, then go to the online stores. I think you'll find that many local retailers will attempt to match online prices and still provide personalized service as well. My humble opinion. Yes I do shop online...
  5. As I see it there are only a few options here: 1) Find that guitar that feels great in your hands and play it 2) Keep what you have an lear to love it... 3) Build your own kit - this option allows you the greatest flexibility and selection 4) Give up the guitar and take up the harmonica... I personally favor options 1 and 3. Forcing yourself to accept an instrument that you don't love is like ... fill in the blanks. Buy looking until you find that one instrument that fits is the most viable and practical option. I have an acquaintance - We call him LP Man - who has developed the ability to wrench Les Paul tones form ANY guitar. You might doubt this, but I have personally heard him play a Strat and Tele (both with single coil PU's) and make them sound just like his LP. When asked why... He say I like the LP... The obvious follow up to that is why not just play the LP??? The point is that you can attain what ever tone you want for an instrument.... Find what you like and play it like you stole it...
  6. I really like the horns... Is that genetic?
  7. A beautiful blond was very proud of her ability to memorize things. Her friends challenged her to learn all the State's Capitals. Three days later to the amazement of her friends, she returned ready for any test. Her brunette friend said she would take it easy at first... She asked for the Capital of Wisconsin... Oh, that's an easy one.... the blond exclaimed... "W"!
  8. Two blonds completed their commercial flight training and were hired by a small cargo company. The first assignment was to fly into Phoenix and return with a small cargo. The flight to Phoenix was as routine as possible. They made their turn onto final, lined up the runway and started decent. Upon touchdown, the captain (brighter of the two) realized that they they were quickly approaching the end of the runway She applied full breaks and slid to a stop just before she ran off the end. Her copilot remarked that that that was the shortest runway she had ever seen... The Captain responded - "Yea, but look how wide it is..."
  9. Let's see, I'm 57 and I started at 13.. oh boy math is tuff... Ok... 57 - 13.. time the page number. invert the fraction, take the reciprocal of the inverse, then consider that x-y+z as it approaches zero from the left and the area under the curve is... 9? No.. wrong button on the calculator... 44 years. If I've learned anything in this amount of time it's that there several people that play better than I, but few that have as much fun. Laughter is music, too. If you can't laugh at it you should shouldn't be doing it. I started on a Sears 6 string acoustic and graduated to my first electric - a Tiesco that I bought in a basket. I reworked it and learned more about being a luthier that I wanted, but that knowledge has served me well. So now only the serious or more complex (we also need to add the laziness factor) go to the shop. I have owned and sold soo many guitars that I've lost track. My beloved Sheri is my go to on most gigs. Then there's my recently purchased AM Strat Deluxe that is causing me to correct several bad habits. I have a couple of others, too but these are the main guns in the arsenal.
  10. Opinions are like assholes... Everyone has one... and is certainly entitled to it. Be realistic... See it my way... Or... Just keep playing like nobody's listening... It's all a matter of choice. we can choose to be annoyed, or we can choose to let people have their say. Live and let live!
  11. OK... Here's the line up... HR Deluxe - Yellow jackets, Preamp attenuator, Eminence Red, White & Blues speaker Gator small pedal board - Effects connected in order listed from input end: Ross Grey Kompressor - Kit built - Modded to add attack and tone controls Tube Screamer - Kit built - modded to add tone control Big Muff Pi - Kit built - modded to add tone control Danelectro Rocky Road Analogue Delay - Kit built Molto-Tremolo - Kit built Ernie Ball Volume Peddle Boss TU-2 - from the tuner out of the volume pedal Nicely portable and compact with excellent results. Note: I needed something to divert my attentions from a business venture. It's great therapy... And it provided some really cool boutique effects pedals... Kits are from - BYOC: http://www.buildyourownclone.com/ General Guitar gadgets: http://www.generalguitargadgets.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1
  12. What does the music call for? Less is More!
  13. Welcome... Nice to have you on the list... Some people call me a nut case - especially my Shrink... but when you pick up your guitar, does it make you want to play it? Do you feel a bond to it? OR... is it sitting in the corner or living in the case? The reason I ask is that I personally choose a guitar that encourages me to play. I don't really care what my hero's play because I believe that they chose their main guitar for the same reason that I did. I know there are sponsored players out there that get the latest whatever from whomever to play. Even Yngwie still uses the Strat he customized. For the rest of us we have to make these decisions on our own. So if you love the guitar and you can achieve the sound you want and it make you want to play more... why worry who or where it was made. I have a Korean Sheri that I dearly love. A couple of months ago I bought my first ever Fender Strat. I was a Gibson snob... When I met my Sheri I fell in love and she is still my main guitar. My Strat is beautiful, American made Deluxe - gorgeous....with an entirely different personality. I enjoy her too, but not like Sheri... Enjoy the music and have fun above all else. That's what this is all about... I think I here my Shrink calling...
  14. Yes you can obtain excellent tone from a small amp - and for in your price range. Like I said, you need to try several types and see what fits your particular tastes and expectations. Keep looking until you figure out what you like, then go find it... The quest for tone is never ending. But when you find it... you'll be in heaven!... Personally, I'm still looking, but I'm getting really really close. Right now I'm playing a late model Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, with an Red, White, and Blues (Eminence), Yellow Jackets (EL84 replacements for the 6L6). So with a little luck and some serious searching, you'll arrive at a good starting point.
  15. Welcome to the forum... Epiphone make a very , very nice guitar. You'll be happy for a long time. As for the amplifier... I would recommend that you consider a couple of things up front: 1) Where are you likely to play the most, your flat, a small club, arena, football stadium... in any of the cases the amplifier size is very important 5 to 18 watts produces some serious sound. I recently heard a boutique amp (Quidley) in a friends store that was a deafening 5 watts and at 22 watts it shook the ceiling. This was WAY more than enough for a small large club and whne miked plenty for any venue. 2) portability... do you have a car, as scooter, a bus pass? imagine moving a Marshall stack on public transportation. 3) Tone and musical genre - what type of music will you play most often? Then there is personal preference. You mentioned several various amps. Do you want a head and cabinet or a combo type amp. 4) How much do you want to spend? The Quidley I mentioned is about $2700 US. What's in your budget? 4) Since you're relatively new I would recommend that you answer these questions and others that will occur to you as you think this through, and I'm sure that others will come up with several other ideas as well. Go to your local music store and try a few various models. Talk to friends and get their views.. then look at what the pro's are playing and discover why they use that model... Enjoy the music... that's why we do this.. for the fun of it.
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