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  1. Just as GenZero says except , I would use a "pin vise" to drill by hand . [ or a tapered reamer , lol ]
  2. Hey Marx , who made you God ? I'm a luthier with over 30 yrs experience .I build hand crafted guitars of my own design ,as well as mods and repairs . If anybody is a clueless hack , mate , it's you . If you can't be constructive , then maybe you should refrain from comment . Axegrinder !!
  3. Dearest Twang , would you be my guru ? Love you mate . Brilliant !!
  4. Hmm. Definitely looks very suss . Headstock looks wrong , "epiphone" inlay - wrong angle , back should be black , 'made in korea' should be removable sticker , "gotoh" style tuners should be Grovers [ possibly replacements] , but the s/no and lack of lable are most concerning . Best bet is to take it to a dealer or epi service specialist ,as , photos don't quite tell enough . Anyhow I hope it works out for you .
  5. It won't work . Being a bolt on neck , it sits further into the body than the gibson . Get a blank and make yourself one or get someone to do it for you . QED
  6. Have a safe and happy festive season everyone !=D>/ :D/
  7. Very easy to fix . 1st clean the back of the "e" GENTLY with methylated spirits . 2nd get some 1 inch wide (thin) double-sided Sellotape and cut 2 strips about 1 1/2 inches long and stick them side by side on the back the "e" , leaving the protective paper on the outside of the tape . . 3rd use a modelling knife or small sharpe scissors , carefully cut around the outline of the "e" . . Finally peel off backing paper and apply to pickguard . Have fun - Axegrinder
  8. Don't say another word ! Go and play one !
  9. :D/ Hey Schtang , glad to see you've got a new sheri . ( nice one too !)If you need an epsilon for your pickguard , you can have either original style or vintage (foil) style , just let me know . Hope your new geet helps ease the loss, Axegrinder
  10. Hey Schtang , sorry to hear about your loss . I know how it feels - had a '63 Strat stolen years ago . I'm very fortunate to own a gorgeous VS Sheri and a custom shop Riviera . If you need to borrow for recording or such , as I'm also in Sydney , you'd be more than welcome . I also have many contacts in the industry - may be helpfull in finding a new one . If i can be of any help , let me know or make contact . Axegrinder .
  11. Thanks Twang , I look forward to seeing how you go . Regards Axegrinder .
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