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  1. Now after thiniking about it, I will probably leave it off. Now the next question, how do I get the remaining glue off? It looks like crap now! Mike
  2. My gf hates lists, if I don't know what she wants by now then I will never know, LOL. My family always made lists, 34 yrs old and my mom still asks for a list, LOL. I usually tell everyone I don't want anything, gf does pretty well, can't complain.
  3. I recently bought this guitar used and noticed the E was missing off the pickguard. I found the E inside the case. Should I glue it back on? Superglue or?? LOL
  4. Lennon sounds great but what was with Mick in the beginning??? Thought he was gonna get down on his knees in front of John< LOL. WTF I really never listened to Lennon but wow, he sounded great. Def some great music!
  5. Looks like justinguitar is my next stop. Thanks fellas
  6. Guys, great suggestions! I will probably stop off at GC and check out the practice Amps. That Spider is the same one my buddy suggested, just out of the price range right now (kids, xmas, etc, lol) I attempted to tune the guitar by ear using some online tuners and it sounds pretty good, I will pick up a tuner though. I will add a few pics tomorrow, have to get some sleep before work, 3rd shifter! fun Oh and as far as what music I would like to play...blues, country, rock, probably not death metal , lol. I figured the DOT would give me the sound I was looking for. What websites have good lessons?
  7. I have never played a guitar or even picked one up for that matter. 12 years ago I began thinking about learning how to play but never went farther than just a thought. Fast forward to last week, I traded a 12 ga Ithaca Shotgun for this beautiful Epi. I was going to go Acoustic but just couldn't pass up this deal. I don't have an Amp or tuner. What size amp should I get? What type of tuner? I have a Guitar Center just up the street. I see there are a ton of online help that I am going to start looking at. Guess I just need a little guidance. Thanks in advance, Mike
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