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  1. That is the way they come wired from the factory. I found it strange also. There is a wiring modification that can be done to "Correct" this "Defect". You have to switch the wires on the volume pots. There are plenty of diagrams available. Search for INDEPENDANT VOLUME CONTROL FOR GIBSON. You have to be comfortable with soldering, and taking your guitar apart. IF YOU ARE NOT, PLEASE TAKE IT TO A PRO. I do repairs, and you'd be unpleasantly surprised at how many guitars come in with wiring mistakes made by someone who thought they could do it themselves. Usually because of heat in the wrong place for too long, there are components that have to be replaced as well.
  2. Yep. LOTS of power in that ol' amp. I had a 4 - 12 box hooked up to it one day, and there were a few people very surprised at what that amp can do. Warm sounds at high volumes also. It's actually more amp than I can use, but I just can't let it go. The dual power switch helps; knocking the power down to 65 watts, or full power at 130 watts.
  3. Great Info bluesman. I've copied this one into my own files for future use. Thanks.
  4. Every time there's a thread about Wild, or Alley Kats, I get a bad case of GAS. I played one at one of our local stores and had a really hard time to put it down, and not walk out with it. And you're right Greg. It is, at least to me, a great size for a semi hollow. Nice review.
  5. Cool thread! Those are nice looking guitars. I like the neck through design. First time I've ever heard of this guitar.
  6. I'm not sure what your guitar came with, but the 18:1 means that for every 18 revolutions of the tuning peg, the string post turns one revolution. A very fine ratio. Most Fender guitars come with a 12:1, or maybe a 14:1. My Epi Les Paul, made in Korea in 2008, came with 18:1 Grover tuners. To check your tuners turn the peg, counting how many complete turns it take to turn the post one complete revolution.
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