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  1. hey guys, need some advice on what amp to buy, Im lookng for a hybrid amp or a completely valve amp, maybe a Vox valvetronix? My budget is up to about 600 bucks
  2. Yeah, for sure the bridge I changes will fit the les paul! here's the link: GFS Roller Bridge Chrome
  3. It's not that difficult, since the pups come with the wiring diagrams, all you need to do is cut off the old pups, thet each of them have to cables, a Ground cable thats connected to the top of the corresponding volume pot, and the other one is attached to one of the three "arms" the volume pot has, once you take the old one is off, follow the wiring diagram, screw it the pickguard, and now you have a brand new sound coming out of your guitar!
  4. Here are the pics of my recently modded SG, I put, both GFS, Mean 90 in the bridge, and a Vintage 59' in the neck. They sound superb! The Mean 90 is great for Nirvana and Green Day, the Vintage 59' is great for Guns n' Roses soloing. Alot of tone variety. http://s765.photobucket.com/albums/xx294/marcelo94/?action=view&current=P9051660.jpg http://s765.photobucket.com/albums/xx294/marcelo94/?action=view&current=P9051664.jpg
  5. Regarding more pics, I didn't have time to take more, sory I know you guys are Guitar-Pic Addicts (G.P.A.). And regarding the neck and frets, just awesome, NOW I know why you people are always on the hunt for a korean Epiphone, they're great, no matter how much time has passed!
  6. Hey guys, just wondering what would be the price for this 90's Korean Les Paul 100, cuz' he doesn't want it anymore. Sorry for the bad ilumination in the pics, http://i765.photobucket.com/albums/xx294/marcelo94/04-09-10_1843.jpg
  7. Oh I forgot, can I add something to the connecting wires of the Mean90 to reduce hum sound? or any other suggestion?
  8. Thanks alot guys, its all been taken care of, it's workin perfect! I'll post some pics and maybe an audio recording.
  9. Yeah I got a Mean 90 for the bridge and a Vintage 59 for the neck. Im trying to connect them but listen Ive got more cables coming out of the GFS pickups, than the Epiphone pickups, which only have a cable that's ground, and a cable that goes to the volume pot. The GFS pickups have a cable that goes to the volume pot, same ground cable that the epiphone pickup has, and an extra cable on the Mean 90, and 2 extra cables on the vintage 59, that according to the wiring diagrams is ground, but where should I connect it to?
  10. Hey guys, before I begin intalling them I'll be needing the wiring diagrams of my SG G400, to know which cable is which. Any recomendations on how to install them? My Dad has all the tools necessary, and he knows a bunch of electronics, which is an advantage.
  11. Look here: Bridges in Guitar Fetish
  12. Maybe something hot like: GFS Power Rail Suggestions?
  13. I already thought about the Gibby P94 but to buy that I'll have to save some more extra cash, but I'm too excited on changing the pickup... I don't know I'm in doubt, What should I do?
  14. Yeah, just before I was fooling around with the guitar and I can get the Angus Young tone with the bridge pickup, so the p90 will come in handy for the green day songs
  15. Thanks for all the advices guys, I think I'm gonna go for the Mean 90, and yes, I am aware it's a single coil, and I'll do all things possible to avoid any feedbacks or "hum" sounds. Thanks alot again, Marcelo
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