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  1. What tpe of music do u play? If you play rock and roll, a p90 emg is pretty hot plus its really punchy. If you play metal go with emg 81 in the bridge and 85 in the neck. These are pretty hot standard metal pickups. but if you want a bluesier neck pickup, put a 60 in the neck instead of the 85.
  2. Well first off, the logo os raised to high. Second off, the headstock is cut to rounded off Thirdly, the tailpeice seems too far away from the bridge Fourthly, the body seems to be cut kind of short at the bottom
  3. ur joking baout that last part right? lol
  4. Hey everybody, hows it goin? Im gonna replace the pickups on my Les Paul with some EMG's. I would go with the standard 81/85 combo but the 85 in the neck is too thin IMO so I was looking towards putting a 60 in the neck. How well do u think that this combonation will work? Will they clash and make me wanna kick my dog or will they mix great and puurrrrr like a kitten? Any advice/opinions/etc welcome. Thanks, Sinful Bane
  5. I had one and it was great! The only reason I sld it was so that I can upgrade from that to the standard in my picture! <====
  6. WHats up everybody? I want to take the stickers off of the back of the headstock but when i do, it leaves this nasty looking sticky residue. :D How can I take that off?
  7. I need to see more in order to be able to help. Full Body. Neck. Front an d back of the body etc...
  8. Anybody there? need help here lol. any info at ALL would be helpful =]
  9. Every EMG (81/85) Ive ever saw in person has been the black standard looking ones, but recently I found out that you can get these pups with a chrome covering. Does the chrome covering affect the tone/sound of the pups? or do they sound the same as the standard black ones? Its doesnt water down the tone or anything does it? Thanks in adv, SInful Bane
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