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  1. Awesome pick up mate, great bargain, beautiful guitar.
  2. depends where you are in melbourne but i suggest here: http://www.musicswopshop.com.au/Dalby.aspx
  3. I have one. Took 3 weeks to get shipped from the US to Australia, but that was because it accidentally went via Canada. But back on topic, get another, mines exceptionally well made, a great player, and sounds great.
  4. And rock out to you for that my friend. I'm a non-gigging guitarist myself, i suggest to the OP get the best guitar you can and just enjoy it. Sometimes it's just that simple.
  5. mine arrived yesterday, its an awesome piece of gear too. perfect finish, well put together. A mile ahead of the other epi LP I have. I'm in oz but got it shipped from the US.
  6. that was the advice I got on here a couple of years ago and it was quite correct in my case. I cut back to 2 or 3 winds per string and the Epi LP stayed in tune. on the other hand I've got an old Electra Strat (70s, early 80s) and the tuners are just worn out and slip.
  7. sometimes i think, rather than worry about this stuff, we should just play guitar.
  8. yes I'd like to think they will reduce prices. I've found though they're quicker to increase them with exchange rate increases rather than decrease them when our dollar improves. Although I have found Gallins do the best prices on most epi's - no doubt for the reason you outlined. cheers jake
  9. just seems a little to complex for my liking although i'll look into it yeah, but $100 US is now just over $100 AU and we pay way more than a$100 extra for our epiphones in comparison you our US colleagues thanks, I shall check them out for sure yeah, same deal as MF
  10. given the value of the dollar I've been trying to track down a reputable store in the US that ships Epiphone guitars to Australia. I've been unsuccessful so far, MF doesn't do it, can anyone help? jake
  11. just wanted to boost the post count on this thread... but in all seriousness' date=' this from the weber attenuator web site highlighted some risks with using the attenuator: [b']So, now some answers. Catastrophic power tube failure will cause transformer and screen grid resistor failures. The reason you will read and hear horror stories from unknowledgeable attenuator users is because they do not understand how attenuators work and the stress they put on your tubes. If in fact, a player chooses to run his amp cranked all the way on and attenuate the volume down to a whisper, then in most cases power tubes will only go a few months. Power tubes will die in one of two ways. The first and most pleasant is by simply fading and dying. The second and more popular way is to go out in a blaze of glory which is what I referred to above as a catastrophic failure which can and most often will, take out screen grid resistors. Tubes sound great when they are really working hard but the harder you work them the faster they wear out. If you understand this and either use the attenuator sparingly or change your tubes regularly then your amp will not suffer damage. If you are going to dime your amp out and attenuate it down to very quiet volumes then we recommend using an attenuator that is rated for twice the power of your amp's rated output. [/b] So this clearly relates to misuse, however, it does suggest using the attenuator sparingly and changing tubes regularly to avoid damage.
  12. I've been checking out the yellow jackets which appear to be a safer option than the attenuator (in as far as risking damage to the amp). Twanger / PapaMidnite, Is it only the two output tubes (5881's) I replace? If so, is it two of these I need?: yellow jackets and two of these?: JJ Tesla EL84 Tubes BTW, I've never even looked at the tubes in the BC and have no experience with working on amps. Is it just a matter of disconnecting the power, locating the tubes, unplugging and replugging? thanks all
  13. Hadn't thought of an attenuator, but it sounds like an awesome option given I could keep the BC. I was just reading about them online. Wiggy. what wattage is your mini mass? Just wanted to get a sense as to whether the 25 or 50 watt attenuator is best for the BC - and I assume you set the BC to 15 watts?
  14. A quick google shows the following prices in Australia: Vox night train - $750 - $1000 (then I need a cab) Blackheart Handsome Devil (head only - couldn't find the combo) - $900 and these all blow the budget I couldn't locate any of the amps you refer to M-theory. I have come across the Vox AC4 - which I assume is similar to the Hall Amplifications amp given its switchable between 4, 1 and 1/4 watt. Any views on these?
  15. Hi all, I'm trading in the epi BC 30 as I've found it too loud for home use. I've tracked through past posts and see there is good feedback on the Vox VTs although having had the full tube amp i'm reluctant to give it up. I guess i need to stick to something in the 5 watt range. The Marshall Class 5's look great and get good reviews - but they've gone like hot cakes here and those that have them in stock have have a street price of over $600. I take it the new valve senior will still be too big for me, so would my best bet still an epi valve junior with some modding? Most aussie stores seem to be out of stock though for some reason - I assume a new model is on the way. Anyway, I've got a budget of around $400 to $500 aussie dollars so any musings form other members would be welcome.
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