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  1. Got reply from gibson: "Unfortunately, the only way to determine if this is an authentic Epiphone is to have purchased the guitar new from an authorized Epiphone dealer." Hence, will never know whether fake or not. But at least the guitar sounds good and it does look similar to Noel Gallagher's! Thanks all for your comments.
  2. Thanks for the comments. I've taken some more photos - http://fadedburst.blogspot.com/ Took to a Gibson dealer and they say it's difficult to verify an Epi compared to a Gibson. Would not confirm it's fake but pointed out some discrepencies as you can see from the photos.
  3. Thanks for the comments. Will take some more photos once I'm back home. Intend to take the guitar to a shop this weekend to have it checked and if fake, confront the guy before posting. What do you do if it's fake? I'm sure the cops won't bother. I've tried to contact epiphone i.e. via service@gibson.com and included details but they're not quick in replying are they?
  4. Thanks leicester35. Ran the serial number and gave the following result (what does this mean?): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Guitar Info Serial number unrecognized Bohemia Musico-Delica Plant Not much is known about this factory, guitars made here are only sold in Europe. However, the production quality at this factory is said to be superior to its Chinese and Korean counterparts. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Bought it from a person who advertised it locally. $230! Don't know why the photo's don't show. Hopefull you can click on the links. I'll try again with the photos below. Photo 2: Photo 3: Photo 4:
  6. Hi Guys. Here are some more photos I took. Yesterday I posted one of them in an existing thread...sorry about that, new to this. Anyway I bought mine secondhand and I think it's fake. Wish I'd known about this forum before buying. Appreciate your comments and confirm my fear! The headstock looks ok.. but do Epiphone LP's have the word "Gibson" on the trust rod cover? Shouldn't "Epiphone" be slightly slanted? Click: Photo_1 I unscrewed the cover and it looks like this. Click: Photo_2 Should "Epiphone" be printed under the bridge? Unlike the photo below? Click: Photo_3 I also took out the pick-up. Should there not be something printed? Click: Photo_4 Thanks!
  7. Hi guys. Wondering whether mine's a fake as well?
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