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  1. can any epi wildcat player tell me the best set of strings to get, the ones on are a light set of nines i think, i dont like heavies but these seem much too light for most styles... i play blues- country - rock . thanks too all
  2. thanks for all your replies guys, it is really appreciated. take care you all!
  3. hi there guys, just purschased my wildcat from the states, been waiting for one for months, there are none to be found in the uk.. and dealers dont expect any in for months thats if they ever arrive. one main dealer placed an order last august, he doesn,t expect any in before next march at the earliest. anyways its gonna take approx 7 -10 days to arrive so ill just have to thrash my dot ( which is still cool ) i just cant wait to vibe them v p90 pups. has anyone any feed back on this kittens. cheers john
  4. i really appreciate the feedback from you both ( g zero- twang ) i know now which direction to go in.... thanks again for the time and responces.
  5. being a newbie to the guitar, only 9 months ( ex drummer ) otherwise known as a roadie, i need some feedback on the best epi for blues, country, soft rock music, ie 60s stuff. i have an epi dot which is good for most stuff ,but i need something with a bit more bite. i have been told a l/p would be great. can one of you guys please give me some feedback. cheers john
  6. thanks for that .the one that i am looking at has three single coil p/us plus there is a different neck wood on it , but i will try it
  7. hi guys, just found this site, great topics going on and looks like some serious sound advice coming back. i have a dot 335 which is great along with some other guitars, but i have found an epiphone strat similar to fenders, does anyone know how these axes play and sound like... cheers john
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