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  1. I emailed Gibson about this and someone replied saying that their metal cleaner is fine to use. Then today he emailed again to say that he's just found it isn't safe and NOT to use it!! A suggested alternative would have been nice! After all this is Gibson.
  2. Thanks for your advise guys. I think I'll use a small amount of the metal cleaner (it does say low abrassion) and buff gently. And start with the bridge. And trust the fact that I'm using gibson cleaner which comes with no warning about gold. It's strange that nobody seems to have used this stuff!
  3. I had the exact same dilema last year! Had originally set my mind on a white studio. Then saw the red and loved it too. But the more I looked at the red ones the more I thought that they should have gold hardware. And the whites have this but I was falling more for the red colour. Eventually I stumbled across a Wine Red standard with gold hardware which I hadn't budgeted for but just had to have it. What am I saying? Oh yeh.. stick with the white, coz once you get an image of a wine red with gold you'll be forever frustrated that it's not quite perfect. Unless you like crome. And like someone else said, you don't see many whites.
  4. Well I'd say it definately needs a clean as it looks like it's trying to corrode and I want to nip that in the bud. So what do you folks think about the metal cleaner which comes with the restoration kit? Just want to know if anyone is opposed to using it with gold. Or is it perfectly safe?
  5. Hey comrades, I have a Les Paul standard with gold pick-ups and tuners and I'm wondering what is the safest way to clean them? I have the gibson vintage restoration kit and am wondering if the metal cleaner which comes with it is ok to use with gold?
  6. I was actually wondering the same thing about my les paul. It's a 2001 standard, with the grovers. Anyone know if this is a 50's or 60's neck?
  7. Hi guys, I'm thinking of cleaning my fretboard. The guy in the music shop sold me some D'Andrea lemon oil. He says this is the 'be all and end all' when it comes to cleaning fretboards. However he also said there was no need to test out the length of a strap as it would adjust to any desired length, which I got home and found to be too high on it's longest length! I have heard many conflicting opinions on what should and shouldn't be used to clean a (rosewood) fretboard and just wanted to hear the opinions of some fellow Les Paul owners. Is lemon oil cool? And what's the best method?
  8. Thanks for your advice LPDEN. What does NAMM mean? I paid £1200 for it, though the guy was asking more. I don't know if you would class it as a limited edition but these with the gold hardware and grovers seem hard to come by. In fact I thought it was only 2001 models that featured this but weeladdie, you have just proved otherwise! Nice to meet someone with the same guitar. Good taste! And a fellow Scot by the sound of it? How much did you pay for yours, and when?
  9. dogbiscuit

    I am dying

    Bluemoon, I feel your pain. I got my first Les Paul last week. I bought it off ebay and had to wait for 8 days, and you are describing exactly what I went through. I looked at the photos of it everyday and went to bed every night thinking of nothing else. I found that working hard on my recording project everyday helped it go by though. When I wasn't doing that I kept myself busy doing random jobs like gardening. And when it finally arrived I felt really good that I'd had a really productive week and took a couple of days out to spend some quality bonding with my new baby! < : )
  10. Thanks for your replies guys. I've been on the gibson site but can't find a price specific to my guitar. Should I just insure it for the RRP (if I can find out what that is)? Can you do that? And thanks to Space Pup and ChanMan for your compliments : ) I fell in love with this guitar as soon as I saw it! And since you asked so nicely ChanMan .. here's another pic.. I don't take much persuasion! Who needs women when there are Les Pauls!
  11. Hi guys, Nice to come aboard! Last week I became the proud new owner of of my first Les Paul (see below). With a bit of haggling I got it at a knock down price. I'd like to get it insured but don't know exactly what value to state as it has unusual features. It's wine red, 2001, and seems quite unique for a standard in that it has gold hardware and grover tuners. I think this is a feature of 2001 standards. All other modern wine red Standards seem to have silver hardware and of course the traditional tuners. It's in very good condition and plays really well. What do you folks reckon it's value is? Do these features affect the value at all? Are they specific to 2001 models or could it even be a plus model or something? The guy I bought it off wondered this also.
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