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  1. Damn you guys are deep into this one [Lol ] It's funny to see this thread still going . I like the 34 ideas I have an amp that I bounce back and forth with 34s . But awhile back I fell in love with 6550s It pushes the amp hard had to add an aux. fan to keep it from blowing up haaa.But anyways nice work on this one
  2. sledge .I used to watch The Ghoul on The Big Chuck and hoolihan Show Sat Nights .With Froggy [papa oom mow mow ]
  3. ching Another satisfied customer . Who is John ??????????
  4. Well well look at this thread it has grown a bit .Nice work all of you. Keep on with it and post some sound bits if you can I would love to hear some .I will pass along to the designer Pytor he will get a kick out of this one.
  5. Be VERY careful Danny.A Shock Can KILL .Also very addictive once you start . But seriously If you have not done anything like this before .Please read up on discharging your amp
  6. And here I thought a Whizzer was what you took after too many Budz Wizzzersss /I had to do it
  7. A cheap way to go and still get a good drive out of the BC is a set of Thd yellow jackets allows you to use EL84's instead of the 5881's
  8. Hey go check out the Vox Night Train .Nice little amp in your price range
  9. Andy I'm surprised at you answer about the caps .Worked fine for me and others . Coder forget the loop .put a pedal out front
  10. Wow, I'm glad to see this thread has grown way beyond My original ideas.It looks like you Guys nailed it .I was thinking of grabing another one But at the moment I'm having too much fun with an Ampeg .Oh buy the way these are showing up at studios all over the place . Keep on playin that rock and roll ......
  11. Instead of replacing the valves in mine I just replaced the amp traded for an Ampeg VL 503 that screams
  12. Trainwrecks are amazing amps if you get a real one not a clone.
  13. Glad to see this one's still active . I've been busy gigging with mine and still passing with flying colors
  14. If you are a right handed player place the guitar on your left leg when seated. It simulates standing position, this is good practice for playing out .it gets you used to not looking at the fretboard
  15. Just be extra careful . There is lethal voltage just removing the Chassis .Search for capacitor discharge to be on the safe side nuff said
  16. Sorry wig add alittle by mistake
  17. 5881 are close to 6l6 but do sound different . Break up sooner and not as much headroom as 6l6.
  18. Corona discharge [ Taking a leak after several Beers] Couldn't help myself
  19. Well forged ahead and redid some thinking [Not my strong point] Looked at Fender and Marshall amp V1 and V2 preamp resistors ,Fender uses 1.5 k and Marshall uses 980k so I split em [R3,R8,R15,R21] from 2.2k to 1k ,I also redid C15 cap [started with 22uf ] went to 2.2uf , now tried 25uf 35watt .Seems to add more mid bass with the higher cap .I went with EH 12ax7's in V1,V2 and Gts in 3,4,5 slots, Tung sol 5881 power tube ,Clipped caps C3,C5 ,C6, still playing with Rec tubes .I like these mods where we are at .Gonna knock the snot out of it next couple of weeks [Heavy gigging] let you know
  20. Hold on to your seats ,Sprinter and I have been working on some very interesting Mods [couldn't help myself S. ] But I am looking for Pre amp V1,V2 tube ideas .Lets hear from you guys as to what you are using ..Stay tuned ... Dave
  21. Hey guys not to drift too far away from post ,But the GM and Chyr.Cars,Trucks have been using imported parts [Alts,wiper motors ,window motors , seat heaters ] [nippondenso, Bosh etc] since the late 80's .The thing is they have not built an American car or truck since then. Parts come from everywhere just relabeled Hench the price increase
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