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  1. hello everybody:

    past December I found an 86´SheryII 6054528 in brand new contitons from an old stock of a closed music shop.I´d like to show you some pics but I don´t know how do it, perhaps sendin you an email.

    i beg you a pardon because my english


  2. If you notice there is very little wrist acton in PT's strumming. It isn't easy to copy but then again not impossible.
  3. That was a great reply rar and thank you as my curiosity has been answered. Mine were built for me with a few minor changes which got me to wondering how many are actually produced. Thanks again for all the good info.
  4. If memory serves me correctly Pete signed labels for the first 100 units which sold quickly but I don't think the PT model sells as well as the other J200's but I could be wrong. Maybe only a few hundred per year?
  5. It's all getting a bit too confusing. I originally was looking for a estimate as to how many J200's Bozeman produces in a year so that I could get an idea in my mind how mass produced this high end guitar is or isn't.....In the end I don't really care as I'm playing so much the last few weeks my fingers are ready to fall off and I pushed all my work onto my assistant. Life is good! Now if I could really learn to play as well as my mates.....
  6. Pete has always used mostly arm for these Pinball Wizard, faux flamenco style of strumming. As a friend of the Townshend family I can tell you that neither brother can copy what Pete does even after many years of trying. Maybe a lesson from Estaban would help??? lol.
  7. Those are a lot of guitars from Martin and Taylor! Bozeman is just one plant for Gibson so I guess it's an unfair comparison as I'm sure Gibson produces way more guitars than Martin and Taylor combined.....not sure if I'm right however. I was more curious as to how many high end Gibsons come out of Bozeman. With that in mind how many high end Martins are produced per year.
  8. Sounds like a lot of guitars to me but probably what's needed to keep the factory running and profitable. I didn't realize that Martin and TYlor were that large. How can they keep their quality up??? Lol
  9. I spoke to Lavon on another matter today and never thought of asking her. Good idea!
  10. I'm just curious as to how many J200's do you think Gibson Montana makes in a year? I have the PT model and wonder if that number is significantly less. I could have asked the Montana people myself but I was a bit embarrassed to be honest.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I guess i will just worry about it in the winter when the heat comes on. I'm probably a bit overprotective due to having a grand piano that I try to keep humidified so I don't have to have it tuned ever 30 days. My painocsoundboard is in great shape after 15 years, not a crack and it's also AAA solid Sitka spruce as well. Cheers.
  12. You're definitely right about Dallas but I'm afraid in the winter it will be very low. I have a special system on my grand piano to raise humidity in the winter and thought the humidipak would work for the guitar. Thanks.
  13. So I purchased a Humidipak system for my new J200 PT and installed it 3 days ago. The packs were a bit clay like so I massaged them back into a gel and properly seated them in the guitar and case along with a Planet Waves digital hygrometer. The Dallas area has been very humid lately so the house has been at 50% RH and 75 degrees. The case was at 48%RH prior to the Humidipak install. Three days have gone by and the case has gone up to 49%RH, which is above the 45% they claim the Humidipak should be. Any suggestions or is the Humidipak a waste of money? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  14. Gibson Montana just put mine on the treble heel side of the neck and said that was the best place to put it and would take tension off the neck especially if you tend to push down on the guitar as you play.
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