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  1. I cannot find much at all about Wilder amps and speakers other than they were in production from 1960 to 70's one or two very good reviews on Harmony Central. Seems a solid speaker that sounds really nice. what is stamped on the speaker is (small) 449 (large) 3DW. I wonder what the 3DW denotes??????
  2. Well Carverman here I need your expertise the speaker in my Pacemaker is stamped 449 and when I searched that makes it is a "Wilder" so it is not a "Jensen" as the previous owner assumed, it says 449 and from the list of manufacturers that number is associated with a company called Wilder......I have not a clue...... Edit: based in Chicago http://www.vintaxe.com/catalogs_ampgear_wilder.htm
  3. The one here is 03/04 and the guy wants 6500 swedish krona your high book price equates to 5200 swedish krona...... I will wait and see if another crops up closer to home and offer them 4500sek and see what happens..... Thanks Bluser
  4. I have terrible GAS for an Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe.........Crank all three P90s up and try some T Bone licks......... I have only seen one for sale here in Sweden and it is right down the other end of the country might as well be on the moon... The guy wants $900 used are they that expensive, are they like elitists or something....???? Come on you Zephyr Blues Deluxe owners give me hope........
  5. OK this is a good place to start... I was told the speaker in my Pacemaker is a 10" Jensen but I have also read they also used CTS speakers in Pacemakers. Epiphone Pacemaker -65 All tube amp with tremolo. Built at Kalamazoo by Gibson.Same amp as the Gibson GA-5 Crestline, 8-10W, Volume, bass and treble controls. 2 inputs, 10" CTS speaker So how I can I identify the speaker in my amp. Then I can get some idea how the combination of that speaker and champ clone may combine, in the pacemaker cabinet. OK that is not the same dynamics as a Fender built champ but a similar recipe with its own dynamic....it is not going to sound like a pig........and it may well be worth $300 to try out...... Don't you think......?
  6. I am really on a massive learning curve with amps and bought an amp that I love my 63 Epiphone Pacemaker. I have also arranged on Thursday 8th April to try out a 1969 Fender Champ which is about an hours drive from me. I do not want to buy the Champ as it is a fair bit more than I paid for my Pacemaker and as they do a similar job I am happy with my Pacemaker. But I have had conversations with Musikron and Carverman and they sing the praises of the "Champ". The new Fender '57 Champ. reissue is also way out of my price bracket. But I had a thought I found these on youtube Champ Clones around $300 (in this youtube clip the champ clone being played through a 8" Jensen, I have a 10" Jensen in my Pacemaker) [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdknIaebqlE[/YOUTUBE] http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Basic-6V6-SE-Class-A-5F1-Clone-Tube-Valve-Guitar-Amp_W0QQitemZ120549135550QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Amplifiers?hash=item1c1149d4be So my thought is..............If i bought one of these class A 5F1 clones ready built for around $300 and made a nice head casement then it could sit on my Pacemaker and use the Jensen speaker in my Pacemaker. Giving me two blues amps....Gibson/Epiphone Pacemaker and a Fender Champ for an extra $300.......... What are your thoughts you amp gurus out there, I will get two vintage amps in the one space......would it work....
  7. Looks a beauty and a very good price, well done.
  8. Some interesting points there hilleri especially the different necks.....I am sure that will interest a lot of people. I will have to take a closer look at my 87 and 89. hilleri seeing your friend is not a forum member I have put the other down as hilleri(2). Also those headstock differences may be able to help you date your "yellow" interesting thread going at the moment about caring for guitars "pampering" I think it is a bonus the sun got to yours as long as it did not affect the shape of the guitar... We have 6,677 registered forum members and have had 5,389 visits to this thread. Astounding........still only have 9 proven owners of "Epiphone by Gibson" Sheratons on this forum. 1986 E-by-G's NaturalScience2112 (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 2 (tobacco, sn:6066698)) Musikron (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 1 (natural, sn:6094580)) 1987 E-by-G's JoeSamick (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 3 (tobacco, sn:70105418)) StevieD (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 8 (tobacco, sn:71107775)) Albannach (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 6 (tobacco, sn:71108446)) 1988 E-by-G's Toredown (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 5 (tobacco, sn:80202658)) hilleri(2) (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 9 (natural, sn:880603292) slawek (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 4 (tobacco, sn:880802010)) missing serial therefore 1986 to 1988 E-by-G's hilleri (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 7 (natural (yellowed), sn:XXXXXXXX)...probably 1988 who own "Epiphone by Gibson" Sheratons (samick build 1986-1988) with the Headstock Please if anyone else knows of anyone else who owns one, or sees one for sale, drop me a line. to be included in this list we need photographs of your guitar especially the headstock back and front
  9. Matiac I love that photo an old guy, JW, playing blues on a Firebird........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh "an where do you want that killin done, down on Highway 61" GAS GAS GAS GAS GAS GAS
  10. AS90 I think it is all down to the amount of risk one is willing to take. I have bought tons of stuff on e-bay and cannot say I have ever been displeased with what I have bought. But when it comes to guitars, usually a quite expensive item lets say anything from £200 to £2000 then there is all the palaver over what is usually amateur guitar shipping. I saw a Epiphone Zephyr thinline that I wanted go for $2500 I would have had my heart in my mouth shipping that from the States. It is just my preference I like the face to face hands on before handing over the cash approach, but it is just my preference and I know it will limit my options. My brother back in Liverpool has a beautiful Peerless Epiphone Casino that I think he bought on e-bay different strokes for differnet folks. As in many things we all have different ways of getting what we want.....a nice guitar and a nice price...
  11. Thanks hungrycat that is indeed an E-by-G acoustic first time i have ever seen one of those, I wonder if they are 86/88 Samick like the Sheratons. Begs the question....are there any E-by-G Rivieras, etc, etc out there.....
  12. I am not ruling out getting another Joe Pass one day. The harness upgrade is a must in IMHO and I think for blues Mean 90's. But that is just my taste Carverman loves his GFS 59's in his JP. There is no doubt about it the JP is a great guitar, just want to try something new.
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