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  1. FTF transaction is the best I use a service in Sweden called Blocket and a thing called Hoodboard it tells me what is in my vicinity and I can go and give the item a good look over before I buy. Today I sold my Joe Pass using Blocket... The guy phoned he came around I set up the guitar with my Peavey Valveking and left him to have a nice play while me and my wife prepared to go to Stockholm. My wife remarked "That's nice elevator music" as some nice Jazz chords wafted around house. The guy had recently tried out a stock JP and got a feel of the one I was selling with mojotone harness and a
  2. I have just sold my Joe Pass. I bought it second hand and put a mojotone harness and a nice set of pickups. I recouped all my outlay on the guitar $826. 6000sek. I really enjoyed the guitar while it was here and I was sad when the guy left with the guitar... some of you will know that feeling..... I decided to sell of some stuff and free up space and money. I did not need two full hollow bodied guitars the Joe Pass and the Levin 335 both filling the same slot..... I bit the bullet and put my Joe Pass on Blocket earlier this week. It sold very quickly...... S
  3. Though I would like to find a product for vintage amps for cleaning control panel. As you often get with many older electrical item there are tiny corrosion spots. I would like a product that would clean up and protect the control panel. Overall though the amp is in amazing condition for its age.
  4. Hi billm I have been told the speaker is a Jensen and I think the original that came with the amp. It suits me fine for the situation I am in. I am aware you amp modding guys are always searching for the ideal speaker. I just like the thought of keeping this amp as "stock" as possible but with replacements for anything that may be failing due to age. I don't think that applies the speaker on this amp.
  5. Thanks Carverman I am going to have to sit down and get into electrical matters, as it is an area I have never invested any thought, because I have never needed to. Great that is lots to learn, I will set to the task of doing that. Thanks for your guidance and experience. In the meanwhile I will get someone with the relevant experience to give the amp a once over. I think it would be worthwhile if not just prolong the longevity of this amp.
  6. Ordered a harness for my E-by-G Sheraton (currently in the post to Sweden) which has 4 push-pull pots which can do all the Swingster does "plus" you can split the humbuckers. The harness cost me $85 to have made, you could knock one up for about $40 if you were good with a soldering iron, schematics available if you search this forum...."Jimmy Page".....then pick a nice set of 4 wire vintage type pickups from GFS of your choice, and nice cheap second hand Joe Pass......There's a nice project.......
  7. Thanks for the photos StevieD We have 6,677 registered forum members and have had 5,389 visits to this thread. Astounding........still only have 9 proven owners of "Epiphone by Gibson" Sheratons on this forum. 1986 E-by-G's NaturalScience2112 (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 2 (tobacco, sn:6066698)) Musikron (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 1 (natural, sn:6094580)) 1987 E-by-G's JoeSamick (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 3 (tobacco, sn:70105418)) StevieD (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 8 (tobacco, sn:71107775)) Albannach (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 6 (tobacco, sn:71108446))
  8. StevieD Welcome to the forum and welcome to this thread....glad you found the thread useful...your guitar is same year and month as Albannach's just over the water in the Emerald Isle. You must have had a good look at the images on this thread do try and post some nice photos, now we have 3 87's will be good compare, mine is 10 months earlier. It is going to get new "fancy innards and pickups" and a full set up by a well respected guitar tech in Stockholm in about three weeks. I have not even changed the very old strings, since I bought a few weeks ago, as I want this guitar
  9. Hi Hilleri I thought it would be interesting to just do some research into 86/88 period of Korean Sheratons. But it is pretty amazing what you can find out about these guitars and how they were made by just getting a few people together and comparing notes. Collating this thread is well worth it I feel but. I think I will call it a day when we have 10 members for each year and we can get a clear picture of the development over the period and what is happening with the odd serials which do not equate in the guitar dater. Then maybe in the future I will take all the info from this thread
  10. Bloozeguy I came across this seeing we have the same tastes it is interesting reading. http://www.guitarseminars.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/003498.html Good Luck you will find the tone you are after the JP with the M90's will do a great job.
  11. Bloozeguy I still think the Mean 90's in a Joe Pass is a great idea but I waited so long for the black ones to come off backorder at GFS. Events overtook me. I found a guy who at a reasonable price can make a surface mount P90 dog earred for my 1959 Levin 335. So I am thinking why do I need two Full hollow boxes if I have a P90 on the Levin.......so I decided to sell the JP and a guy is coming at the weekend to take a look. I have to to have a full hollow with P90 or M90 but I don't need two....Shame you don't live in Sweden my JP is for sale on Blocket....It is a beauty...I woul
  12. Forget about morphing the Joe Pass and buy one of these http://cgi.ebay.com/EPIPHONE-Zephyr-Blues-Deluxe-ES-5-Switchmaster_W0QQitemZ180484334757QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item2a05b464a5 affordable version of this [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVR8lg1YLuc[/YOUTUBE] But you have to play on an angle like T Bone......:- [biggrin] [biggrin] I am selling my Joe Pass......
  13. 1962/63 Epiphone Zephyr Thinline E311TN in Natural here are three videos of it in action...... [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aq66E7aX2w[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE][YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] 'nuff said
  14. great job that Albannach that image is a nice resource for Samick sherri owners it highlights the 71 mm bridge......... Hilleri..... I can see the yellowing the other photo you can see where the pickguard has been and the hardware it is natural underneath and yellow where the sun has caught it.....
  15. Yes that will do I will explain why I asked when I get a chance to take photos of my two later tonight thanks hilleri. Fine guitar......
  16. Just as a point of interest could everyone with an E-by-G post a photo, a side profile of the front "neck" pickup ring to see how it is attached to the body I think I have noticed something different between my E-by-G and my other Sheraton.
  17. Thanks for posting your E-by-G Hilleri We have 6,632 registered forum members and have had 4,830 visits to this thread. Astounding........still only have 7 proven owners of "Epiphone by Gibson" Sheratons on this forum. 1986 E-by-G's NaturalScience2112 (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 2 (tobacco, sn:6066698)) Musikron (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 1 (natural, sn:6094580)) 1987 E-by-G's JoeSamick (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 3 (tobacco, sn:70105418)) 1988 E-by-G's hilleri (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 7 (natural, sn:XXXXXXXX)) Albannach (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 6
  18. Hilleri That is one beautiful Sheraton you have there. The finish on your guitar I find really attractive and the binding really sets it off. I have a feeling it could be 88 because the logo on the pickguard is identical to my 89 Sherri and different to my 87 E-by-G. I really like that guitar, if you ever consider trading for a Tobbacco Burst let me know...... I would only ever trade my E-by-G for another E-by-G and I have taken a shine to yours so beware...... So no serial, I will put it in the early 88 section for now, thanks for posting. So what would you call tha
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