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  1. I bought a 1997 Samick "Joe Pass" That guitar is now called "Annie Mae" a hollow bodied blues guitar....... Just waiting for a set of GFS Mean 90s when they come off backorder........ at the moment she sounds like this please excuse my bad playing a few chords played on the neck and lead on the bridge pickup....... recorded badly using garageband http://www.josephcooper.eu/audio/second.mp3
  2. Thanks Smips It is a lot of fun and it is a SAMICK ended up costing me $113 dollars. Sounds great as it is, stays in tune, looks nice. The wife says she wants me to show her a few chords on it. Great for sitting and practicing very comfortable compared to the hollows... Its here as a guinea pig guitar. I needed something to "experiment" my luthier skills LOL on.......poor thing it should saved from my fumblings....but in saying that other than a buzz when I fret on 7th on the A string it is a cracker. Just need to know how to sort that.....
  3. Sketchy you have been gazumped see "SG army" thread http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=12829
  4. $2000 it went for wonder if anyone on the forum bagged it, come on, own up, who bagged it.... The seller has another item for sale......$6000 Gibson L5 a beauty ttp://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-L5-CES-1977-Blonde_W0QQitemZ150423599284QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item2305f1f8b4
  5. Is right Strum..... but in the Mojotone video David makes that very clear. Of course it is easier for E-by-G Sheraton owners. I am going to use the access in the bridge route to put 4 full size pull/push pots in my E-by-G.......as you would say Strum being an ex seaman "Plain Sailing".
  6. Sheila What a co-incidence and that guy is also from Liverpool and now lives in Sweden........ya caught me
  7. Sorry for slight sidetrack again Teegar Brian as I said I bought my Levin quite cheaply here in Sweden....us$550 here and Identical one a 1958 for us$2,430.66 mine is 59 http://www.greatguitars.com.au/Levin.335.1958.htm Maybe I should look after my Levin and get it a nice P90 necktie....
  8. Intrigued by the single volume and single tone knob and that neat switch......can anyone elaborate on how this guitar is wired...
  9. Just bought a "very cheap" Samick SG, it is a fine little beater, but has a buzz on the 7th fret of the A string, which is the only problem I have with it. Because I bought it so cheap, I am not going to spend another penny on it. Just have to find out how shift that buzz. I bought this guitar as a test bed for learning a little about cutting nuts and setting up and soldering etc want to test out a few things on there before trying on my other guitars. It has a bolt neck. so maybe I should first start there and work outwards.
  10. Thanks Brian That gibson is beautiful and a wonderful model. I picked the Levin up cheap and I really want a solution that leaves it as it is but on saying that is has had two knobs by the f holes before I can see where they have been filled. If I look hard enough it probably had a jack as well so I could use those sites to electrify it again. The previous owner said it was used as an electric jazz guitar in the 60s. Maybe I sould find a P90 to sit on the FB and use the two existing holes and open up the two holes fro the knobs and put a jack in. I am sure it was like that in the 60s. This has given me lots to think about but this is fourth in line on my mods list I will come back to this in the summer some time. sorry Teegar I put my hands up
  11. Why not just trade it in and get a dot or sherri? I was thinking of putting a Frequensator on one of my Sherris but I have gone off the idea.
  12. I have a 1959 Levin 335 ......here at home that I have a nice floating pickup for it' date=' maybe I should start work on my Levin.....(nitro finish made by the company bought out by Martin to make their guitars cost me 4000sek well under a quarter of price of the vintage Zephyr and japanese Zephyr and probably a better guitar than both) [img']http://i979.photobucket.com/albums/ae271/JoeSamick/P1010163-1.jpg[/img] here is a video I made just after I got the Levin late last autumn.......please excuse the playing it is 9.30am and I have not fully woken up.....I promise, I am a lot looser later at night when I have had a Bushmills... just click on the photo Maybe I should work on this and try and get 1948 Boogie Chillin sound....of Hookers Kay full hollow I could probably pick up a nice DeArmond neck pickup for a lot less than a NYC mini...... A Question for Carverman (or anyone else with an answer) my Levin has definitely had a floating neck pickup as there are small screw holes on side of the bottom of the neck....But I cannot figure out the two screw holes on the soundboard. I thought maybe a P90 but it would have to have a route for a P90 surely...? Does anyone have any idea what type of pickup those two screw holes in the soundboard could have been for?
  13. Carverman my 87 sherri and and my JP second hand and modded both cost less that what a stock sherri and JP would cost here....who has spent "small working mans" fortune Carverman you have a myth brewing there..... The particular guitar above is nice but not my cup of tea that tranlated to Swedish krona is 18000sek it is a Japanese made guitar (is it poly finish) my 1987 Sherri and JP with all Mods come to 9500sek. I would not give my two guitars and pay 7500sek on top for the pleasure of owning that guitar....No thank you.. Sorry guys I would not pay 18000sek for that...... a Kalamazoo Zephyr went for the same price a couple of months ago I had a thread about it maybe I should have been bold and bought that at the time but I thought it would go for a lot more and I can pay that for my special guitar though I have seen a "brand spanking new" Gibson Firebird for 12000sek that is eating a whole in my brain at the moment http://en.euroguitar.com/guitar/gibson/firebird/firebird-v-2008-model/125753.html But this Zephyr does not appeal to me at that price go Teegar, Go Svet........you have my blessing I dug out the thread about other Zephyr it eventually went for 18000sek $2500. http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=13123 I am becoming a big fan of firebird pickups.............NYC minis are losing their over expensive appeal........
  14. I go to to pick up a Kalamazoo amp on wednesday..... info here http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=14274 Will post photos asap
  15. Just got the final bill from Jon so is like this Second hand Epiphone by Gibson MIK Sheraton us$375 Two hand wound "Tres Hombres" pups us$200 Jimmy Page harness us$85 postage us$20 if the customs want me to pay MOMS/VAT (which is usually the case) it will be 25% of us$285 around us$72 so with Swedish taxes that is a fantastic guitar for us$752 us$752 is about the price of a "new" stock Made in China Sheraton in Sweden Which one would you rather have I will take the Jimmy Page modified 1987 Samick "Epiphone by Gibson" Sheraton a bit of rarity.... In fact a definite "one off" no other "Epiphone by Gibson" 1987 Sheraton has Jon Moore pickups with a specially hand made Jimmy Page wired harness made by Jon Moore....if you know of one, let me know....
  16. $65 dollars for a hand made harness braided wire, switchcraft jack and switch, CTS pots, paper and oil caps. $65 = Peace of mind..... this = ??????? I still think $65 invested in my $375 second hand Sheraton is a good investment for peace of mind that there is a quality electrical system in there what came out of my JP and what is in my E-by-G Sheraton definitely need replacing in my opinion. I just want to know there is good stuff inside my "babies".......... $65 for a great number of years peace of mind is a small price to pay, I am only modding 3 guitars not a fortune. My son in law pays more for a fishing rod than all my mods combined....We are not talking megabucks here
  17. Hi ST I am pretty much a one horse pony myself old school blues, soul and a little funk are my only aspirations, they are what I love... I like the sound of this and would give my VK away today for this kind of sound... [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKb-lZJVXzg[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At7GRli5tmE[/YOUTUBE] here is the actual amp I have my eye on, it was bought from a respected vintage amp dealer in Sweden and is reported to be all stock and in very good condition....around 12 watts with a ten inch Jensen speaker I think the tones in the videos cover most of the type of music I want to play.......It might be limited but what I want to play seems to fall in there.....it does not have a reverb but maybe I can sort that some other way....this would be a straight swap....even a 70's Fender Champ would cost me a lot more over here.... I go to try it out on Wednesday and I thinking if I sell the VK get the Pacemaker and if I could pickup a cheap Tech 21 Trademark 10 or 30 in the future I think those two amps will cover all bases for me. Both are also pretty portable...the Peavey is so heavy. Also you know my dream guitar is a Kalamazoo 1963 Epiphone Zephyr the thought of having a 1963 Kalamazoo Epiphone Pacemaker really appeals to me. I think it is going to happen....
  18. Hi Smips I took the advice of the guy who made my harnesses he says he recommended paper and oil caps. I also have the mojotone caps in my JP. Strum went for the Orange Drops read a lot of threads about this on the net. Some people swear this and some people swear that....... I went with the advice of the guy who made my pickups, he is also making my harnesses, and I am sure he will want the best caps to make those pups sound at their best and he votes paper and oil. I aint got the experience to say either way so I defer to him because he has tried different caps with the pickups he makes and prefers the paper and oil.
  19. Hi Ydarg Brianh was right I used a mojotone harness/assembly in my Joe Pass David at mojo gives great service. Another source is BCS http://bcsguitars.com/?page_id=512 I have 2 Sheratons i am currently in the process of modding I will start with my 1987 and see how that goes and then my 1989 both are MIK Samicks. I went another route for the harnesses for my Sherri's I ordered a set of handwound pups and the guy offered to also make my harnesses at a good price into the deal. here are the pups and one of the harnesses. My pup choices were PAF clones for one and minis in the other. Expecting delivery in about 2 weeks Good look with your mods
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