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  1. I bought a 1997 Samick "Joe Pass" That guitar is now called "Annie Mae" a hollow bodied blues guitar....... Just waiting for a set of GFS Mean 90s when they come off backorder........ at the moment she sounds like this please excuse my bad playing a few chords played on the neck and lead on the bridge pickup....... recorded badly using garageband http://www.josephcooper.eu/audio/second.mp3
  2. Thanks Smips It is a lot of fun and it is a SAMICK ended up costing me $113 dollars. Sounds great as it is, stays in tune, looks nice. The wife says she wants me to show her a few chords on it. Great for sitting and practicing very comfortable compared to the hollows... Its here as a guinea pig guitar. I needed something to "experiment" my luthier skills LOL on.......poor thing it should saved from my fumblings....but in saying that other than a buzz when I fret on 7th on the A string it is a cracker. Just need to know how to sort that.....
  3. Sketchy you have been gazumped see "SG army" thread http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=12829
  4. $2000 it went for wonder if anyone on the forum bagged it, come on, own up, who bagged it.... The seller has another item for sale......$6000 Gibson L5 a beauty ttp://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-L5-CES-1977-Blonde_W0QQitemZ150423599284QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item2305f1f8b4
  5. Is right Strum..... but in the Mojotone video David makes that very clear. Of course it is easier for E-by-G Sheraton owners. I am going to use the access in the bridge route to put 4 full size pull/push pots in my E-by-G.......as you would say Strum being an ex seaman "Plain Sailing".
  6. Sheila What a co-incidence and that guy is also from Liverpool and now lives in Sweden........ya caught me
  7. Sorry for slight sidetrack again Teegar Brian as I said I bought my Levin quite cheaply here in Sweden....us$550 here and Identical one a 1958 for us$2,430.66 mine is 59 http://www.greatguitars.com.au/Levin.335.1958.htm Maybe I should look after my Levin and get it a nice P90 necktie....
  8. Intrigued by the single volume and single tone knob and that neat switch......can anyone elaborate on how this guitar is wired...
  9. Just bought a "very cheap" Samick SG, it is a fine little beater, but has a buzz on the 7th fret of the A string, which is the only problem I have with it. Because I bought it so cheap, I am not going to spend another penny on it. Just have to find out how shift that buzz. I bought this guitar as a test bed for learning a little about cutting nuts and setting up and soldering etc want to test out a few things on there before trying on my other guitars. It has a bolt neck. so maybe I should first start there and work outwards.
  10. Thanks Brian That gibson is beautiful and a wonderful model. I picked the Levin up cheap and I really want a solution that leaves it as it is but on saying that is has had two knobs by the f holes before I can see where they have been filled. If I look hard enough it probably had a jack as well so I could use those sites to electrify it again. The previous owner said it was used as an electric jazz guitar in the 60s. Maybe I sould find a P90 to sit on the FB and use the two existing holes and open up the two holes fro the knobs and put a jack in. I am sure it was like that in the 60s.
  11. Why not just trade it in and get a dot or sherri? I was thinking of putting a Frequensator on one of my Sherris but I have gone off the idea.
  12. I have a 1959 Levin 335 ......here at home that I have a nice floating pickup for it' date=' maybe I should start work on my Levin.....(nitro finish made by the company bought out by Martin to make their guitars cost me 4000sek well under a quarter of price of the vintage Zephyr and japanese Zephyr and probably a better guitar than both) [img']http://i979.photobucket.com/albums/ae271/JoeSamick/P1010163-1.jpg[/img] here is a video I made just after I got the Levin late last autumn.......please excuse the playing it is 9.30am and I have not fully woken up.....I promise, I am a lot looser
  13. Carverman my 87 sherri and and my JP second hand and modded both cost less that what a stock sherri and JP would cost here....who has spent "small working mans" fortune Carverman you have a myth brewing there..... The particular guitar above is nice but not my cup of tea that tranlated to Swedish krona is 18000sek it is a Japanese made guitar (is it poly finish) my 1987 Sherri and JP with all Mods come to 9500sek. I would not give my two guitars and pay 7500sek on top for the pleasure of owning that guitar....No thank you.. Sorry guys I would not pay 18000sek for that...... a Kalamazoo
  14. I go to to pick up a Kalamazoo amp on wednesday..... info here http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=14274 Will post photos asap
  15. Just got the final bill from Jon so is like this Second hand Epiphone by Gibson MIK Sheraton us$375 Two hand wound "Tres Hombres" pups us$200 Jimmy Page harness us$85 postage us$20 if the customs want me to pay MOMS/VAT (which is usually the case) it will be 25% of us$285 around us$72 so with Swedish taxes that is a fantastic guitar for us$752 us$752 is about the price of a "new" stock Made in China Sheraton in Sweden Which one would you rather have I will take the Jimmy Page modified 1987 Samick "Epiphone by Gibson" Sheraton a bit of rarity.... In fact a definite "one off
  16. $65 dollars for a hand made harness braided wire, switchcraft jack and switch, CTS pots, paper and oil caps. $65 = Peace of mind..... this = ??????? I still think $65 invested in my $375 second hand Sheraton is a good investment for peace of mind that there is a quality electrical system in there what came out of my JP and what is in my E-by-G Sheraton definitely need replacing in my opinion. I just want to know there is good stuff inside my "babies".......... $65 for a great number of years peace of mind is a small price to pay, I am only modding 3 guitars not a fortun
  17. Hi ST I am pretty much a one horse pony myself old school blues, soul and a little funk are my only aspirations, they are what I love... I like the sound of this and would give my VK away today for this kind of sound... [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKb-lZJVXzg[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At7GRli5tmE[/YOUTUBE] here is the actual amp I have my eye on, it was bought from a respected vintage amp dealer in Sweden and is reported to be all stock and in very good condition....around 12 watts with a ten inch Jensen speaker I think the tones in the vi
  18. Hi Smips I took the advice of the guy who made my harnesses he says he recommended paper and oil caps. I also have the mojotone caps in my JP. Strum went for the Orange Drops read a lot of threads about this on the net. Some people swear this and some people swear that....... I went with the advice of the guy who made my pickups, he is also making my harnesses, and I am sure he will want the best caps to make those pups sound at their best and he votes paper and oil. I aint got the experience to say either way so I defer to him because he has tried different caps with t
  19. Hi Ydarg Brianh was right I used a mojotone harness/assembly in my Joe Pass David at mojo gives great service. Another source is BCS http://bcsguitars.com/?page_id=512 I have 2 Sheratons i am currently in the process of modding I will start with my 1987 and see how that goes and then my 1989 both are MIK Samicks. I went another route for the harnesses for my Sherri's I ordered a set of handwound pups and the guy offered to also make my harnesses at a good price into the deal. here are the pups and one of the harnesses. My pup choices were PAF clones for one and minis in th
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