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  1. I am curious about the quality of 1963 Epiphone Pacemaker amp.... anyone got any information. What would be a going rate for such an amp? Does not have a reverb just a tremelo.... they get really good reviews on harmony central http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar+Amp/product/Epiphone/Pacemaker/10/1 any owners on this forum...... If you had the chance to do a straight swap a 1963 (Kalamazoo) Epiphone Pacemaker for a Peavey Valveking 112 would you go for it....
  2. My investigations are double edged Jon's hand wound P_up's are actually cheaper than the Lollar or Burstbuckers and I like the fact they have been made with care by a craftsman. Also the same goes with the harness which Jon does at a very competitive price. If things go well I will have a beautiful solid early Korean made Sheraton with bespoke wiring and pickups made with care by a craftsman. The guitar cost me us$375 the hand wound pups and harness us$300 That will be us$675 for the finished guitar. This is not just about experimenting but getting a quality guitar at very decent pri
  3. Carverman wrote: Hi Carverman I was going to buy a set of Lollar Imperial Low Winds 7.0k neck 7.9k bridge but I also liked the sound of the Burstbucker 1's. I came across Jon's "Tres Hombres" P_up's are in that area and he has wound me a set at 7.0k neck 7.9k, alnico II magnets, unmatched bobbins, unpotted, just well, carefully, wound. When I said they would "a bit lower" Jon usually winds the Tres Hombres 7.4 just a slight difference, that is what I meant. Has for the novelty. I will just experiment and find what I like and stay there I don't ever intend to switch much ha
  4. I have asked a guy called Jon Moore to wind me a set of pickups they are a cross between the spec on Lollar Imperial Low Winds and Burstbucker 1's, Jon calls them "Tres Hombres" (mine are wound a little lower) really excited and looking forward to them arriving. They will be posted in the coming week. Jon also made a 335 harness (which is for my 1989 Sheraton) and is finishing a Jimmy Page wired 335 harness using the same materials but with 4 push pulls. I ordered the Jimmy Page harness for my E-by-G Sheraton and will put the "Tres Hombres" in there and check out the various single c
  5. Finally picked up my Samick SG. Will post some better photos when I get back on my own computer. It was very cheap second hand. Picked it up from the young guy who was selling it and the action was very high but other wise it was in ok condition. Took it home and because of the price I paid I took it apart and put it back togther with a set of Ernie Ball regular slinky 10's I had lying around. I really enjoy playing this guitar and I am not afraid when the kids are around and it sits nice in my lap when I watching TV with the family and I practice a little. Would not be as comfortable
  6. this was thrown up in another thread not so long ago so I went for a Thomann 335 case not impressed at all.....still looking for two good cases for my Sherris any suggestions out there......My Joe Pass Epi case is a cracker but the Epi cases cost a lot more.......
  7. Mine has the Joe Pass on the TRC.......I would just prefer the Epi logo do you wanna swap I bought mine second hand and the signature was thankfully gone from the pickguard. Joe Pass a great guitarist but let's get real here he played a Gibson and I don't want his name all over my beautiful Epiphone Emperor II.
  8. These are my Epi's the JP in the middle, tailpiece, bridge, speedknobs are all from GFS, it has a Mojotone harness/assembly aand currently has SD Jazz/JB pickups I want black mean 90's in there but they have been backordered for months.....
  9. I have two Sheratons 87 and 89 and both have had the pickups out over the years according to previous owners....I need a reference photo of the correct way the pickup rings should be... I suspect they are correct on my 89 and neck is reversed on my 87. I cannot post photos at the moment so a reference photo from someone of the correct way they should be set would be useful. Will be putting new harnesses and pickups in both over the next two weeks.
  10. Yes if that appearance thing could be sorted the Vox is a lot cheaper.....
  11. think I will hold on and see if I can find a good second hand one of these its analogue.... Tech 21 trademark 30 I want to try and find one second hand for about £150 - £180 [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] a fair bit more expensive than the VOX but it would be worth the extra expense, just to not look at that VOX grill and Logo fekkikkin ugly design that on a sweet sounding amp... It looks a really solid piece of gear the Tech 21 that and nice tube amp would cover all bases for me. Also, just had a thought if I had the trademark 10, could I play that through the speaker of my tube a
  12. Nice one Adam........HNAD........Musikron turned me on to the Tech 21 and I was thinking of getting one alongside my tube amp for diversity.... I was looking at the VT15 just now on youtube, after looking at your video, there is a second hand VT15 really cheap not far from me... another pleasant on youtube...... surprise this chick with some sweet Knopfler licks...on the VT15 [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  13. [biggrin] [biggrin] "Jimmy Page" Matiac brewing, are you GAS'ing for push/pulls Matiac....... Edit: Awesome....... that would be like "blue" being twice the beauty she is.........also having listened to your stuff it would open up tons of possibilities.....I will be watching developments.....with interest....
  14. FredSamick Samick SAN 450 http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Samick/SAN+450/10/3 http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/msg/1605526686.html I think this is Musikron's neck of the woods $300 that is a bargain IMHO......I would have had this guitar if it were for sale here for that price and did not have my two sherri's...that's $75 less than I paid for my E-by-G..... Features : 10 Same guitar as an Epiphone Sheraton II. In fact, I have heard that Samick sometimes get the two mixed up during shipment. .........Basically, it is a clone of the Gibson ES-335 -
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