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  1. Tech 21 I can get from Thomann they are cheapest supplier for me... http://www.thomann.de/se/tech_21_trademark_30.htm same price as a second hand Fender Blues Junior here in Sweden $554 with delivery [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] I never gave a solid state much thought because I had my heart set on and nice valve amp but that tech 21 is very versatile and compact....
  2. these are for sale round these parts Fender Vibro Champ 1974 bytt högtalare till Eminence. 5900- $800 but I could probably knock him down translation changed speaker to Eminence Fender Bronco 1972. Orginal 5900-$800 but I could probably knock him down Fender Champ 1969 bytt nätbrytare 5500-(ON HOLD) $760 but I could probably knock him down translation changed "netbreaker" (sorry my Swedish is not good enough never come across that word "nätbrytare" before...you might be able to guess from my literal translation netbreaker... so expensive over here
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    Found this From the SD website: The Jimmy Page wiring is a fairly complicated switching system made famous by Jimmy Page and was later used in Gibson's line of Jimmy Page Les Pauls. It uses four DPDT switches and incorporates coil taps for both pick ups as well as a phase switch on the bridge humbucker and a series/parallel switch for combining both humbuckers in series and parallel for a total of twenty one different pick up wiring possibilities. The schematic is available from Gibson's website. http://www.jimmypagewiring.com/Wiring_Diagrams.php
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    Hi Scratch I looked for a clip that may illustrate as I wanted to hear what you had heard. Does this video go anyway to illustrate what you are describing: [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  5. Hi Rich I have ordered a set of handwound humbuckers and after my research I want a cross between the Lollar Imperial Low Winds and the BB 1's' date=' so that is how the spec was drawn up. Is it true that original PAF's were un-potted, I read that some argue a well wound pup should not necessarily have to be potted, and that some of the early guitar gods played with unpotted pups. This raises a few questions for me when hunting for a true PAF clone..... is potting going against that model. I will not be playing on stage....because my playing is "shoyte"[biggrin'] , but how
  6. There is one for sale and I need to know what is the going rate for a 80's Fender Concert II. In good condition the seller writes not seen or heard the amp yet... Also any thoughts, observations, experiences on this amp....
  7. Hi Twanger I bought my 1997 Samick built JP it was in very good condition just the usual dodgy switch and a chip in the nut which I planned on changing anyway. Guitars are expensive here in Sweden but I bought mine for $450 with a case. It now has new pups and electrics and looks like this I still think it was money well spent.....
  8. Outforblood' date=' you sold your Epi SG and bought a Gibby SG.........hope your not bitter man......give our Epi's some love.......
  9. Would be interested in how to tackle chips have a few on the headstock of my E-by-G will follow this thread with interest.....
  10. My first and only amp I ever owned is my Peavey Valveking 112. I like nice clean blues, so seldom venture out of the clean channel and it seems to get me where I want to be, but I have no other reference points. I have it set to "A" rather than "AB" To me it sounds fine, I was just wondering what the considered opinion is on this amp. I have seen a Fender Blues Junior and a Hot Rod Deluxe on Swedish ebay for prices I could manage by topping up a little after trading the 112 in.......... would they be a big leap from the Peavey....? Interested in your feedback. Spending a
  11. Hi Fred, sounds like an excellent, considered choice, a lot of Sherris with P94's out there with happy owners. I am going for Mean 90's in my "Joe Pass". There is an excellent thread on the history of the Sheraton on another site. I only use this forum but found this very useful... http://epi.p3net.net/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2964 There is a very interesting statement on that thread "OK...before we go any further here's a little history lesson...The original Kalamazoo-made Sheraton model came along in 1958 as an "upgrade' to the Gibson ES-335 that was introduced in the spring
  12. I could be tempted to own an 1960 Epiphone Zephyr 311/312 thinline natural.......iconic..........look at my avatar.....:)
  13. I am not going to go into a full lecture about psychology and conformity but.......GAS, being what it is and reading the threads on this site I could write a thesis..... I have five guitars and I am a relative novice with some hobby cash....... I am not in the same league as Svet... Two of his guitars (maybe one) would far exceed all my outlay on guitars and modifications. But reading between the lines on this forum, you see common experiential lines, like GFS Mean 90's are a very good pickup in the category referred to in this thread, for the dollar paid. I want this cat
  14. a pre-assembled total new electrical system for a guitar as in new wiring, switch, pots, caps, jack.......such as What would you call that...maybe a cultural difference...
  15. Dazzler Go for a switchcraft I changed out the electrics on my Joe Pass this is what came out total "shoiyte" this is what I replaced it with specially made for me by David at Mojotone Just look at the difference That experience made me always want to change the electrics on my Epi's I have two assemblies on order at the minute from a guy in Canada...... for a good price I used for the JP but I came across BCS who are a about $15 cheaper, if you are good with a soldering iron...I am not you can buy the bits yourself and do the job....but if you are going to pull
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