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  1. I have a set of hand wound PAFS and two assemblies on order once they arrive I will order my Lollars Firebirds. I think all will be done in about 6 weeks. Obviously will post when all done and get some sound files up. I have found a couple of guitars very close to the Epiphone Zephyr I am currently looking for a Samick Washburn J6 Washington which is the closest thing I can find available to a Zephyr 311TN. Being a full hollow, 17" lower bout, thinline, they have a lot of features in common. Scouring the Swedish E-Bay Blocket for one. I wish I lived in the states this one is one CL
  2. For comparison my neck route 1987 E-by-G my bridge route 1987 E-by-G you can see the access for wiring... It is interesting your 1988 E-by-G is just like my 1989 Sheraton (which does not have the E-by-G headstock) my neck route 1989 NON E-by-G Sheraton my bridge route 1989 NON E-by-G Sheraton My E-by-G is January 87 (so they changed the design somewhere between these dates) Your E-by-G is August 88 the internal design of yours is closer to my 1989 NON E-by-G model Toredown's is February 88 it will be interesting to see if his is like
  3. And they are long enough with no problems' date=' if so then no problem...
  4. Ask the supplier of your Riviera what are the recommended strings many people on this site have Rivieras they will probably give you their preferences. Ths Gibson L5's were suggested to me by Brian when I was thinking of putting a freq' on one of my sherri's i have gone off the idea for the moment.... http://www.stringsandbeyond.com/gil5puniwoja.html
  5. Hi Gypsy lots on this if you do a search save covering the same ground. Apparently some people find it difficult finding strings long enough for the bass side of the freq' Brian suggested Gibson L5 strings which are long enough but it is if the fit the sound you are looking for on your Riviera. Basically in a nutshell the freq' limits your options for strings and that is why people have done things like switching the shorter arm of the freq' to the treble side which defeats the purpose of having a freq' if the design is to have any credibility....
  6. INSTRUCTION VIDEO "How to play an archtop sitting position" (please note both feet also used for percussion) [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  7. I was doing a further little research today about mini humbuckers....... Seymour Duncan Antiquity II™ Mini-Humbucker: neck and bridge / 11014-11 & 12 pickups The blurb reads like this http://dev.seymourduncan.com/products/antiquity/specialized-2/1101411_12_anti/ I always liked this pickup. I'll never forget a guy named Glenn Schwartz who played in the early James Gang and Pacific Gas & Electric. He had an old Epiphone® Sheraton™ fitted with mini-humbuckers that got such a huge tone. With this pickup, I set out to capture that same tone. This pickup fits into the P-90 so
  8. Good work Toredown, I am sure you have read all the posts and it would be good if you could give us some cross reference on your guitar. How it plays, any modifications. What would be useful, if you ever have the pickups out for any reason to take photos of the neck and bridge routes so we can compare to earlier and later E-by-G's. Welcome
  9. Welcome to the E-by-G club brother Toredown We have 6,365 registered forum members and have had 3,444 visits to this thread. Astounding........still only have 5 proven owners of "Epiphone by Gibson" Sheratons on this forum. 1986 E-by-G's NaturalScience2112 (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 2 (tobacco, sn:6066698)) Musikron (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 1 (natural, sn:6094580)) 1987 E-by-G's JoeSamick (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 3 (tobacco, sn:70105418)) 1988 E-by-G's Toredown (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 5 (tobacco, sn:80202658)) slawek (E-by-G Sheraton owners c
  10. slawek The guitar is yours do what you feel you need to do, but some very experienced guys on this forum would advise you against refinishing a guitar, unless it is done by a master Luthier, with the very best of equipment, paints lacquers, etc and ideal premises to carry out the work. Maybe you know a master Luthier. I wish I could just find a Luthier...... I am interested in what you said, about you think there is no bridge pickup cavity in your guitar. August 88. yours is the latest of the E-by-G's we have knowledge of, and it would be interesting to see what is insi
  11. Just for you slawek currently for sale in Gothenburg http://www.blocket.se/goteborg/Epiphone_supernova_union_jack__Noel_Gallagher_25907105.htm?ca=11&w=3 €904 But I would rather have my E-by-G, I was born in Liverpool England but I hate that flag..... Tobacco burst is much cooler....
  12. Beautiful slawek Looks in very nice condition for what you paid. Mine has a few chips and dings but nothing that off putting to me...yours otherwise looks identical to mine. The whole reason of having this thread, is to share notes, and do a little research on the Sheraton's of this E-by-G period. I am sure you have read all the posts on the thread but there are advantages of owning an E-by-G, cavity access if you want to change out the electrics, long tenon neck joint, etc... How does she play is the guitar all stock...?
  13. Welcome to the E-by-G club brother slawek :) We have 6,362 registered forum members and have had 3,268 visits to this thread. Astounding........still only have 4 proven owners of "Epiphone by Gibson" Sheratons on this forum. 1986 E-by-G's NaturalScience2112 (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 2 (tobacco, sn:6066698)) Musikron (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 1 (natural, sn:6094580)) 1987 E-by-G's JoeSamick (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 3 (tobacco, sn:70105418)) 1988 E-by-G's slawek (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 4 (tobacco, sn:880802010)) who own "Epiphone by Gibson" Sherat
  14. Welcome slawek looks like a November 1988 model post some photos and you can be number 5 in the club. E-by-G's must be like buses you wait for ages then two come along at the same time.......:) Edit: Sorry slawek, it was the other E-by-G that was a November....yours is indeed an August 88.....
  15. Post some photos and you can be number 4 in our club welcome..... Photo of the serial and headstock and some nice general photos....
  16. I think AS90 was spot on it is a GIBSON LES PAUL CUSTOM (1961) I found this.........look at the price.....:) http://elderly.com/vintage/items/30U-15130.htm
  17. £1,400 - US$2,160 13 where are you getting that kind of bread from......... Duane should we be encouraging this type of GAS in 13 year olds......
  18. Fekkkkkkk me, so it is, they want $26,000 for this one http://elderly.com/vintage/items/30U-15130.htm Does that still count as an SG, is the one Rosetta playing hollow body.......?
  19. I pick up a second hand Samick SG tomorrow will take some photos when I get it home....but I thought I would share this..... I came across a video with a woman called Rosetta Tharpe WOW and can someone identify that SG for me [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7lN1R2LP-4[/YOUTUBE]
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