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  1. I 99.9% play clean blues and I like using a Bugera V5 set at 0.1watt (can also be set at 1watt and 5watt) on the built in attenuater........ never had any complaints from the family about late night playing. Might not suit metal/shredders and such but a good tool for late night jazzers and bluesers......methinks Even has a phones out if your walls are paper thin..... very little money I consider it a good value for the $ If I want to adventure then I plug into my Saffire firewire sound card and plug some headphones into my Mac. But most times the Bug does me fine....
  2. This a brand new 2010 Gibson Firebird.....I would expect to change the harness on a $400 Epiphone......but if you are saying I should expect to change the harness of brand new Gibson that sucks......
  3. Thanks Milod I am not going to start switching polarity on any amps. I have to put this into context....yes the old farm house I am currently temporarily living in has a dodgy electrical system.....The only guitar that hums/buzzes is the most expensive....my Gibson Firebird I will just play my quiet $130 Korean Samick SG beater until I have had my Firebird checked out...... Been living here a while and will be here until October then we move into a brand new house with a brand new electrical system. All the times I have played my Sheraton, Zephyr and SG in this house it has n
  4. Thanks guys we live pretty remote and it aint that simple as just plugging in somewhere else....I have a two hour round trip in the car to a guitar tech but he has another guitar of mine at the moment. So when I pick that up I will take the 'bird with me and let him run his eyes and ears over it there..... As for the Firebird pups being hotter I thought they were supposed to be around 6 or 7k but maybe their humbucking capability is not as pronounced as the full size buckers. What makes it even stranger I have a Zephyr Blues Deluxe with 3 P90's and that don't make a sound.....I am baffled
  5. My 2010 Firebird was delivered last week and I have noticed a problem and need some advice. Firstly some background we are currently building a house that will be ready in October and in the meanwhile living in an old farmhouse with very suspect 2 pin electricity.... When playing my Firebird inside in the evenings, when I not playing and take hands away from the strings there is a distinct hum/buzz however if I plug my $130 SG beater with humbuckers its fine. If I plug in my Firebird out on the porch away from the kitchen which has fluorescent lights then the Firebird is fine.....
  6. Just bought a new Gibson Firebird V and was dismayed to find on arrival it has a grounding problem. Tried it on three amps and crossed referenced with my other guitars it sounds like a ground problem to me. If I am playing or have my fingers on the strings it is fine but if I just have both hands on the wood there is a very distinct hum/buzz. The Guitar has traveled from Nashville to Germany to Sweden so I guess somewhere along the line the guitar has taken a knock. Obviously being a new guitar I am under warranty and I want a playable Firebird asap........ So has anyone else had
  7. That's it Brian I disconnected the Bug speaker so the only speaker being used was the one on the Pacemaker.. Just wanted to hear what the reverb would like through the Pacemaker....... EDIT: Just looking how I had things set up and I plugged in blind so not totally sure which socket I put that lead into on the Bugera phones or output..... I do know both amps are A 1 at the moment if it was the output to speaker socket I plugged into it would have blown the Pacemaker' date=' surely.... I had the Bugera attenuated to 0.1 so you valve junkies out there, what would have the Bugera
  8. Yes probably not a good Idea but it sounded great and I am playing the Pacemaker now and she seems non the worse for the experiment. It was an experiment. But I suppose it is not a good idea as I may blow something in Pacemaker with a signal from the Bug is that what you are thinking Ric....
  9. I have only recorded three snippets so far Stuart a couple of months ago and they were using garageband. Just experiments, you can find them on this page. http://www.josephcooper.eu/new-guitars.html Why I am experimenting with the amps is, I want to use my video camera to record what is coming out of the "physical" amp. I hope to record a few things in the summer. Promise I will post when things happen.
  10. Some time ago I bought my 1963 Epiphone Pacemaker EA-50T For what I wanted it for, nice cleans for blues, it does the job very nicely, as Musikron said, a bit of a one trick pony. Well I am teaching the pony some new tricks thanks to my Sansamp GT2 pedal........ That pedal has opened a lot of possibilities. Also loving my Bugera, for the money for someone like myself the hobbyist who wants a nice tone for late night playing that was very little money well spent. GT2 owners........ out there any tricks or tips about how best amplify the GT2. Experiment 1 Even t
  11. Gibson Firebird still has the Gibson stock and will get DR Blues 10 - 46 when I next change Epiphone Sheraton "GHS Boomers 10 13 17 30 44 52" (only because I cannot get DR Blues Big n Heavy in Sweden) Epiphone Zephy Blues Deluxe "GHS Boomers 10 13 17 30 44 52" (only because I cannot get DR Blues Big n Heavy in Sweden) Samick SG beater currently has Ernie Ball regular slinkys 10 - 46 Levin acoustic currently has Martin bronze 11's but putting a floating pickup on there so will have to have a good think might try a set of Tomastik flats on there Ordered a Tele.......aint deci
  12. A big +1 welcome and pictures please.....
  13. Speak to a rep of an authorized dealer and ensure that company has a returns policy in case of problems. I have just dealt with Thomann for my first ever new guitar, a Gibson Firebird V (all my other guitars are second hand) and the experience was outstanding I got a good price after a little negotiation and the service was first class.
  14. Jerry....... Carver That must be a very early Emperor II, 1986, would love to have that for an hour to play having owned a 1997 Samick JP.......What do you think Carver how is that put together...do you think..?
  15. That there be an E-by-G Emperor........aint seen one of them before.......should be circa 86-88 if it is Samick...maybe the dater can't process this one like the E-by-G sheratons.....the serials are a law unto themselves... Look nice sitting next to my Sheraton that.....ahhh don't worry I am all spent up....... Lovely guitar welcome and thanks for sharing, fine piece of guirotica..... The SN is 6811900 I have a feeling that might be Samick august 1986 let us compare that to....Sheraton E-by-G's 1986 E-by-G's NaturalScience2112 (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 2 (tobacco, sn:
  16. I have only been messing with this stuff since last August and can only cross reference with a very few amp / guitar combinations. I love it.........it suits me. really looking forward to the arrival of one or two items over the next few days but my Pacemaker is a key piece of kit for me.... Get my modified Sheraton back this week and hopefully my Firebird really looking forward to plugging into my Pacemaker and seeing how things combine.... Got a strong feeling the Pacemaker is going to like Firebird pups...
  17. Who's the funny guy now...... I was actually thinking of cancelling the Tele and ordering a Baby Taylor, or adding a little and going for a Guild I spotted on Blocket..... but it does not solve my fundamental problem, the kids will destroy what ever is lying about during the day, and I am not letting them get their hands on anything else, but "The Scapegoat", until they are old enough to respect Pappa's precious gear. But given Sheila's recent run in with the younger generation.......might not be worth holding my breath. No, it is 5 guitars for "me time" pure pleasure and a "S
  18. Thanks Peter I think I only have one option....I really do not want to spend any more money I am pretty keen to stick to my original budget and that is spent.....So if a "decent" guitar came in then something would have to go..... But maybe the solution was in the attic...... Since 1988 I have had this guitar and last August I promised it to my brother in England That old Eko Ranger 6 is what I learnt all my early chords on and it has some good but a lot of bad memories for me....that is why I wanted to give to my brother...... Truth is probably by the time we get over
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