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  1. Scratch wrote: Scratch I have just got to try it. If I don't I will just always wonder......I planned to upgrade the assembly and pickups anyway so I might as well go the extra mile and see what it yields..... And I have just found out something that has made my day.....Musikron once said you can wire some Sheratons through the bridge cavity...many argued with him that it is not possible. The variable is...... Musikron has an 1986 Epiphone by Gibson headstock Sheraton....the one I am working on is a 1987 Epiphone by Gibson headstock, like Musikron's and guess what I found w
  2. This is a little more complex than normal. As it is not normal humbuckers I want to split it is a set of mini Lollar Firebirds. I have two Sheratons and one will have humbuckers and not be split. But on my other Sheraton....I want to try something different. I love Firebird pickups and because the original NY minis are so difficult to get, I have decided on Lollar Firebirds for my other Sheraton. What put a spanner in the works was a statement by pickup maker Don Mare on one of the Luthier forums. I am into blues and the Lollar 'birds are great as they are, but when I rea
  3. This guy enjoys his Wildcat for slide... [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_iKLjimd9w[/YOUTUBE]
  4. Some of questions you may be able to help me with: 1) If both humbucker pickups are split that must mean there are four single coils (let's say neck 1&2 bridge 3&4) what is usual wiring and switching for coil splitting. 2) I have been told it is virtually impossible to get a push-pull pot through through a 1inch wide f hole. So I am assuming I would need a mini-switch are these the only options. 3) Could the mini-switch be mounted on a decent pickguard, or discretly under the pickguard. If anyone has traveled the road on this one and wired a Sheraton, Dot or Riviera fo
  5. Looks like it could do with some love. Jerrymac should see this one....I am not a fan of white. I love my Tobacco Eeebeegeebee too much... What is interesting the serial label font is different to earlier models, the earlier E-by-G models 1986 have 7 digits, mine a 1987 has 8 digits, and this a 1988 has a 9 digit serial......not much rhyme and reason to the serials Thanks Teegar these E-by-G's are my special little study area. Wish Musikron was around to see this. (Duane V, we need Musikron back on this forum he is very much missed. A straight shooter, and I and others learned so mu
  6. Layboomo That is indeed a beautiful bridge design would like to try one of those on my Joe Pass I am sure it would work great on a floating bridge. Might not work for intonation on a Sheraton being fixed. http://www.comptonbridges.com/brassbridges
  7. Layboomo wrote: granted that is probably why one of my favourite guitarists Dennis Coffey does this to his Gibson Byrdland. Easy fix for a session guitarist in the studio....better than changing the tailpiece. Layboomo Your JP sounds sweet and your "Stormy Monday" sounds sweet too..... Point taken will set this guitar up as I want it, and then give you my honest opinion when it is finished.
  8. I want a new pickguard for one of my Sheratons. I would like to order either an allparts http://www.allparts.com/Black-ES-335-Pickguard-p/pg-0813-037.htm or guitarparts http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/pickguard_es335.htm Has anyone fitted either an allparts or guitarparts 335 pickguard on their Sheraton? I would also like to use the Gibson bracket anyone done this, any tips...?
  9. Layboomo wrote: Context is everything, I have two Sheratons I see my 89 Sheraton as my "classic 335" I have ordered a new assembly made with gibson braided wire, all switchcraft switch and jack and 500k CTS pots and vitamin t capacitors and two hand wound PAF clones 7.0k neck and 7.9k bridge, unpotted with period correct magnets and coil wire. My 87 Sheraton I want to resemble the frequensated Sheraton 1 it will have minis split coil and be a completely different animal to my 89 Sheraton. I would agree with you if I only had one Sheraton and I wanted it to be like a classic 335 I w
  10. Layboomo wrote: what kind of bridge did the Sheraton I have what kind of bridge does a Riviera have........are all Rivieras lousy performers.............????
  11. http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=13210
  12. Brianh great clips the last one especially Carlos Santana said "A man's tone is in his face." Good to look at Joe Pass's face as he plays....
  13. Hi RussT I have a 87 and 89 that look identical to yours. A tip the pickguards from that era are very thin and I am not that fussed on them. I am going to make or buy two black 335 pickguards that are a little thicker. I wish I knew if these from guitarparts fitted a Sheraton they are exactly what I want for my two http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/pickguard_es335.htm My 87 Epiphone by Gibson has had a life and has a few chips and such. My other guitar is nigh on perfect. I want the 87 as my ready to hand guitar, it has a lot of character and I would not attempt to touch up t
  14. bloozeguy the title of this thread is too confusing change it to "Joe Pass Emperor owners, what amp do you use?" the response might be a lot greater I hope so anyway I am very interested to hear what people are using with their JP's
  15. matthewk wrote: Matthew have you researched to try and find a string supplier that can supply longer strings?
  16. Well that is really interesting tdibell!!! A second example with the same font as NaturalScience2112's early 86 model, I wish I could get a serial number for that one must be an early 86, they must have used that font on the early models.... (Smips the headstock on mine, that is mine in photograph of the headstock below, mine is like Musikron's with the Gibson font) ................................................................................................................................. to be included in this list we need photographs of your guitar especially the headstock back
  17. Great work guys, enjoy Strum. I have two here, I will be fishing with in the coming weeks, you are an inspiration.
  18. It must make some difference, I don't think you can change a guitar without some difference even if it is minute. I am after that Sheraton I look, more than anything. Any beneficial "character" to the overall sound of the guitar would of course be welcome. If anything detrimental to the overall sound of the guitar occurred it is not that difficult to put the stop bar back on. I want to give it a shot. Would like to get a nice gold engraved cover (not too keen on "custom made" on a stop bar hole cover) for the stop bar holes that just reads Sheraton that would be ideal for my tastes I
  19. Thanks Peter That is the best price I have seen so far, and I like the fact the say Epiphone Frequensator Tailpiece, rather than just a generic frequensator tailpiece.
  20. Jeez LS, With your forum name, and the pagan reference I read earlier, and your recommendation of the the use of "Liver of Sulphur"...... I got a bit of a "Wicker Man" feeling for a second Thanks for the tip will sounds a bit severe to have lying around with the kids. If a new one might might attack it with some brown sauce that used to shine pennies when we were kids so might take the gleam of a new one.
  21. Hey LS good stuff. Would prefer, a slightly tarnished, secondhand one, taken from an Epiphone the older the better if you get my drift. The recipient in question is a 1987 model and a "brand spanker" could be a bit shocking...
  22. Has anyone got a gold frequensator for sale. I want to put a frequensator on one of my Sheratons. Also I have been told Gibson Epiphone make a "Custom Made" cover for stop bar holes when people want to use another tailpiece or a bigsby. Where can I get one of those....?
  23. Thomann has cherry Rivieras is it something like this you are looking for... not wine, but still beautiful..... http://www.thomann.de/se/epiphone_riviera_limited_edtion_ch.htm
  24. Brianh wrote: My 3rd epi (I have 2 sherri's and a JP) may be my last Epi, I am very happy and content at the moment........I have always wanted a Firebird (but the decision for Lollar Firebirds in one of my Sherri's may have swung me toward an acoustic)......I am leaning toward my fifth and final guitar being another acoustic, a second Levin. I am on the lookout for a 1950's Levin Texas model 27 (the perfect partner for my 1959 Levin 335 archtop) I love the tone and perfect for delta blues and slide. video 1955 Levin Texas [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] I love my three epi's will
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