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  1. 6,006 registered members on this forum and this thread has had 162 views and to date the list of owners of Sheratons with the "Epiphone by Gibson" headstock is two people Musikron JoeSamick come on there must be more people out there who have this headstock on their Sherri's
  2. A long term project of mine to one day own a decent fixed neck Firebird it is guitar 5 of the five guitars I want have on my affordable hit list. I have done a lot of research and I will go for Lollar Firebirds can't find on the net one bad word about them. You might find this interesting being a Firebird owner. http://www.denniscoffeysite.com/guitars.html Also many Johnny Winter videos on youtube will give you an idea of what a real Firebird should sound like. To me it defeats the object of what a Firebird is if they put full sized mudbuckers in it. I think it is a
  3. Hey barrysrq Thanks, as another unconnected epiphone owner looking for the best deals is assemblies big thanks for the heads up on this one. Just great to know what all the options are and in the spirit of free market economics find the best quality at the best price. Will have a good look around the BCS website.
  4. Wow That is surprising of all the thousands of Epiphone owners on this site only two other people Jerrymac who once owned one, and Musikron who has one. So few peopled who own or have owned, a "Epiphone by Gibson" headstock Sheraton. I have seen one on e-bay, Wonder how many of these were made. Would like to get a list of owners just to try and sort the riddle of these serials.
  5. Jerrymac wrote: Thanks JM Just hoping there might be a few out there that still have the serial sticker to see if there is any rhyme or reason to those 8 digits.
  6. Hi leicester35 It will cost me £230 and I quite like the weather beaten look and some forum members have let it be know the "Epiphone by Gibson" are often quite well put together. It has taken a few knocks over the past 23 years, but as long as it is in good playing order. I think it has "character" it will do me fine. I am hoping to have it as my "ready to hand" guitar. Some would say "beater" but feels a bit luxurious talking about a Sheraton that way. But that is what it is for.
  7. So my questions to all owners of "Epiphone by Gibson" headstock Sheratons.. Do your serial stickers look like the one in the photo below? Do you have an 8 digit serial? The TRC is plain black on the one I am buying did they come like that? Last question which I suspect should this mean My guitar was made in Korea January c.1987 Production Number: 05418
  8. I was planning on getting a good second hand Dot, was going to get it next summer. But another Samick Sheraton near identical, tobacco burst, to the one I have came up for a good price. It is different to the one I have, because it has the "Epiphone by Gibson" headstock, so I went for that. Pick it up in two weeks. So as my two Sheratons with different pickups (Lollar mini's in one, PAF clones in the other) will fill all my needs in the 335 slot. I unfortunately will never get the chance to own a Dot, I think the Cherry dots are beautiful. Necks on the Sheratons suit me, ne
  9. I thought there were quite a few owners of these Samick built Epiphone Sheratons with the headstock on this site. I was wrong. We have 6,677 registered forum members and have had 5,389 visits to this thread. Astounding........still only have 9 proven owners of "Epiphone by Gibson" Sheratons on this forum. 1986 E-by-G's NaturalScience2112 (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 2 (tobacco, sn:6066698)) Musikron (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 1 (natural, sn:6094580)) 1987 E-by-G's JoeSamick (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 3 (tobacco, sn:70105418)) StevieD (E-by-G Sherat
  10. http://www.amazon.com/Guitars-Motown-Superstars-Dennis-Coffey/dp/0472113992 http://www.denniscoffeysite.com/ Review "Guitarist Dennis Coffey was in that elite band of musicians who helped to create the Motown Sound." ---Edwin Starr ". . . it's Dennis Coffey's personal story that's most gripping: the journey from Motown, to Billboard's Top Ten, to working the line at Chevrolet." ---Susan Whitall, Detroit News Product Description Unlike the solo stars whose names appeared on the albums, Motown studio musicians usually stood in the shadows. Berry Gordy held a tight rei
  11. Has many of you will know been doing a lot of research into mini's lately. I have got the hots for a set of Lollar Firebirds. I found this on the internet and it has intrigued me, even further, about the Firebirds. I just want to comment on the internal workings of a Firebird pup. They have two magnets - not one shared magnet like the mini humbucker - or full size HB - Because they have a coil going around the magnet - they are very reminiscent of those early Blues pickups found in the Kay's- Harmony's and Magnatone's. where all you have is a coil wrapped right around a long re
  12. My kid brother Keith in Liverpool :-), only plays in the local pub, but I think he is the dogs bollix, he's a Epiphone Casino owner of long standing.
  13. That is a nice catch Strumbome I starting to find out with and objective of owning 5 guitars. Things can become expensive, great when bargains come along. That is why I can't pass up this other "Epiphone by Gibson" (guitar no 4) Samick Sheraton for $380 and my SD's will be lying on the table. So if those team up that should be sweet sounding guitar for $380 dollars. Post some photos when all the work is done on your Sherri...
  14. Hi Strumbone Sounds like a nice set of specs do you mean the antiquity minis (you know I am obsessed with minis) From the Seymour Duncan website about the antiquity minis: I always liked this pickup. I'll never forget a guy named Glenn Schwartz who played in the early James Gang and Pacific Gas & Electric. He had an old Epiphone® Sheraton™ fitted with mini-humbuckers that got such a huge tone. With this pickup, I set out to capture that same tone. This pickup fits into the P-90 soapbar cover-style mounting ring and has adjustable pole pieces. When I put the Mean 90's in my Empe
  15. Here is my JP Emperor II before I modded it and this is how it looks today and to match those black speed knobs in a few weeks (out of stock at the moment) two Black Mean 90 pickups
  16. This has got out of hand.... The guy only asked...
  17. You certainly are a 1st Dan (pardon the pun) Black Belt in Epiphone knowledge, I am definitely a white belt at the moment...."OSS" Sensei, Respect and many thanks...
  18. Honestly check out youtube there are guys there using garageband in macbooks plugging guitars straight in to the line in with 1/4 to 1/8 adapters that cost buttons and there are examples of people use kit like the Focusrite Saffire I have and Cubase LE Guitar Rig. Experiment, I suppose it like the logic of buying GFS pickups first. Try the low tech options "fully" the if that aint working go to the next technology. I love playing around with different amps in Garageband. I even use it for tuning up (Garageband has a fine chromatic tuner built in) through that cheap 1/4 to 1/8 adapter
  19. Thanks Dan this is the type of information I am after if I can find a vintage Gibson/Epiphone schematic of what the exact spec of that 1960 Epiphone Zephyr or a Gibson 335/345 of the period.........where would find detailed schematics of those... There are 3 guys in particular on this site that I learned a tremendous amount from you are one of those guys Dan......I used to train Karate before my health declined......so you and those other two dudes I should start referring to as Sensei.....So Sensei Dan I thank you once again.....
  20. Carverman wrote: . Dan what the point of the thread is..... I have no soldering experience....... I don't want to learn these skills for sake of a couple of assemblies..... What I want is to know all the options and what the optimum wiring configuration is for the pickups I will have to choose in the absence of the ones I would "ideally" like to have. If you are positing that I should use vintage style capacitors, pots and wiring with a set of Lollars and PAF clones then all I need is a diagram of what that assembly should look like and consist of.... but then I am going to have to
  21. Big Grin ?????????????????????????????????????????????
  22. Before I bought my tube amp, I used guitar rig 3 on my Mac..... I went and bought one of these...... It is a great piece of kit...... http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Focusrite-Saffire-FireWire-Audio-Interface-?sku=245020 then as an experiment I bought one of these so I could plug my guitar straight in the mini jack input on my Mac... http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062446&CAWELAID=107594279 and used that with Garageband and the computer outputting to a old NAD amplifier and two good speakers try it....... the latter it i
  23. Musikron if you could give me a good price for two assemblies with "gibson braided wire" vintage wiring, and all the bits and bobs...........Carverman is talking about ......... this is about drawing up an ideal specification for certain Pickups..... I can't see me ever getting a set of vintage epiphone single coil minis......I am going for Lollar Firebirds....so the spec of that assembly will have to suit them.......the other assembly will also be probably for a decent set of PAF clones, or Seymour Jazz/JB hotrodded set (again what is the chance of actually getting a set of vintage PAFS, the
  24. I waited 4 weeks for my goodies but considering it was over the Christmas period and sent from the US on the 4th of December and arrived in Sweden 4th of January. That is not so bad going really. I am just waiting for the black Mean 90 Neck's to come in Jay reckons two weeks he will have them in stock and then 4 weeks to Sweden.......Jeez it may have stopped snowing by then.....
  25. Thanks Strumbone Mojo's are still looking good price and convenience wise, compared to those options. Also the Wymore $48 option then solder it all yourself, is not for me, would rather pay the extra $40 dollars to have it all expertly soldered, for peace of mind. What was interesting was the vintage or modern wiring option at Acme.... Will have to think about that and ask if Mojo can provide the options.
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