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  1. Don't sell anything' date=' just get a used cheap guitar somewhere that you can "beat" on. It's nice to have an ok sounding guitar that you don't really care about cosmetically, especially with kids around. Actually the more it gets beat on the better, within reason. Lean it in the corner and grab it whenever you want to. If it falls over..who cares.[/quote']


    Yes that is exactly what I am looking for and at $57 with a gigbag...






    that looks like a answer to the problem...

  2. Joe you have GAS. And let me tell ya something else' date=' if you don't get it in check you will do something you may regret. Speaking from experience, when having a severe GAS attack, you develop tunnel vision, and only look forward to the next acquisition. Thats where all your excitement goes, what your getting next.


    Now, this in of itself is not so bad, the problem lies in that you forget all the great places you've been and great friends you've made cause all you can think of is something you don't yet have. You have done a LOT of wheeling and dealing the last couple months, now is the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


    Here's my point, you may enjoy playing the Zephyr more NOW, since you just got it and all, but I seriously doubt you will continue to ignore the Levin, and even if you do, thats no reason to ditch it. DO you know I have guitars I haven't played in years? But I still love them and will NEVER sell them. They are good guitars, but right now, my tastes run a little different so I play others.


    Just slow down a little, get you an 00 if you want, maybe even a 12 fret, but please, don't ditch any guitars for at least the next 9 months. Make sure its what you want to do cause it will be hard to replace after you send her away, and personally, I think the GAS is getting the better of you my friend.


    Maybe you should send me some stuff for safe keeping?




    I really appreciate your concern ST but it is a practical decision. I honestly do not think it is GAS....


    I sit here most days with an 18 month old and a 3 year old darting around my ankles....I practice mostly if not too tired at night when they have gone to bed.


    Get my Pacemaker out and mostly play my Zephyr and SG as they are they are my only two up and running electrics. To be truthful the ancient tuners on the Levin mean I have to retune quite regularly mainly just the top E which pisses me off.


    I love playing the Zephyr unplugged and the tuners are spot on.


    During the daytime when the kids are about I would love to just have my acoustic to hand and snatch every bit of free time I get.


    But I know if I leave the Levin out...I will turn my back for a minute and something will happen..


    I am sorry I ever bought a vintage guitar...F*** it's worth I am not interested....


    I bought it cheap and probably if I just spent a bit of time doing a little work on it I would enjoy playing it more.


    I know there are loads of guys out there with guitars in cases they never play, but that's not what I want....


    I need an acoustic that I can play on a daily basis is that GAS....


    or just a hunger for a practical solution......


    maybe the answer is in your post.


    Keep the Levin in storage and slowly do it up and buy one of these




    for $57 and me and the kids can run riot on it in the daytime.


    Thanks ST, I appreciate your concern man but always remember I am not too far outside my original budget and I wanted to keep to 5 guitars your reasoning leaves no option but to just solve my daily dilemma by spending $57 on a daytime beater....


    A sixth guitar...... no its for the kids...... and I can borrow it.......for $57 :D .


    That solves the problem. Case closed.....


    But I feel like a collector having that Levin stored up and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth...


    I want all my guitars to be played on a regular basis...


    [blink] Well Joe' date=' if your gassing that bad, (I agree with skye on this), but I have no kids, and you know I'm a jazz freak, don't know what the shipping would run, but if you want to swing a deal, let me know.


    And in support of what Skye suggested, lets revisit this say when the house is complete, and you and family are all settled in, and snow is on the radar.


    I would certainly throw a floating mini hum on that baby.


    (I know your suspecting I'll whip the Staple on it, trust me I won't. No cutting of soundboards for me.) Now, a Bigsby? hmmmmmm [/quote']


    Just to reiterate J is it not unreasonable to want an acoustic guitar I can have to hand between the hours of 6 am when the kids are usually up to 8pm in the evening...


    If I said to you that you could not have access to a guitar during those hours if you were home all day. I know you would do something practical to solve the situation...


    that is what I have to solve.....


    I will just get that $57 Harley Benton and the kids can puke in it to their hearts content.


    Had a great session this afternoon on my Zephyr.


    Kristin is home and playing with the kids...it was heaven.....all those on this forum with two kids under 4 running around will now my dilemma....if you guys have any tips much appreciated.


    EDIT to Your EDIT J


    I think I am best getting the cheap $57 ready playable beater....


    a project means I still do not have a player to hand during the daytime, between 8pm and 12 midnight I like to snatch an hour to myself .."me time"...


    unwind and get one or two of my guitars and hope to rotate them.


    But this means the bulk of my time on a guitar will be on the porch with the beater watching the kids in the garden.


    Yes, I feel like the Levin is my collectors item now.....[blush]


    at $57 I call that 5 and 1/8 guitars....[cool]

  3. Take a look at the Recording King troubadour series. The two models are the rnj 16 and the rnj 25' date=' the 16 is spruce top with mahogany back/sides, and the 25 is solid maple back/sides . I just got the rnj25 and love it, Bobby.[/quote']


    Thanks Bobby that look in the price bracket were I would have to sell the Levin..




    The Levin is an archtop and I have tried to justify when I can play the Zephyr and the Sheraton acoustic...having the luxury of an Acoustic Archtop when a good quality L-00 clone flattop is what I "need". I would happily sell the Levin for what I bought it for to a Jazz enthusiast to find the right L-00 clone.

  4. Hi Guys


    I do not venture in this section of the forum that much......I have a great acoustic guitar a 1959 Levin Archtop......




    The problem is I have two small kids running around and I really need a guitar I can hang on wall or leave on a stand and play and "not be worried sick" if they do something untoward with it.....


    The Levin is in the case.... played..... and then back in the case and I want something more ready to hand for spontaneous noodling.....


    I crave a L-00 clone......you guys will know all the options. I do not want vintage......I want new and durable, "reasonable" tone, and low price....I liked the look of this


    Epiphone EL-00








    and this Loar LH-200VS









    Might even consider selling my Levin to someone who has no kids....and is a Jazz freak........(I am also going to say something sacrilegious here...I actually enjoy playing my Zephyr unplugged more than my Levin....[blink] even though the tone is sweeter on the Levin, I love the bassy "chung" of the Zephyr....) and buy a more expensive L-00 clone around $500


    so does anyone have any good advice...

  5. Hi Angelo


    This is the Emperor II I very nearly bought..........it was a beauty and came with a case........€307 us$392 but at the same time a blonde Zephyr Blues Deluxe became available.....was hankering for P90's. Also limited for space and "hobby" funds....


    So, went for the Zephyr.....I posted on the forum in the hope some other forum member would snatch this beautiful Emperor II.





  6. Just joined up. not sure if this is the right place. dont own a Gibson. got here through Epiphone.

    I'm 61 and been playing about 3 years. love the blues ( guy' date='king,trout,srv, j.winter)[/b'] and classic rock(floyd,stones, zep).

    I have a Epi LP studio in arctic blue and a Epi g400 sg limited edition in natural sunburst from the Epi custom shop.

    always looking to learn new stuff.

    amps are a marshall 30dfx, vox 15vt, and a roland cube 20. dont gig. front or back porch is the venue.trew


    I resemble those remarks......welcome Trew


    Big +1 to what Peter said about time you started hunting down a Sheraton.....:-

  7. Glad you found the guitar of your dreams Joe. I know that sometimes it takes a while to

    find the "right one" which then provides more inspiration for you to play the kind of music you like to play.


    That Zephyr with those P-90s and your vintage Epiphone amp must really sing the blues.


    There is definitely a better balance in my collection now' date=' that is for sure. The equipment is fine just the "fleshy bit" in the middle has got to get up to scratch that will take some years.......


    but it is going to be fun trying to get to where I would like to be, I have modest goals............


    Really looking forward to experimenting with the Zephyr, Bugera V5 with the Sansamp GT2 in front of it....


    Hope to post some videos of my fumblings in the coming weeks......


    Being so remote, the only way I can get feedback on my playing is through the forum.....


    Guitar of my dreams....well if I changed the P90's for vintage New York minis and it was a thinline......well you know my dream guitar......[lol


    but my Zephyr is a good "stand in"....[biggrin] no doubt about it, the Blues Deluxe can "Boogie", and sounds really nice unplugged...





  8. Thank you brianh' date=' I've got the same information.....


    I'd like to know if the elettronic parts are made in Japan or what the instrument manufacturer is......

    I'm also looking for a web site where I can find more photos of the model made in 80s-90s....

    in the web I've found only this document: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nODlYylv2E&feature=related


    thank you





    Hi Angelo


    The only other forum member who owns an Emperor II as opposed to a "Joe Pass" is Carverman......I very nearly bought an Emperor before settling on my Zephyr....I owned a "Joe Pass" really great guitar...so I am sure your Emperor will bring you great joy.....try sending a PM (Private Mail) to Carverman. I would imagine the internal electronics are Korean and I would very strongly advise you to change the harness....I did this on my "Joe Pass" and it made an immense difference..you can read about my experience here...




    Good Luck and welcome to the forum

  9. I have a set of those white knobs..

    and cheap.. had them in my box for too long.


    and I have the stock tuners on my sheri. it's a 91. But put on the gold imperials and they fit.

    So.. it's a crapshoot as to when epi changed and all.


    I think my sheri just needs those big imperials. the shape makes more sense' date=' the size makes more sense.

    the design is more in keeping with all the fancy stuff that's already there.


    I love that zephyr.


    the more I look at the white imperials the more I think I might put them on mine. *L*


    I wonder if they fit!



    A big thank you to you Patrick for selling me the Grovers....they will be a "key" part of my E-by-G Sheraton. Imagine the Grovers you sent me but with the gold imperial knobs on this guitar...




    Glad you like the Zephyr...becoming a huge love of mine....

  10. Yes' date=' they look good on some models. It depends on what look you are after.

    But being bigger buttons, they tend to require a big (longer) headstock for

    them to look good, so on some smaller headstocks they will look a bit crowded.


    Another set of nice looking tuners are the original Kluson Sealfast "Waffle backs",

    used on the early Les Pauls and some vintage Gibson archtops.

    These had the pearloid or chrome/gold tulip shape. These are 14:1 as well, I believe.


    They used to be made by Kluson out of Chicago, but were bought out by WD Music, now are being

    re-issued at a premium price of course.






    Yes I agree, I am still not sure about the Imperials on the Zephyr, I think I actually prefer the original tuner buttons on my Zephyr. Will probably put them back, and wait for Real Grovers I bought from TWANG and put them on my Sheraton with the gold Imperial buttons.




    Well here is how they looked on my Zephyr for a short while.....




    PS. Big thanks to you Carverman for leading me in the right direction from my early questions you figured I was hankering for a single coil experience and now with the Zephyr I have that in a beautiful hollow box and very much enjoying that experience......Thanks

  11. "Joe"' date='

    I don't know if the grover shafts have changed that much over the years..are you talking

    asian "grovers" which probably have shaft dimensions in mm? If so, yes, I had the same

    problem with the pearloid "Imperial style: buttons from guitarpartsresoice. They wouldn't

    quite fit on the asian grover shafts (see my avatar) on my Elitist Broadway,

    which Epi had installed asian grovers..it was a stamped "used" model, so they took off the nice

    grovers with the imperial buttons and installed the kidney beans. [cry']


    I ended up using a fine set of files and just slightly enlarging the square holes in the

    pearloid buttons to fit the asian shafts rather than order a genuine set of USA grovers.

    Worked for me.




    Thanks for that Carverman....yes talking about stock 1987 Samick and stock 1999 Peerless tuners made to that Grover pattern. The latter fits perfect.


    Filing to fit the Sheraton I feel would work but X 6 I have a feeling I would make one loose or something and that would really piss me off and is not conducive for happy playing.


    Maybe a string change down the line I will try those Real Groovers from TWANG on there...I am almost certain the imperial knobs will fit those....


    One think is for sure the Imperial buttons are really handsome on an Epiphone headstock....

  12. Because Grover changed the design a little bit not too many years ago. I don't remember when or everything they changed' date=' but I know I have searched for days sometimes trying to score the odd old style example for period correct replacements. ']


    Could you ream out the key a bit to fit on the new one?


    My instinct tells me the best way would be get "the right file" and give a measured number of rubs on either side if the spindle and they would go on....but I would never feel happy with tuning machines having done that....just bought a set of real Grovers for a good price from Twang (but they are chrome) was thinking of seeing if they will fit my Sheraton and put the gold Imperial knobs on......would look sound from the front a little bit quirky from the back but 18:1 True Grovers well worth putting up with a little bit of chrome at the back.....what do you think......functionality over aesthetics....

  13. Ordered some bits and pieces for my beloved 1987 E-by-G Sheraton II a short while ago over the moon with all I bought except....








    When I tried them on my E-by-G Grover style tuners they do not fit the spindle is too thick.....[biggrin] [biggrin]


    So this evening I was thumbing my Zephyr Blues Deluxe and I thought "MMMMMMMMH I wonder"


    and lo and behold fit perfectly.........and look fantastic on that big hunk of guitar......


    So tell me why are 1987 Epiphone grover style tuners so different to the 1999 Epiphone grover style tuners........

  14. The serialnumber on the Firebird is: U6020278.


    Can you help me find the year of production? Thanks!



    just check it has a set neck and if so snatch it........Unsung........grab it...but be sure it is not a bolt neck....


    the guitar dater states


    Guitar Info

    Your guitar was made at the

    Unsung Plant, Korea

    February 1996

    Production Number: 0278

  15. I bid $50' date=' and I WAS winning!! Thought it just too interesting and have to ask - Anyone know what it is? Never seen nor heard of this!








    Uploaded with ImageShack.us


    Oh, and would someone please tell me if this is actually an Olympic, not an MM!



    Uploaded with ImageShack.us





    Good luck hope you land that one Sheila. Never seen an Epiphone Tele before....if you get it do give us a report....


    I have finally found a "real" music store thanks to the guy I sold my 89 sheraton to....with a guitar tech.....just a two hour round trip in the car.




    and yesterday they took my E-by-G in for its heart and lung operation......


    When I pick my Sheraton up next Tuesday they have promised to have my Tele (pinecaster) which is on order




    Really looking forward to next Tuesday........hope you land that bargain Sheila I think it was Musikron who said everyone should have a Tele....

  16. I have only owned two full hollow electric guitars....


    My modified Joe Pass




    which I sold and the Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe I currently own (and love)




    The JP was one very fine guitar but for my personal tastes and needs my "Blues Battleship" ZBD blows the JP out of the water....but that is only a personal assessment......


    Here is an example of the versatility....if you get a chance try one out....






  17. AS, I'd call that one Benitez cos its got no forwards and it might not stay in the long run.....:)


    Like the thought of bridge pickup straight to jack sort of like a trip to Juventus....






    None of that makes sense!


    granted a bit too cryptic........will rephrase and elaborate...

    Do you think you will keep it?

    Do you think you you can do without the neck pickup for the duration?

    Is what you gain from having no volume, tone, pots and caps more than what you gain with them...?

    Could the open neck cavity have something to do with the extra acoustic volume? ......

    And finally do you think Benitez will fly the coop to Turin...?

  18. Not knowledgeable enough to answer your questions G....


    but good luck with the project and looking forward seeing and hopefully hearing the end result.....


    It is always satisfying to see a good guitar made into a fine guitar...


    EDIT: What' with the Marc Bolan avatar.....you got me hoping you will give us a rendition of "Ride a White Swan" on the Wilshire when it is finished.....:)


    Cooper - my son (age 6) is migrating from his Beatles obsession to a T. Rex obsession. I admit to nudging in that direction. So it got me thinking about Bolan with his 60's Cortez' date=' pickup duct taped to the top...Cool[/quote']


    A mate of mine in school around 1970 got into Tyrannosaurus Rex (try and find their real early stuff pre 1970) as they were known then and "Ride a White Swan" was my favourite track of theirs then when they became very popular I went off them......Tell your son to cehck out the very early stuff...



  19. Thanks' date=' cooper.


    I like playing this guitar very much, but may I ask why people are talking about it so many years later? I mean, is there something that makes it more "special" than other more expensive guitars?




    No it is a plain old well made Samick Sheraton from the period 86 to 88 as mentioned some features differ. Those of us that own them know they are a solidly built fine examples and in my case I think the E-by-G is the Sheraton for me.....


    I am currently customising mine and should be finished at the end of this week goes to guitar tech on tuesday for the fitting of new pickups and harness and I will post when all is done.


    Just enjoy your fine example of a Sheraton II that is all it is...

  20. Hi:


    Thanks' date=' the number is 880901890.


    Is this a "Sheraton"? I couldn't figure that out from the previous messages!






    yes it is a Sheraton II but with some unique features


    When I saw you Truss Rod Cover I assumed it was an 88



    month 09

    unit number01890


    I would guess if you take out your bridge pickpup any time you might not have the access of the earlier models if you go through the thread you will understand. Another late 88 does not have that feature...

  21. Hi:


    I am trying to identify my guitar and found this forum. It's an "Epiphone by Gibson" 335-style. Any information about it is appreciated -- model name' date=' year, history, etc. I've had it since 1993.








    There are 8 images in that directory:






    Hi egr


    if read through this thread you find feaaatures that should be able give you an idea if it is 86,87,88 it is one of those years is there a number sticker on the back of the headstock..?

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