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  1. essai ici, mon ami..epi http://fr.euroguitar.com/guitare/epiphone/emperor/ii-joe-pass/116253.html bonne chance
  2. That guitar is beautiful Very pleased for you Michael that is a guitar that would grace any collection... Congratulation on your new acquisition.....
  3. I picked up a Zephyr Blues Deluxe yesterday built like a "Sherman Tank" paid US$700 £455 For the price it came with its original Epiphone case with gold latches and red trim The guitar is in "Excellent" condition just a little wear in the top of the bridge, which shows it has been enjoyed The guitar is heavy and has a beautiful finish... The Serial on my guitar is R99M 0XXX Guitar Info Your guitar was made at the Peerless Plant, Korea December 1999 Production Number: 0XXX Peerless Korea Co., Ltd. Peerless Korea Co., Ltd. is a Korean-Japan
  4. My brother in England who plays guitar (far better than I ever will) follows my threads on this forum and he knows my tastes in music and he sent me this link to this youtube clip with Steve Cropper and his trusty Tele... [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-7QSMyz5rg[/YOUTUBE]
  5. We all go crazy now and again... I loved my Sherri so much I wanted another one to have slightly different came to my senses and just sold it. The funds went to 1/3 of a Gibby Firebird V I have just ordered... Sit down and have a good think another casino just to sport a a set of of flats........... That sounds like a bad case of TIGAS that is Totally Irrational Gear Acquisition Syndrome..... sometimes we get GAS because there are real gaps in our collections..... TIGAS is something different, duplication, repetition, been there done it.... I try to guard ag
  6. Brad thanks man.....there is no doubt they are both fine guitars but what is swinging me in the direction of the Squier Classic vibe Telecaster 50 S vintage blonde is I like the fact I can have the guitar as is with the alnico 3 pups and then with a new pickguard I can experiemnt with those 5 or so mini's I want to A/B I have a lot of excellent options there seem to be a lot of well priced very nice Teles out there at the moment. Any one of those 3 well priced well performing guitars word do the job for me.... Really enjoyed this thread I have learned so much....Thanks gu
  7. He is a very lucky guy here he is with three of my all time favourite guitars [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  8. I was just going by Euroguitar's website http://en.euroguitar.com/guitar/squier/classic-vibe/telecaster-custom/129833.html Technical specifications Squier Classic vibe Telecaster Custom : Alder body 1-piece maple neck C shape Rosewood fingerboard Scale length 25.5" (648mm) Width at nut 1.625" (41.3mm) Fingerboard radius 9.5" (241mm) 21 medium jumbo frets Vintage style tuning machines 2 Custom Vintage style single coil Tele pickups with AlNiCo V magnets Vintage style strings-thru body tele bridge 3-ply mint green pickguard Fender Super 25L nickel plated steel strings Gaug
  9. Epi-Man You got the light right with that photograph man....that Dot looks stunning.....in fact right sexy....
  10. Thanks AS90 and they are different woods and as argued the wood used in the CV Alder maybe truer to the Tele than the Red Cedar... Big thanks to Ricochet for PM'ing this image of the route on the "Classic Vibe" it will take a mini humbucker and given the reviews I am going to go for a "Classic Vibe"
  11. Banastre welcome to the forum I think Bender has the answer here...sell that beautiful guitar on as a project and buy in a nice Sherri in natural plenty out there....I have learned a big lesson lately, instead of trying to transform a guitar to your ideal, just find what you want exactly in the first place...In your case if you want a Sherri in natural and you do not like that finish sell it to someone who will enjoy the guitar for what it is...
  12. Brad that is Beautiful and they have them in Euroguitar are selling those for 2900sek US$400 brand new....Are these as good as the classic vibe????? http://en.euroguitar.com/guitar/squier/telecaster/vintage-modified-ssh/122687.html Because that is exactly what I have been after ready routed...
  13. Torresfan......I would wait and find an Unsung Epi Firebird I nearly jumped on one a couple of weeks ago for 4500swedish krona.....$625......£406......here is the thread They have a set neck and are ready routed for minis...the one I nearly bought had a set of duncans ready fitted. Those firebirds with full size humbuckers are not firebirds in my book....it must have that firebird "voice" and you will only get that with a good set of Firebird pickups.....Lollars, Gibson, SD............I decided to save my 4500sek and sold two of other guitars and went full hog and ordered a "VS Gibby Bird
  14. My favourite Epi logo of all has to be from the period around 1962-64 I would love to know exactly what material it was made of, how thick it was if it was really shiny when new or always had that "pewter" sort of dull silvery colour. I have ordered some black pickguard material and will a pickguard for my Sheraton the same shape as the 64 Sheraton 1. Will also try to to do a faithful replica of that beautiful logo as well. If anyone has any input fire away...
  15. Great job Bender.....I know what you mean about the older speakers I really like what comes out of my Pacemaker and I am sure that is a lot to do with the Wilder speaker. Its a bit of a beast.....
  16. Thanks guys Just having a little bit of fun..... Just find it amazing the whole new set of terminologies you have to learn once you walk around and start looking in the back of a amp instead of just plugging into the front of it.... Thanks for the help
  17. I know jackshit about guitars and even less about amps... I bought a amp recently that has a Wilder speaker and on another forum someone hit me with this: I have several Wilder speakers I bought from a local guy that parts out organs. They come from Gulbratsen organs. Wilder did make some solid state amps for a couple of years, maybe 70/71 or so. I have read that Kieth Richards used one on some recordings and one US tour about that time. I also read that several Chicago based rock bands from that time used the Wilder amps. They were a Chicago based company. I had a picture of a 4-12" s
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