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  1. The pages seem to load r -- e -- e --- a --- l --- l ---- y s ------- l -------- o -------- w -------- l ------ y. I wonder how it will be once more posts are added? Fred
  2. I am still seeing 'em right here: Old Gibson Acoustic Forum Good thing I've got two hands! Now I'll have to get a left-handed mouse, and a second keyboard too. Fred
  3. You'll see, with some help from my old friend Professor Google, that the L-50 model has changed thoughout the years. Some years the position markers are dots. Fred
  4. It's a Gibson L-50: Should be a 1954 model, acc. to the Factory Order Number you provided. Looks somewhat modified. More info here:http://www.archtop.com/ac_52L50.html Fred
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