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    playing with the grandkids, grilling, N scale model railroad, music......I play a lot of different places in the KC area. Pizza parlors, coffee shops, bars, libraries, farmers markets, parks...anywhere they won't arrest me. I write a lot of my on material, but also do many cover songs. And I really like Gibsons and Martins.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful guitar! Let us hear it!
  2. Since I’ll very soon be ready to buy a J200, I’d grab the newer of the two. As far as “duds’ go, I wouldn’t worry about them much with Gibsons.. Besides, just what a dud is depends on the ears listening. Whatever guitar you buy, get a good setup so that it is very-easy-on-the fingers. If the guitar is comfortable to hold and play you will spend a lot of time with it. Also, be sure the J200 is a good match for you. As already mentioned, it’s physically too big of a guitar for some people. My J100 (same size as the J200) is a very comfortable fit for me, but I’ve got a friend who loves the guitar, but he’s not as tall as me and he can only play it for a short time before his arms get sore. .......If the J200 is a good match for you, don’t let someone else talk you out of it.
  3. Amen!................................I agree on Ringo also. Personally, I think he got better after The Beatles split and he started doing his own thing. He was able to highlight his skiils. He was more than a drummer. He was a writer, an arranger, a teacher, a band leader. Kind of like George. He wasn't in the shadow of Lennon and McCartney anymore and didn't have to play the role of the loyal sidekick.......I recall an interview where McCartney was asked something about why they kept Ringo to be their drummer when there were a lot of great drummers available. McCartney said, "Because he's a Beatle,."
  4. Yeah, it's tough getting-rid of gear we've had around for a while, years, decades. I'm always hesitant to sell something because "What if I need it one day?".......A couple months ago we had an estate sale at my dad's house. I decided to sell a bunch of stuff I've had, but rarely ever played anymore. Sold eight guitars, two banjos, four ukes, one mandolin, dozens and dozens of music books, two old speakers. I'm glad I did it now. Frees-up some space in my music room and my head. All i've got left now are ten guitars (seven are my Gibsons), two dobros, two banjos, three ukes, probably hundred or so music books, and a bunch of other "odds and ends." I was surprised at how much I got for the instruments. Definitely more than if I'd traded them in on something. I'd always thought that an estate sale was pretty much a fancy name for a garage sale, but in reality it a professional event run by people who have contacts with collectors of many things. It turned-out well............The only downside is that now my wife is pushing me to finally get the music room organized.....
  5. I was too busy chasing women to go to a protest. Woodstock would have been fun, but in all sincerity I had a job to go to.. Besides, in Kansas City we had Volker Park and every Sunday at the fountains was a mini-Woodstock..........And of course, "the potency of marijuana" was always an influence. Just had to be careful not to show-up at work "high."
  6. There was some hard to hear stuff on some Beatle songs. I forget which song it was, but supposedly they were saying something like "Paul is dead." I thought I heard it a few times, but I don't know if I really heard it or if it was the power of suggestion telling me I heard it.....lol.......Makes me think of how me and my buddies used to play Louie Louie real slow trying to catch the dirty words.....lol.......I was so damn disappointed later when I learned the song was an old sea shanty and not a sex-filled ode for teenage boys to lust over.
  7. Got the news today that my dad's house is sold. The buyers got their loan. We sign it away a week from today. He passed away on 4-5-20 and we only had it for sale for a few weeks. Takes longer for all the paperwork crap than it did to sell it. Anyway, one less thing to worry about now. It's not like I won't be going by it anymore----it's three houses up the street from us. I didn't grow-up there, but my kids and grandkids spent a lot of time running back-and-forth between houses. Kind of like that old Seger song "Turn the Page.".......The rest of the day was a "honey do" day............Read in the local news that there was supposed to have been a anti-police march here, but it didn't take place. They said about twenty-five people showed-up with their signs, but they chickened-out of marching. Someone must have talked some sense in to them. Independence is still a Cow Town in a lot of ways. Destroy property and your immediate threat will be local citizens. Lots of flags on houses, on cars, on businesses, lots of black, white, and hispanic rednecks. The funny part is that they asked for a police escort in an anti-police march. The mayor said "No,." I thought the guy was a wimp, but I'm glad he proved me wrong..........I don't care if people want to peacefully protest, but these stupid college-age kids better pull their heads out of their butts, wipe the crap out their eyes and take a good and long look at whats going to eventually come down on them.....Anyway, that's my life's history for today.
  8. Reminds me of an old joke...................Him: You been gettin' any on the side? Me; Hell, it's been so long, I didn't know they moved it.
  9. I bought my Walnut J100 new and there was a Gibson guitar pick inside...lol....I figured that one of the Gibson folks gave it a test drive and that was a good thing in my view.
  10. Yeah, Gibson has some nice straps. There right in the price range of a lot of straps. They do have some high-priced ones and I likely won’t pay $100 for one, but they are pretty cool and I can’t say “Never!”
  11. Either way, it’s just a lot of crap!.....lol
  12. That is an awesome video! Never heard this before. The guy truly is one of the Masters. His style is very human and expressive. This song is definitely in the old “easy listening” genre, but judging by the title and how he plays it, I think it’s intended to be more than easy-on-the-ears. For me, his playing and this song is very relaxing and offers hope.. Without words he writes a story, that to me says “Be patient! Take your time! Keep your eyes on your goal! Stay positive! Wait, give it time! If it’s worthwhile, it’s worth waiting for.” That’s how I kind of interpret what the song title and his expressive style are telling me. “Those Who Wait”——-waiting for a job you want, waiting for love, waiting for a son/daughter in the army, or as Crystal Gayle would say, “Waiting For The Times To Get Better.”........Sweet, sweet song that speaks volumes without saying a word.....On a sad note—-ask someone on the street about Tommy and they’ll say, “Who?”
  13. I miss life the way it was before. I’m kind of beginning to think that “before” is not coming back.....at least not until the people who just want to be left alone decide that they have to get involved. Most oF all, I think I’m missing the truth. I’m all over our part of the world everyday. I just don’t see/hear all this anger, fear, and hatred I constantly see/hear being reported on the news. Seems it’s all doom and gloom 24/7. If it’s not COVID19, it’s riots. And next week it will be something else. A non-stop drumbeat.
  14. Sorry to hear this news. Seems that too many legends die too early. They spend years “burning the candle at both ends” and pass before their time. The lure of stardom and all its trappings appears eternal when we’re young and healthy, but deadly as we grow older........RIP.......Thank you for Fleetwood Mac and all the great songs that have contributed in helping me through life.
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