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    playing with the grandkids, grilling, N scale model railroad, music......I play a lot of different places in the KC area. Pizza parlors, coffee shops, bars, libraries, farmers markets, parks...anywhere they won't arrest me. I write a lot of my on material, but also do many cover songs. And I really like Gibsons and Martins.

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  1. Really a cool production! You’re a very talented picker.
  2. I’d go with the 2014, because it’s a Hummingbird. You can decide the pick guard issue later. ....The “pro” and “studio” models are great instruments, but they’re not Hummingbirds, Doves, J45s, etc.
  3. The bird is “the bird.” That tells you about everything you need to know. Great instruments!
  4. Well, got my 2nd one on Tuesday! Arm very sore and felt a little achy on the way home. Yesterday (Wednesday) I had 100% body aches. No flu feelings, just strange aches and pains. I slept most of the day. Then today, (Thursday) I feel fantastic. My wife had no reactions to her 2nd shot. All depends on the individual, I guess! Just glad it’s over and I’m not going to do this crap every year.
  5. Kilt! What Paddy McDonald did to the guy that called it a skirt.
  6. I use my right hand thumb a lot for picking. I use the left one for fretting the low bass strings. Beyond that, my playing really is “all thumbs.”
  7. Just my opinion, so this doesn’t necessarily make me right and someone else wrong——-But, I figure if you get a real nice guitar ( no matter the price) and it sounds good to you and you are bonding with it, then don’t worry about if it’s as loud, or sweet, or warm, or mellow as another Hummingbird, J45, D28, etc. All this stuff related to sound, type of wood, playability is all dependent on the owner of the instrument and what they like. Just enjoy your guitar! If you like it, get yourself a good setup and have a blast.
  8. I don’t give-a-crap about the politics. Politics ruins friendships and destroys commonsense if people refuse to use it.. My wife had her 2nd shot last week and I get my 2nd on Tuesday morning. I have very little faith in the TV doctors, but I want to get this stuff behind us and hopefully this will be a major step in doing that. Otherwise we’re going to wearing masks for years and we’ll forget how to shake hands.
  9. We’ve heard you play! Definitely do not give him your guitar.......lol......Seriously though, I understand what you’re saying. This guy is certainly a good picker (and so are you)....Several years ago I sat about four feet from Marty Stuart at a picnic table. Just watching him move effortlessly all over the guitar neck made me wonder what the hell I was doing when I played...... Just use guys like this as inspiration.
  10. You see, my mule don't like people laughing. He gets the crazy idea you're laughin' at him. Now if you apologize, like I know you're going to, I might convince him that you really didn't mean it. ...
  11. I guess for the most part that I’m a pretty happy guy. So long as my family is healthy and doing well, I’m good. Don’t know that I have any pressing needs that I must fulfill at this time. Guitars-wise, I still think that somewhere down the road I might look for a Martin Johnny Cash D35. Beyond that, it would be great to see commonsense return to the world.
  12. If I could choose, it would be something similar to my dad’s passing. He was 5 weeks from his 97th birthday, living in his own home, still sharp-as-a-tack and content. He passed-away on a Sunday morning while watching the Western Channel on TV. He loved watching Gunsmoke and John Wayne movies. It was a massive stroke and he simply went to sleep. He often said he didn’t want to spend weeks in a hospital and then linger for months in a nursing home. He wanted to die in his own home and he pretty much went how he wanted it. BTW, he’ll be gone one year on Monday, April 5.
  13. Why did Miley Cyrus drink a bottle of ketchup on the tonight show with Jay Leno? She wanted all of America to know that white, southern, country music fans were as stupid and redneck and inbred as they’re rumored to be.
  14. So, this gal is Christmas shopping and her husband is supposed to meet her, but he’s late. She calls him to see where he’s at. “You’re late, hon! When you getting here?” Him: “I’m sorry babe! I got hung-up...... You remember that little jewelry shop where you saw that diamond necklace and I said that someday I’d buy it for you?” Her, as tears fill her eyes: “OMG! Yes, I remember it!” Him: “Well, I’m in the bar right next to it.”
  15. Never doubt me! I told you I’d make it in show biz. Just got me a role in a porn movie. I play the husband who is going to work.
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