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    playing with the grandkids, grilling, N scale model railroad, music......I play a lot of different places in the KC area. Pizza parlors, coffee shops, bars, libraries, farmers markets, parks...anywhere they won't arrest me. I write a lot of my on material, but also do many cover songs. And I really like Gibsons and Martins.

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  1. Visited some graves today. My dad, Navy WWII, on the carrier Yorktown when it was hit at Midway, on the Enterprise at Leyte Gulf and Battle of The Phillipine Sea. At Midway he was working on the radio of a torpedo bomber when they first got hit and it blew-out his left eardrum. So after he recovered, even though he couldn’t hear well, they transferred him to the Enterprise where he repaired radar and read maps.....lol.......My dad didn’t speak about the war unless you asked him. My uncle Fred was in Patton’s 3rd Army when it relieved Bastogne (he told some great stories).. My uncle Sal was wounded in Korea in some village he said he could never pronounce the name of. When the three were together, me and my cousins would just sit there and listen. ...... Always a sad and also an exhilarating holiday. Lots to be sad and proud of. ....
  2. My first guitar was a Sears Silvertone electric. My first really nice guitar was a Gibson nylon-string folk guitar. Can’t recall the model. early sixties. I played lots of PP&M songs on our high school steps with that guitar and learned that “ladies like guitar pickers.”
  3. Time to unite! Forget the politics! Forget the Murder Hornets! The Corona Beetles are already here! https://www.gif-vif.com/gifs/Testing-an-Animatronic-Bug
  4. My wife is about the same. She notices the difference in looks, but a guitar sounds like a guitar. She does notice that the Dove is loud, so I rarely play it after she’s gone to bed. As far as how many guitars and other instruments I have and what they cost it’s kind of been a “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies” situation.....lol.....but she knows her way around the internet, so I’m not fooling her.
  5. Three years ago, my son and I, my son-in-law, and my daughter-in-law’s cousin went on a ghost hunt at Missouri State Penitentiary. I did not see what I would call a ghost or apparition. I wasn’t expecting to see anything considered ghostly or scary. It’s not that I doubt the possibility of a world beyond this one, but I just don’t believe in evil ghosts, etc. I was expecting a very dark and ominous place that that I would find very interesting due to its history. It was exactly that. However, on Death Row, I truly did see shadows of people. I was the only one there. No one else on Death Row. I saw them looking-out from inside cells that were 15-20ft from me. One time I saw a complete shadow of a man walk in front of me. None of this frightened me. None of it was threatening. Kind of creepy, because I didn’t know what it was........My three companions went to the “loony bin” cells in the blockhouse basement. They all three say they heard people arguing right near them, but no one else was there. As they left, they all heard someone say “So long” and the cell door slammed behind them. They still talk about how heavy the cell doors were and that there was no wind or breeze to shut it. I wish I had gone down there with them. We’ve been talking about going back. Maybe after this virus stuff is over.
  6. Never heard this before, Sal (which says a lot about me...lol), but you sound good. Your enjoyable to listen-to. Definitely “sit and listen” music. Your musical technique is solid and you’re not afraid to tackle lots of different songs. Good stuff!
  7. I agree Lars! This is a good song. Nothing wrong with your fingerpicking. We all have growing pains with something new. I'll be honest,, the ending surprised the hell out of me. She finds her way back from hell. I was not expecting that. It's something I'll remember. You handled it well......Also, at first I was thinking that some of your rhymes were too easy and predictable, BUT, in essence they all fit the road you were following with this song and painted a good picture.. Good job! One thing I might suggest is that the chorus be stronger vocally (more force and volumn) and maybe a bit different tempo. As it is there's nothing (aside from reading along with your lyrics) that really sets it apart. BTW, the lyrics in the chorus are really good....................Anyway, my friend, for me this is a pretty darn decent song............................. Remember, draw a picture with words, write a song with a brush. Good work!
  8. That is very cool. Every time I hear you play I get a bit jealous. You are very easy-to-listen-to and your guitar playing is smooth and easy. I’m not “crazy.” I just know what I like.
  9. You are 10000% correct. Time to go back to work. Sadly, we are fighting many who thrive and make lots of money on “gloom and doom.” So many of the people spreading the fear are in very high-paying jobs and they get their paychecks even if they don’t go to work. These people are not stuck at home and facing the financial problems that people who depend on the economy for their jobs and family security. They preach “We are all in this together.” That’s bullshit! They are not “us.” We are all on the same stormy ocean, but we are in very different boats. If the entire world economy goes into total collapse, the people pushing the fear will still have their jobs.........lWe cannot sit at home for months and expect all these millions of jobs to still be there. We cannot expect hundreds-of-thousands of small businesses that survive on a month-to-month basis to survive, If people don’t get back to work, things will be far worse than what people are worried and complaining about now. We cannot buy-into the fear. We cannot hide in our homes waiting for a vaccine that is perhaps years away. Look at the flu vaccine—-it all depends on if the flu you come in contact with is the same kind of flu as the vaccine......For myself, I believe that in my country (USA) and others, things have begun to open and people are eager get going again. Once things are opened-up, I don’t think people will accept being locked at home again. Just my view.........Meanwhile, guitars help keep us mellow.
  10. I’ve been listening to a lot of Cash’s stuff with Rick Rubins, along with some John Prine. I really enjoy the stripped-down honesty of Cash’s American Recordings albums. Very human, fragile, and so much I can identify with. To me, it’s kind of the personification of what a human voice and sparse instrumentation can provide to other humans. I’ve often wondered what kind of things were going through Cash’s mind as he recorded many of these songs about death, lost loves, bad breaks, all while he understood that his health was on a downhill spiral. .... John Prine is simply “John Prine.” His entire musical theme revolves around people like me. I feel like he could me singing about me. I like literally all of Prine’s stuff, but I’ve particularly zeroed-in on his,last album, The Tree of Forgiveness. Makes me wonder if he thought he might be near the end.....Listened to a little Ian Tyson also. A real cowboy and a real folksinger.
  11. Open tunings introduce a lot of newer tones and for me, playing is a lot of fun and I find it pretty easy. Just be aware that the higher tunings can put a lot of stress on the guitar's neck. A guitar's neck strength, bridge, and truss rod are tested, along with the string guage. I had a Fender resonator guitar (the all chrome one) and I bowed the neck on it. Ended-up getting me a $300 Gretch squareneck and it's a lot of fun. Whatever you do, just be sure the guitar is built for the stress of particular tunings. Good luck and I hope you find what you need.
  12. Was just reading the lyrics to the song last night. Easy to remember most of the words, since it must have been played10,000,000 times on the radio back then. interestingly, the lyrics are fairly prophetic as we look-back at life. . It's kind of creepy, but we're already doing or headed in the direction of doing what the song is talking about, and much faster. I was in my late teens, having the time of my life, with no inclination to wonder what kind of world was being built..... Anyway, for a couple of guys who were basically "one hit wonders," that song has made them eteranllyl famous and will keep going for many, many years to come. If you have to be a "one hit wonder," that's not a bad song to do it with.
  13. Played one several years ago. It sounded and played nicely. As others have mentioned, they're originally from Indonesia/Asia. Nothing wrong with the guitars. I imagine they're as nice and playable as most mid-to-upper range guitars. When they arrive here they are Zagerized and just what that entails I don't know. I've read that they altered in some way to be super-easy-to play (the one I played seemed pretty good) due to their great setup. I don't know what all is done during the set-up, but I would guess that maybe he has to get some personal input from the buyer on just what he wants. I don't know, just tossing thoughts around. ....... Anyway, the one I played was fine. Better than what you'd find with your hanging-on-the wall Fender, Ibanez, etc. The guy has been selling them for years, so he must be doing something right. For me, I've got Gibson tunnel vision. and I'm not really interested in much else guitar-wise...........except maybe a Martin Johnny Cash D35.
  14. Today has been a "honey-do" day, but that's fine. She's a good woman and some of us got lucky. Grocery stores, Going over to my dad's house to keep preparing for an estate sale. Bringing our grandson over later. Kind of a typical Saturday around here. About 25 minutes of guitar playing this morning. Maybe more later tonight. Hadn't thought of that, but there are times it don't sound bad.
  15. RIP, and thanks for being one of the brave scouts of R&R. You were a proud member of that ilk that was not afraid to test-the-waters by being different. God Bless and thanks for the great music.
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