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    playing with the grandkids, grilling, N scale model railroad, music......I play a lot of different places in the KC area. Pizza parlors, coffee shops, bars, libraries, farmers markets, parks...anywhere they won't arrest me. I write a lot of my on material, but also do many cover songs. And I really like Gibsons and Martins.

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  1. Old dudes ain't supposed to look at videos of a young Emmylou, especially late at night...........Saw her at Crown Center back in the late 80's. Outdoor concert and the KC Star said nearly 40,000 people were there. We were about 25-30 ft from her. It was when her long hair was showing a lot of gray and she was drop-dead gorgeous. The face and voice of an angel and that big J200. And The Hot Band lived-up to its name. The equal of any concert I've ever seen.....and I've seen several Cash concerts, Dylan, The Stones, Gordon Lightfoot, Leslie Gore, Johnny Rivers, Stevie Nicks, Frankie Vali.....Anyway, she was awesome. And she's just a talented and gorgeous today and she's two months older than me. Wish I aged like that.
  2. I’ve got the Roland Street Cube Ex and really like it. Had it for almost eight years (I think—-got it when they first came out). 50 watts and lots of options and enhancements. You an easily set-up a trio of pickers on it. For “music in the park” shows I use a Yamahas Stage Pas, BUT, for every thing else it’s the Roland. Very easy to move with (only 16lbs.) ,very heavy-duty (I can use it as a chair), and the sound is awesome. I can set-up and be playing in 5-6minutes. It can be knocked-around, kicked, tripped-over—-Anyway, a rugged and great amp.
  3. Both Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash said that Steve Goodman was a really decent guy and that he was a blast to have on tour with them. The only downside to the deal was that since he was your opening act, you had to follow him on stage.......Pretty sad when you realize how few people (aside from folks like us) who even know his name.
  4. My story is pretty complicated. I'm from Missouri and I fingerpick guitar.
  5. I'd probably lean toward the AJ too. However, this is all dependent on what you think is a different tone, playability, etc. Guitars are different sizes, bracing, necks. All make an impact. Having another mahogany guitar wouldn't bother me. Every guitar is different. Sometimes the wood makes them different, sometimes no-so-different. My Hummingbird and J45tv are both mahogany and sound kind of different (I think). The bird is square-shouldered, the 45 is slope. Maybe the difference I perceive is because of their individual shapes, or maybe I just really like both guitars and don't care if they sound similar or not. If you happen to find a Gibby that calls your name, don't sweat the wood. A good guitar is a good guitar................A J45 or bird would also be a great choice. Have fun in your quest.
  6. Drive safely, Dan. This kind of trip is truly a necessary part of life's journey. Enjoy it, old friend and then tell us about it in a song. The Muse may join you during the trip or after you get back home. Either way, you're living life and that's what the good songs are about.
  7. I likely miss-out on some of the advantages of various string brands, but I just use Martin SPs on most every guitar. Started buying them when I caught them on-sale (tens sets in a pack) years ago, I really don't know if they're coated or not. I like the sound and likely won't change, unless some other Martins strings are on-sale. I've tried some Martin Marquis strings a couple times and they're okay too.
  8. I've had an LAG Classical guitar for several years now and it's a decent instrument for something around $200. They're made in France and I don't know if the company is still around. Anyway, the difference in tone from a steel string is obvious to me. Much more of a gentle tone. I like the guitar. Nice "change of pace" from my Gibsons, but I prefer steel strings. You can play whatever you like on a nylon string guitar, but for me songs from Peter, Paul & Mary and other folksy folks really sound nice on a nylon string guitar. Depends on the person playing.
  9. LOL..........shows you how out-of-touch I am..........Didn't know or notice the "terrified" tops were called "Vintage." Another J200 model. Soon they'll have as many J200 models as there are J45 models.....What happens if you spend all that money on a Vintage and then some dude with a lowly Standard J200 blows your doors off?.....lol
  10. They both sound real good, but I'm not real big on vintage guitars. I don't hear anything in the Vintage that makes me say "Wow!" when compared to the TV. To me, vintage guitars are no more than old guitars, aside from the financial value that the collectors/sellers attach to them with the aid of our sentimental feelings for tradition. Assuming the vintage costs at least as much as the new one, I'd definitely choose the new one. However, if the new one was around six grand and the vintage was no more than 1000 or so, I might get the vintage.
  11. I'd bet it's arthritis. I get similar twinges every-now-and-then. Then sometimes I get this pain starting at the base of my thumb and it extends out towards my wrist. Doesn't go up my thumb. Goes across toward the wrist.............Looks like Sal found the cure......lol........
  12. Like a few others in here, I've got 50+ years of callouses. I used to file them a little bit, but that was decades ago,..,..,,lol.,,.....Nowadays, I don't pay much attention to them unless one of them is starting to catch on a string every-once-in-a-while. Then, I just kind of gnaw at it and get the rough part off. Quick, simple.....and it works....and you go right on to the next song......
  13. I'm literally always sitting-down when I play, so it's not an issue for me. However, if I were standing, I've be very concerned with the strap slipping-off the guitars. As mentioned, Fender has some washers that seem to work fine and there are some other enhancements that make the strap pretty secure.
  14. Yep, Lars, that kind of how it goes.....lol..........In an interview many moons ago (1994) when Johnny Cash was performing in Glastonbury, he was asked about all the young people who were emulating him. He said he was flattered at all the attention the young people were giving him again, but stressed "Everybody wants to be somebody, but you've got to be who you've got to be," And Lars, you've got to be and of course will be "you." However the song or riff turns-out, it's going to be "you." That's what's so cool about writing songs lyrics and the music to go with the words. It's "us." It's who "we" are. We can all be influenced (thank God!) by our musical heroes, but no matter what, we're still going to write and play like who we are. I can't be Cash or Dylan, etc. All I can do is try to be the best version of "me" with the influence I got from them............All the advice on remembering and saving our ideas is good and very helpful. Wish I was disciplined enough to follow it, but it's tough to teach this proverbial "old dog new tricks." I've got a catalog or maybe it's an encyclopedia of partially-finished songs, poems, short stories, axioms, cute little ideas I thought of myself, and jokes that I glance at every-now-and-then. Sometimes I find added inspiration to a recent idea. Sometimes it gives fresh inspiration to an old idea. Sometimes it does nothing. Whatever it does, I'm just having fun. Keep writing, old friend. It's real good therapy.
  15. It's kind of a mixed bag for me. Certainly, I want the tone, but I also appreciate a guitar that looks good. Fortunately, the guitars that tend to call my name and sound good to me also look pretty sweet: Gibson dreads, Hummingbirds, and super jumbos. The rest of the guitar world doesn't get a lot of my attention. Some great-sounding Martins and Taylors out there (to name just a couple), but they all tend to have a very generic look to them, so I rarely take a serious listen. If Gibsons hadn't always been so unique looking and sounding, I'd likely have ended-up playing lots of different guitars. No doubt I could likely find some guitars of other brands that sound as sweet as Gibsons, but the problem for me is that they wouldn't be Gibsons. Just my view. Doesn't make me right and someone else wrong.
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