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  1. Kind of fun taunting the mother-in-law, ain't it?....lol:-$
  2. Playing different guitars in different locations, under different conditions (air conditioning, customer noise, etc) does not offer much of an opportunity for an accurate measuring of instrument qualities. All we can do is judge with our own ears. It's all very subjective. And my opinion is no more than that. It doesn't make me right and someone else wrong. AMEN on Bozman...Best guitars you will find.
  3. Real sweet looking guitar. I've considered one before. Maybe later this year.
  4. Yeah, sure sounds like one of those so-called quality items made by Gibson. Real fancy and easy-on-the-eyes. You know, I've seen and carried various Gibson guitar cases since the early70's, and like their guitars, I've never found a good one. SOOOOOOOOO, when you're ready to get that refuse out of the house, let me know. I'll be glad to take it off your hands. All joking aside, Gibson makes some of the sweetest guitars ever made, and I I think they put them in equally nice cases. And that is a good question about locks on cases. Maybe Gibson is just trying to give their jealous detra
  5. Murph, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the idea came from God....After all, it is a Gibson.
  6. Nice job. I didn't see the original posts, but now that I have I guess I better get to work...lol.......BTW, sweet guitar pickin".
  7. I've been playing lot of John Sebastian's "You Didn't Have to Be So Nice." Pretty easy to play the way he did when he was playing acoustic guitar and a swarm of other folksy instruments with his Lovin' Spoonful band. The melody is easy to find and fingerpick, or pick the individaul notes as you strum it. Either way it's easy to have the melody line right in the midst of wherever you are in the song. Sweet song.
  8. You make a real good point. A good song is a good song. How many chords or how fancy is irrelevant. I would guess that most of the songs that are automatically recognized after one hears the into for a few seconds are 3-4-5 chords, and typically basic chords. Ian Tyson, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Judy Coilins, Gordon Lightfoot, etc.....All pretty much 3-4 chords and a cloud of dust kind of songwriters. Del Shannon's "Runaway" is five chords. All open chords and a great guitar solo that is easy to play and is three chords. CCR the same. ......There's a joke....goes something like this.....
  9. Great guitar, and not a thing in the world wrong with the pickguard or the picker.
  10. I don't think the size of the pickguard has much to do with the sound. For me, a good-looking pickguard is part of the Gibson tradition. Aside from the great sound, I think the elaborate type pickguards you see on Dove, Hummingbirds, the Super Jumbos, etc. add a great deal of character to the guitar. I like the guards. I like the inlay. The design on the guards and the inlay speak to the folksy traditions that Gibsons have developed in and from. When I first saw a Hummingbird I thought "Wow!"...and it was the pickguard I first noticed. Look at the Super Jumbos Cash played...they had hu
  11. How comfortable a guitar is depends a great deal on the player's size: weight, height, arm length, physical build. Some folks get uncomfortable holding a drednaught, while others have the arm length to easily sit holding a super jumbo. Others like the auditorium size guitars. Depends on who you ask.
  12. I like "the bird" with a burst of some type. That white one sounds good, but I'm not a fan of white guitars. Just me.
  13. Speaking of Jimmy Driftwood........here's a clip of him and his homemade guitar....sweet......
  14. Sweet-looking guitar. Never owned a Goodall, but they do grab my attention. Maybe someday........Congrats!
  15. Two points------First, I totally agree with milod. You've got to want to play the guitar. If you don't want to play it, it's a losing situation. Some folks think I'm a little nuts, but I believe you have to bond with a guitar. You and it have to, for lack of a better word, spiritually come together. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. If that guitar can't become who and what you need it to be, then it's going to likely sit in it's case for months at a time. Second----Several months ago I bought a Rogue guitar for $59. It was new, but had been hanging on the wall at the Musicia
  16. Open mics are not all alike. They'll vary on how much time or how many songs you can do. You might get 3 songs or you might get 5-6 minutes. Then again, if not too many folks show-up, you might get to do a few more songs. I used to run one at Barnes & Noble and we'd get 12-15 people to sign-up and have 100 folks filling-up the coffeeshop area and standing around watching us. Those were three very good years..........Anyway, you've got the right idea...Just play. http://www.family-friendly-music.com/
  17. As everyone is suggesting: the more you play, the more relaxed you will be. One thing I would stress is to play what you know. If you're not sure of it, don't play it, because if you're screwing it up at home you're sure to do the same when you attempt it in public. OR, you can have the attitude that you're going to have a blast and really not give a damn what someone else thinks.........so play the songs you love, even if they're not perfect yet. Open mics are a great way to build your confidence and technique in front of an audience.. One more thing------don't worry about what the other
  18. I've got about a grand stashed away. Aiming for an AJ or an SJ. Should be able to get it by the fall. The only problem is that someone started a thread about Fender strats and a whole bunch of folks started sending in pics of their strats. Don't have a strat and haven't had one for quite a few years. Might have to get one now....lol....We'll see.:)
  19. Yep, taught everything I know:-" .....Seriously, she is awesome. This is real stuff. It's too real to be staged by a professional crew, etc.....plus, there's the guy drinking a bottle of beer in the background. Great stuff....Thanks man.
  20. Great pics of all those Fenders. Haven't owned a Fender (aside from the banjo I just got) for a while. Haven't owned a strat for years. Now I've got the fever and today's mail brought news of a big sale at Guitar Center....Damn all you people.....
  21. I think you do one-hell-of-a-good-job on this song. I like it a lot. And the lyrics are truly in the honky-tonk vein. Nice work, my friend. I enjoy your music. Thanks for sharing it on here.
  22. Yes, definitly wait until you can get the "bird." No disrespect meant for Epi's. They are fine guitars in their own right, but none of them are "birds." Not even the Epi Hummingbird.........My Gibby bird is perhaps the sweetest guitar I've ever owned, and I've owned a few. Is it the loudest? No. That goes to my J150, followed closely by the HD28. But, it is the most mellow and warm sounding guitar I've owned. Very, very easy to play. Like fretting the chords on an electric guitar. A joy to fingerpick. You know, we all have our own opinions and expectations----and in my view, this gu
  23. I completely agree on the Yamahas and Epi's. Lots of bang for the buck......Last fall while the Musicians Friend warehouse/retail outlet was still open, I picked-up a Rogue auditorium sized guitar. Never dreamed I'd own what I've alway considered the worst of all possible guitars.Not sure what the model is. What first appealed to me was the setup. Very low and no string buzz. Neck is straight. Fishman works good. No cracks. Has a sunburst which is kind of tacky looking...lol...It sounds great for what it is. Cost me $59 and they gave me a new set of strings. Anyway, I'm not afraid to
  24. Yes, the songwriting. Really superb material. I also was drawn to their music because much of it was folk. They were rockers to an extent, but much of what they sang was in the folk vein.
  25. Nicely done. I enjoyed that. I particularly enjoy music that is real, and simple. You don't need a band to sound good. All you need is performer who is into his music and put his heart into it............Writing songs is kind of crazy. We all have those times when our brains just seem to freeze-up on us and we can't find a line anywhere. Then, out-of-the-blue comes a lyric that is exactly what we needed. It might even take the song in a different direction from where we thought we wanted to go (and that original direction might be the reason we were not going...lol). A few months ago I
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