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  1. Saw Marty Stuart play many years ago and thought it would be cool to play one (and it is), but I ain’t Marty Stuart.....Frets too small and neck too narrow for me to play comfortably. I suspect if I’d stuck with it I’d eventually play it as inadequately as I do guitar. It’s certainly worth your time to give it a shot. They are pretty cool. If you don’t try, you’ll won’t know if the mandolin fits you well. .......Anyway, a uke is fairly easy with its nylon strings.
  2. We’re on a list. Maybe in the next few weeks. Haven’t been sick with anything all winter that I’m aware of and we go everywhere. To be honest, I don’t care when I get it.
  3. yeah, if you have a herd of sweet guitars that you rotate around, you don’t change strings a lot. My strings last a long time. I use primarily Martin SPs lights. I play gently and almost all fingerpicking. I’ll change strings when I change batteries. Once a year. Could be a little longer at times.
  4. Damn! This was pretty tough to watch! Sad, but a very worthwhile journey. I suspect most of us feel like this over our beloved pets......”and Lord, there’s just one more thing that I think you ought to know......if my old dog ain’t up in heaven, I don’t think I want to go.”
  5. It does sound pretty cool! I’ve never seen or heard of this model before. Lots of hidden gems out there and this is one of them.👍
  6. Yep, another J45 model is just what we need....... I really like Gibsons, but when is a J45 no longer a J45? Maybe in a couple years they’ll bring the J15 back. They are nice guitars.
  7. Definitely! A guitar like this is inspiring. It makes you want to get better. If I was forced to pick just one of my Gibsons, I suspect it would be my Hummingbird. They’re all great guitars for me, but “the bird” is “the bird.“
  8. Cool rendition! Always easy for me to listen to. You give this lost and lonely feeling. Nicely done. Another coffeehouse song.
  9. This drunk staggers into a Catholic Church, goes in the confessional, sits down and doesn’t say anything. After 10 seconds or so, the priest coughs a couple times to get the guys attention, but the drunk just sits there. Finally, the priest knocks on the wall three times and the drunk mumbles, “Ain’t no use knockin’! No paper on this side either!
  10. When I was a kid I wanted to play a guitar really bad. Now, after decades of practice, I can play a guitar really bad.
  11. Ate at an outdoor restaurant last night and it was a disaster. It was pouring rain and I got drenched! Took me two hours to finish the soup.
  12. Don’t know if my rosewood J200SJ is louder than my walnut J100SJ, or if either is louder than any of my other Gibsons. My Maple Dove is (to my ears) likely the loudest sounding guitar I’ve owned, but that doesn’t mean a lot to me. I play softly on all my guitars. Don’t need to be heard above a banjo or fiddle. For me, it’s all about how comfortable the guitar is for me and if the tone fits with what I’m trying to say with my music. For us to bond with a guitar, I think we need to feel that the guitar is an extension of who we are as individuals. Just my view! As far as pure volume
  13. I’ve been listening again to RBPICKER’S version of Old Shep: a song popular in.the 1930s. He posted it in the Acoustic section. Real easy-to-listen-to and great for a quiet evening.
  14. Having a bladder infection means urine trouble.
  15. Crowell is one-hell-of-a-songwriter. His phrasing and metaphors are excellent Like John Prine, he has a very unique way of saying things and I think your rendition is also your own unique take on the song. I really enjoyed it!........BTW, I've kind of been working on a similar message in one of my songs, but trust me, it's nowhere near the quality of this song...... Crowell is one of the best ever.
  16. I had literally forgotten about this old tune. Very nicely done, RB! That song is ideal for a coffeehouse gig....lol....Sweet and gentle, with lots of feeling in it. You have a real easy-going style.👍
  17. The phones are limited. The layout changes on a phone. Things are not where we typically find them and some are hidden. I normally use my IPad and get-around okay.
  18. I think it’s wise to go back and look at, re-record, and revise old songs. Not only do we find things we can do better with improved playing skills, but we find better ways to say things and we find partially-finished songs that we’d forgotten that look different to us now. Likewise, songs we rarely play anymore can be brought-to-life with a new perspective. Keep doing it, Lars! This is how we learn and improve.
  19. Real, real nice! Sweet singer, song, and guitar.
  20. It’s tough to beat a J45, Doesn’t matter if it’s your first guitar or 100th guitar. Once you’ve had it a while, we’ll be expecting a video and song......Congrats! Good choice!
  21. I’d never thought of that, but it does sound like Kermit........BTW, many years ago, me and Annie Green Springs spent many hours listening to this song after I made several copies of it on a Sears tape recorder. It would play 6-7 times and I’d rewind the tape and play it again.
  22. No! No! You can’t unsee something like that! Maybe they thought Taylor Swift would buy it.....Tradition goes out the window with that.
  23. A pink Hummingbird? Good God! Isn’t there some law against that kind of perversion? I should have known that when it became legal to marry a horse that making pink Hummingbirds wan’t far behind.. Somebody should burn in hell for that!
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