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  1. I used to have an unofficial rule where I wouldn’t pay more than 3500 or so for a guitar.  I think all of my Gibsons (except my recent J200) were under that, due to the prices when I bought them new or else they were “used” like my J45TV, Dove, and Southern Jumbo.  I payed well over 3500 for the J200, I guess because I wanted it and could afford it.    I don’t pay much attention to people who say a cheap guitar is as good as a Martin, Gibson, Taylor for making music.  Sure, you can make music with a $75 instrument, but I still prefer a better (and even though it is likely much more expensive) instrument.  I like the quality, the sound, the look, and the vibe/connection I  can get from it.  It’s a personal thing.  I think it helps me be as good as I can be..  Doesn’t make me better than someone else, but it helps make me “me.”

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  2. On 3/13/2021 at 9:50 AM, Whitefang said:


    What did you pick?  [wink]

    Or are you still trying to decide?  [biggrin]


    Haven’t decided yet!  There are so many more options these days.   I’ve kind of been thinking about being a female athlete, at least for a couple weeks.  Maybe I can win a few trophies.  Hell, even if I don’t win a trophy, just changing and showering with the girls will be pretty exciting.

  3. I too remember you, Stein!  It’s good to see old friends find their way back home.  Glad you’re here.  I hope you hang-around.......As far as big guitars are concerned, the Gibson J100/200 are great instruments to hide behind.

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  4. Yeah, we tend to forget regular routines when they’re not routine anymore.  I’m starting-up a regular open mic (before COVID) tomorrow night and I spent some time today making sure I remembered how to set-up my Yamaha sound system.  Haven’t used it for almost a year.  My Roland EX is easy, but the Yamaha has a few more switches on it...lol

  5. We humans (especially us more mature humans) tend to use age as our excuse for not doing a lot of things.  For example, “I would love to learn to play the guitar, but I’m 65 and i’ll be 70 in a few more years.”.......So, how old will you be in a few more years if you don’t learn to play?  Do it while the fire is burning.  Have fun with it.

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  6. On 3/2/2021 at 4:20 PM, Sgt. Pepper said:

    I'm suing him, I'm suing you, I'm suing everybody.

    I’m with you!............Anyway, I think Gibson will keep moving forward........  Just like Taylor giving-away a Roman Toga with each guitar, Gibson can offer a similar deal——maybe give-away a hillbilly hat and a corncob pipe with each guitar.

  7. Saw Marty Stuart play many years ago and thought it would be cool to play one (and it is), but I ain’t Marty Stuart.....Frets too small and neck too narrow for me to play comfortably.  I suspect if I’d stuck with it I’d eventually play it as inadequately as I do guitar.  It’s certainly worth your time to give it a shot.  They are pretty cool.   If you don’t try, you’ll won’t know if the mandolin fits you well.  .......Anyway, a uke is fairly easy with its nylon strings.  

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  8. yeah, if you have a herd of sweet guitars that you rotate around, you don’t change strings a lot.  My strings last a long time.  I use primarily Martin SPs lights.  I play gently and almost all fingerpicking.  I’ll change strings when I change batteries.  Once a year.  Could be a little longer at times.

  9. On 3/1/2021 at 4:14 AM, merciful-evans said:

    Regarding string changing. If you have a bunch of guitars you rotate, strings can last for ages; months at a time. Maybe even years?


    When I had one acoustic and one electric (which was for most of my life), I changed strings every fortnight on the electric and every week on the acoustic. 

    The reason the acoustic needed a quicker change was because I was constantly altering tunings. That deadens them PDQ. Of course I was playing constantly back then.


  10. Damn!  This was pretty tough to watch!  Sad, but a very worthwhile journey.  I suspect most of us feel like this over our beloved pets......”and Lord, there’s just one more thing that I think you ought to know......if my old dog ain’t up in heaven, I don’t think I want to go.”

  11. 1 hour ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

    Its gone from Gibson's site and SW does not have them.  Gotta make room for more J-45's.

    Yep, another J45 model is just what we need.......   I really like Gibsons, but when is a J45 no longer a J45?

    Maybe in a couple years they’ll bring the J15 back.  They are nice guitars.

  12. On 2/14/2021 at 4:36 AM, Pinch said:

    IMO you absolutely made a good choice getting a really good guitar to start on. It can make or break a player right there and then. Welcome to the forums, and happy playing!

    Definitely!  A guitar like this is inspiring.  It makes you want to get better.  If I was forced to pick just one of my Gibsons, I suspect it would be my Hummingbird.  They’re all great guitars for me, but “the bird” is “the bird.“

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  13. This drunk staggers into a Catholic Church, goes in the confessional, sits down and doesn’t say anything.  After 10 seconds or so, the priest coughs a couple times to get the guys attention, but the drunk just sits there.  Finally, the priest knocks on the wall three times and the drunk mumbles, “Ain’t no use knockin’!  No paper on this side either!

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  14. Don’t know if my rosewood J200SJ is louder than my walnut J100SJ, or if either is louder than any of my other Gibsons.  My Maple Dove is (to my ears) likely the loudest sounding guitar I’ve owned, but that doesn’t mean a lot to me.  I play softly on all my guitars.   Don’t need to be heard above a banjo or fiddle.  For me, it’s all about how comfortable the guitar is for me and if the tone fits with what I’m trying to say with my music.  For us to bond with a guitar, I think we need to feel that the guitar is an extension of who we are as individuals.  Just my view!

    As far as pure volume goes, lots of things weigh-in on it:  wood, strings, setup, our technique, attack, fingers, picks>.......Anyway, good thread.

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