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  1. When I die, I want to go peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather! Not like the screaming passengers in his car.
  2. I believe 73, 000, 072 were made of the J45 Limited. Found the info on the internet...........To me, all the J45 variations are likely real butt-kicker guitars. The only one I can’t see my self with is the neon green one. It would totally destroy the folksinger image I have of myself.
  3. Don’t know if they’re underrated, but for their usual low-mid range price, lots of Yamahas are pretty decent. Underrated or overrated, like much of our guitar discussions, is very subjective and dependent on individual opinions. I don’t personally care for Taylor’s, but I believe they are high quality guitars as far as quality control and workmanship go. However, I don’t care to own one, because they don’t speak to me and I’d likely never play it. Other people feel the same about Gibson and Martin.
  4. There are lots of stages of being drunk. The ultimate stage is when you can speak fluent Ozzy Osbourne.
  5. To get away from the stress, my wife and I have turned-off the news and begun watching serial killer documentaries for relaxation.
  6. After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says “WTF!”
  7. Had an EPI J160 about 15 years ago. Didn’t care for it at all. It was on a different planet from a friend’s Gibson J160 which was very impressive.
  8. I used to have insomnia at times before I retired. Since I retired over 8-years ago, insomnia has become pretty rare for me. I sleep when I’m tired. If not tired, I don’t try to sleep. I’m often awake at 3am, playing guitar and running my model trains. Caffeine doesn’t seem to bother me much, or maybe i just sleep when I’m ready and don’t realize the caffeine is bothering me. Maybe it’s just that my life isn’t very stressful. Whatever, I’m much more relaxed than 15-20 years ago. Also, my wife and I are often out-and-about most of the day, so lots of activity gets us tired.
  9. Another great one has passed away. Reports say that Tony Rice died on Christmas morning while making his coffee. It was pretty sudden from what is being said. He hadn’t performed publicly for several years and had numerous health issues. RIP!
  10. Good ideas! This can really help folks who have difficulty staying “on key.”
  11. God Bless you, Jinder! It’s so much better to be home. Use the time for healing and relaxing. Then, get back to playing your music.
  12. Nothing wrong with Epiphones. I’ve owned an EJ200, an Epi Bird, and a Masterbilt J45. Nice guitars if your budget points that direction, but they are not Gibsons. They just aren’t!
  13. A real gem, Roger! This takes me back down memory lane and the older I get the more I realize why those memories are so important. Really a sweet tune. I know every generation has its own story to tell, but I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness for those who didn’t grow-up when we did.
  14. So long as she was wearing a Taylor toga, I’d still like her songs.....and I’d still dream about her.
  15. She said in 60-61 she and Dylan would be playing in California in a coffeehouse to no one but a couple waitresses and the owner. Then, out of nowhere, Cash would walk in with thirty people and listen to their songs. She said that happened a bunch of times and that’s how she got to know Cash, and he’d introduce them to the songwriters with him....... Dylan, she said was always encouraging and giving her advice, even when they were kind of in-competition with each other and Dylan hadn’t gotten big yet........... I see some similarities with me, her, and Dylan. We all three write songs, we a
  16. I sent an email to Judy Collins many years ago. Told her I was playing her songs along with stuff from Dylan and Cash.. She wrote me back and it was three paragraphs on her , Cash, and Dylan. Didn’t actually expect a reply, but she was very gracious.
  17. Sweet gal! Talented, good looking, plays Gibsons...and did I mention sweet? What’s not to like?
  18. Damn good song, Roger! Another super story song. Lots of real life that lots of people can identify with. I love this kind of writing. Nice picking too, my friend.
  19. Yeah, Dave, both are real good. I love story songs and these are good ones. The J35 sounds great and the rhythm on each song fits it perfectly.
  20. BK, you definitely are a picker! I really enjoyed that. Your style and technique are really good and they are “you.”👍
  21. I like the bursts that Gibson puts on their guitars. For me, I don’t see anything wrong with the sunbursts in the original post. Gibsons are not sprayed-on by a machine. Human beings do the spraying and each one is a little bit different from the others. We all have our likes and dislikes and that’s how it should be. Some bursts are bigger, some lighter, some darker. For myself, I don’t want my J45, Hummingbird, etc. to be identical to the guy next to me. If the guitar feels good to me, sounds like I like a guitar to sound, and meets the my standard for a Gibson burst, then I’m happy.
  22. I’m jealous! Not over the guitar, because I’ve got some great ones too.....But damn, you can pick.....Real, real nice.
  23. Practically every new guitar needs a setup to make it ideal for the owner. Even if it already feels good, it can likely feel better. A Hummingbird with a good setup is a dream-come-true guitar. Have fun! You’ve got a super guitar to learn on.
  24. Yeah, glad you’re okay, Butch! Many of us have made similar mistakes. I know I have. Tried once to cut the thick plastic container off of a kids toy with a butter knife. I knew better, but there’s “no fool like an old fool.” I’m glad you didn’t get hurt worse. Relax and play some guitar.
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