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  1. Nice rendition, my friend! Nice, gentle, and sincere. Pretty much like Guy did it. Good message and good performance. I like it a lot! Very folksy and your easy-to-listen-to.
  2. Yes, new guitars typically need a setup. A good setup can make a world of difference. Sound is another issue. What you think sounds good, I might not like it. For me, if my guitar is easy and enjoyable to play and sounds to my ears like a guitar, then I’m likely good with it. If it sounds like a sousaphone, I’ll be unhappy.....lol
  3. Yeah, he can truly creep-you-out and have you looking over your shoulder or hesitate before going in a dark house. Watchers is another of his books that has your skin crawling. All his stuff is creepy and I’ve read so much of his stuff I can’t remember it all. If you have Phantoms or Watchers, read them first. Real page turners.
  4. I’m a big reader of Dean Koontz. He’s great at making real or unreal people/situations something to dread. I’m pretty much caught-up with his latest books, so I’ve picked-up two that I’ve missed over the years. The first book of his I read was Phantoms. It actually made me ambivalent about going to the basement. I was in my 30s....lol......Anyway, he writes page turners. If you like getting a chill up your spine, he’s the guy to read.
  5. I ‘ve been using Martin SP Lights on all my guitars for several years now. I like them a lot. First bought them when they were on sale at GC. I think it was something like $10 for a pack of ten, so I bought three packs to start. I’ve got some Martin Marquis on one of my Gibbys and Retros on another. Anyway, my style of playing is pretty easy on strings and I’ll keep them on for months (sometimes 18 months or so).......I like the sound of them and will likely keep buying them. In all honesty, I’m not very sophisticated when it comes to strings. If I didn’t have numerous sets of SPs, I’d
  6. Music truly is “the universal language.” Sharing it with friends is an awesome time.. Sharing it with your wife makes an awesome life time.
  7. Congrats on a super-sweet guitar. Birds are are legendary guitars.
  8. Sorry to hear this. I hope/pray that he got to spend some really meaningful time with his loved ones and friends. This whole life thing is all about family. Wherever he is now, I hope he’s playing the guitar he wants and is surrounded by those who love him.
  9. I sincerely don’t think that I visit The AGF more than once or twice a year. Maybe not even that. I’m likely mistaken, but I thought The AGF was originally the Taylor forum. Taylors were the anointed brand for many years on that forum.. Don’t really know if it still is. Personally, I like Martins. Always have. I just happen to like Gibsons more. I have nothing against Taylor’s. They are very nice guitars and high quality. They’re just not “me.”........You play what you like and can afford. Like with many others in here, guitars are a very personal thing and for me to buy and keep
  10. Thanks for this link! I left a comment for him. Hoping and praying he’s soon well and home with family.. He’s one of the stalwarts in this forum......Get well and get home, Jinder!
  11. Yeah, I guess we just kind of get used to them and decide to keep them around...lol.......We’ll be married the big 50 in February. Everything I am and have is pretty much because of her. Very few women would put up with me. I know I’m a lucky guy.
  12. Alive and raising hell! Good to hear that, Dan!
  13. Women: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.
  14. Nice purchase! Beautiful instrument. I hope you enjoy it for many, many years.
  15. GC is vastly different than it was several years ago. There was a time I had a high opinion of them. My local GC and its owner ( Musician’s Friend warehouse and retail store) were very close to my location. Both places employed guys/gals covered in tattoos and Mohawk haircuts who knew everything about musical instruments. They could talk Beatles, Cash, Sinatra, Baez,, opera, folk, hillbilly music,etc. They were real musicians. Today,the warehouse outlet is gone and the GC store employees are teenyboppers who need help using the cash register. They can’t answer your questions, so you do
  16. So far today I’m working very hard at doing as little as possible. So long as my wife doesn’t interrupt me I’ll get it done.
  17. GAS doesn't disappear. It just hides for a while. I recently got a new J200. Really fits in nicely with what I do. I'd been "GASSING" for one for the last several years. I needed one. I'm very happy I've got it, along with my other previously gassed-for Gibsons. However, just yesterday I read a thread in here about a Gibson Firebird.......and that reminded me that I've often thought about a Firebird. Now I'm thinking about it more. You might buy a new guitar or you might buy a bottle of BEANO or you might buy both, but the GAS will return.
  18. Damn, damn, damn! What the hell is this?
  19. Super guitar! You’re going to love it.
  20. Over the last couple days i’ve been playing Mr. Bojangles a lot. It’s just an instrumental version I figured-out 2-3 years ago and with the passing of Jerry Jeff Walker it seems the right thing to do.
  21. Another icon gone. Another one of those folks who didn’t follow the in crowd. He and a group of contemporaries didn’t jump on the rock-and-roll train. The stayed who they were.
  22. I can completely identify with trying to put too much detail in a song. I think when we have experienced and/or know a lot of details about a particular event we want to express it all when we write about it, because we feel it’s important. That’s fine if we’re writing a novel, but not if we’re writing a song. I think in a song we have to let the listener use their imagination and fill-in some blanks. Otherwise we have a very long song. I know Dylan and occasionally Lightfoot write some really long tunes, but even then the song can lose the listener. If the second verse is the one ab
  23. Thanks for all the kind words. This song tends to be about a cousin of mine who drifted away from the family back in the late 60’s. Aside from seeing him at a few funerals, most of us had little contact with him. Don’t know where he is or what happened to him.>..........It’s true that a guitar can inspire you to write. Playing the J200 the last several days led me to new lines, melodies and directions. All my guitars can inspire me. This time it’s the J200.
  24. Truly awesome! You will be very satisfied.
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