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  1. A real gem, Roger!  This takes me back down memory lane and the older I get the more I realize why those memories are so important.  Really a sweet tune.  I know every generation has its own story to tell, but I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness for those who didn’t grow-up when we did.

  2. 12 hours ago, fortyearspickn said:

    Funny story - back in the early 60s  when she was just starting out, she was playing in our local H.S. gym on Long Island.  I went with a friend, whose mother was picking us up. It was suppose to end at 10pm.  He was scared of his Mom and at exactly 10 - got up and left.  We were sitting in the bleachers and she was on an impromptu stage on the other side of the basketball court sized gym.  Not wanting to be stranded, after a minute, I got up and started to weave my way past everyone, very visible up on the top row.  As I was leaving, I heard Ms. Collins say - "I'm not finished yet, you know."   Fortunately,  I didn't attend that school !  But - embarrassed to this day,  having the greatest respect for her.  

    She said in 60-61 she and Dylan would be playing in California in a coffeehouse to no one but a couple waitresses and the owner.  Then, out of nowhere, Cash would walk in with thirty people and listen to their songs.  She said that happened a bunch of times and that’s how she got to know Cash, and he’d introduce them to the songwriters with him.......  Dylan, she said was always encouraging and giving her advice, even when they were kind of in-competition with each other and Dylan hadn’t gotten big yet...........  I see some similarities with me, her, and Dylan.  We all three write songs, we all three have played coffeehouses.   The only real differences are that Cash never showed-up at my gigs and I never made it big....lol.......But, I still have fun singing their songs.

  3. I sent an email to Judy Collins many years ago.  Told her I was playing her songs along with stuff from Dylan and Cash..  She wrote me back and it was three paragraphs on her , Cash, and Dylan.   Didn’t actually expect a reply, but she was very gracious.

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  4. I like the bursts that Gibson puts on their guitars.  For me, I don’t see anything wrong with the sunbursts in the original post.  Gibsons are not sprayed-on by a machine.  Human beings do the spraying and each one is a little bit different from the others.  We all have our likes and dislikes and that’s how it should be.  Some bursts are bigger, some lighter, some darker.  For myself, I don’t want my J45, Hummingbird, etc. to be identical to the guy next to me.  If the guitar feels good to me, sounds like I like a guitar to sound, and meets the my standard for a Gibson burst, then I’m happy.

  5. Yeah, glad you’re okay, Butch!  Many of us have made similar mistakes.  I know I have.  Tried once to cut the thick plastic container off of a kids toy with a butter knife.  I knew better, but there’s “no fool like an old fool.”  I’m glad you didn’t get hurt worse.  Relax and play some guitar.

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  6. Yes, new guitars typically need a setup.  A good setup can make a world of difference.  Sound is another issue.  What you think sounds good, I might not like it.  For me, if my guitar is easy and enjoyable to play and sounds to my ears like a guitar, then I’m likely good with it.  If it sounds like a sousaphone, I’ll be unhappy.....lol

  7. On 12/3/2020 at 8:13 PM, Mr. Gibson said:

    There's some of his books in the house I'll have to check it out.

    Yeah, he can truly creep-you-out and have you looking over your shoulder or hesitate before going in a dark house.  Watchers is another of his books that has your skin crawling.  All his stuff is creepy and I’ve read so much of his stuff I can’t remember it all.  If you have Phantoms or Watchers, read them first.  Real page turners.

  8. I’m a big reader of Dean Koontz.  He’s great at making real or unreal people/situations something to dread.  I’m pretty much caught-up with his latest books,  so I’ve picked-up two that I’ve missed over the years.  The first book of his I read was Phantoms.  It actually made me ambivalent about going to the basement.  I was in my 30s....lol......Anyway, he writes page turners.  If you like getting a chill up your spine, he’s the guy to read.

  9. I ‘ve been using Martin SP Lights on all my guitars for several years now.  I like them a lot.  First bought them when they were on sale at GC.  I think it was something like $10 for a pack of ten, so I bought three packs to start.  I’ve got some Martin Marquis on one of my Gibbys and Retros on another.  Anyway, my style of playing is pretty easy on strings and I’ll keep them on for months (sometimes 18 months or so).......I like the sound of them and will likely keep buying them.   In all honesty, I’m not very sophisticated when it comes to strings.  If I didn’t have numerous sets of SPs, I’d be considering whatever was on sale.

  10. I sincerely don’t think  that I visit The AGF more than once or twice a year.  Maybe not even that.  I’m likely mistaken, but I thought The AGF was originally the Taylor forum.  Taylors were the anointed brand for many years on that forum..  Don’t really know if it still is.  Personally, I like Martins.   Always have.  I just happen to like Gibsons more.  I have nothing against Taylor’s.  They are very nice guitars and high quality.  They’re just not “me.”........You play what you like and can afford.  Like with many others in here, guitars are a very personal thing and for me to buy and keep a guitar I have to feel it’s an extension of who I am.

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  11. 8 hours ago, bayoubengal1954 said:

    Since Jinder’s Facebook post is set to “Public” I am posting this link. You do not have to be on Facebook to read it.


    Thanks for this link!  I left a comment for him.  Hoping and praying he’s soon well and home with family..  He’s one of the stalwarts in this forum......Get well and get home, Jinder!

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  12. 2 hours ago, Retired said:

    In 41 years, there has been days? But in truth, I couldn't live without her.  We talked about if we would date again if either of us went before the other, Both of us said No.  I did tell her I would have to have companionship though and would get about 2 or 3 Doberman's to replace her, LOl. Heh? what's better than a loving dog? 

    Yeah, I guess we just kind of get used to them and decide to keep them around...lol.......We’ll be married the big 50 in February.  Everything I am and have is pretty much because of her.  Very few women would put up with me.  I know I’m a lucky guy.

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