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  1. Sorry to be a little late to this, David. I really like the lyrics. Great rendition of a tragic and historic event. Both versions are good, but I think the second grabs my attention more. While the fingerpicking version is sweet and very folksy, I think the second version adds a tenseness, despair, and seriousness to the event.....Just my view, but imagine Barry McGuire’s “Eve of Destruction” being fingerpicked instead of the Doomsday background in the recording. The lyrics are the same, but the atmosphere created by the musical accompaniment gives a different feeling to the song. I like
  2. During all this lockdown crap I've been working on songs. Stealing ideas and lines from old song I never completed and finding places for them to fit by kind of going a different direction. Anyway, this is called "Mama." Recorded straight in to my IPAD. MAMA.........written by Larry Garrett Ma(C9)ma, I left at an early (Am) age. (C) I guess, just a young man’s (Dm)rage. (G) (F) You and daddy begged me to stay, (C)But I had to do things my own way. (G) Mama, my pride took center (C) stage. Mama, I rarely came back home. Hardly ever calle
  3. Another icon gone from an iconic era.
  4. Had some unexpected quiet time this afternoon, so I did some video on my J200.
  5. Played my regular Wednesday gig today. Pretty nice out on the patio. They’re hoping the county allows them to go to “full seating” in a few weeks. I’ll go back inside then. Also, heard from Caribou coffee yesterday. They’ve had people ask when the Friday music is coming back. They said they can’t give me a definite date yet, but they wanted me know they’re working on something. Good news all around! ......AND, I’m hoping for some time soon to actually do some recording with my new J200. Haven’t gigged with it yet. Waiting until I’m inside.
  6. I found the first Dune interesting in the fact that it wasn’t another Star Wars, which it followed after. I’d already read the book several years before, so it was easier to follow the involved story and different characters. I think at the time a lot of folks were expecting something similar to Star Wars: a continuous line of fast space ships, blazing lasers, strange creatures and explosions. Dune was very different. It was dark and moody with music that matched. It was long and usually moved slowly as it tried (sometimes succeeding and other times failing) to develop and merge the vari
  7. That is drop-dead gorgeous. I wish you the very best of luck with it.....It would look even cooler with a Gibson in the passenger seat.
  8. With all the gigs I’ve lost because of the pandemic, I figure I’ve saved $1702.
  9. I’ve got 8 Gibbys and none of them look like this. The OP’s post made me check the inside of my new J200 with a flashlight and mirror. It’s immaculate.
  10. Today was a day of three 1hr. & 45min baseball games for our grandson (started at 8:00AM and last game ended at about 1:30PM. Then this evening we went to our granddaughter’s soft ball games. Fortunately, they lost the second game.....lol.....otherwise they’d still be playing the third game. I’m getting too old to burn the candle at both ends against the middle. That’s for people like Janis, Cash, and Jerry Lee.
  11. Sweet-looking guitar. I think walnut has a kind of dark tone and I really like it.
  12. Three years ago we stopped in Galena, Ill, on our way back from Wisconsin. Grant's Home and a real nice and historic strip downtown. They had this shop that sells nothing but hot sauce. Lots of free samples with warnings on many (Don't taste unless your wearing a diaper, This sauce cures death, Your hemmroids won't know what hit 'em, and so on. Real funny stuff). The heat level started at a mild level like you'd find in a grocery store and went-up to a nuclear reactor meltdown level. We bought a bottle for my son and his wife called The Rectum Reaper. On the bottle lid was a little dol
  13. I like a wider nut width . All.my guitars are 1.75 or approaching it. It all depends on what feels good to the individual. ....4-5 years ago I bought a Luna guitar with horses galloping across the top. I thought it looked cool, and it did. The only thing that killed it for me was a very narrow neck. I returned it in a month to GC. It wasn’t a great guitar for tone, but I’d have kept it because of the horses if the nut had been wider......I make fewer fingerpicking mistakes with a wider nut.
  14. Today was a real good day....l didn’t do a damn thing!
  15. Great guitar! Names are misleading. Doves are beasts.......Nice guitar duo you have. Great to hide behind guitars like those two.
  16. Yeah, I think lots of folks have more “get up and go” when the the heat is fading. Today it’s supposed to be around 84 here. Certainly not a scorcher, but warmer than the last few days. Hell, when I was twenty-five the heat didn’t bother me. Used to play softball when it was upper 90s and 100+. Now, if it’s in the mid 80s I don’t want to go outside....lol....One of the big advantages of being retired is that if you don’t want to do something, you usually don’t do it. So, since my wife is over our daughter’s until around 3pm......means I’ll be napping, playing guitar, napping, fool around
  17. Today was my weekly music gig at Gusto Coffeehouse. Nice to be back in part of my regular routine. Been back for a month now. Don’t know went my Friday gig at Caribou Coffee will resume, We’ve got three large school districts now challenging the county over its COVID restrictions on sporting events and asking for the names of the medical authorities giving advice to the county. For example, only the parents can attend outdoor sporting events, but the gymnasium is full for volley ball. Anyway, it’s interesting to see so many people saying “Enough!” ........Fall is definitely arriving
  18. Truly sorry to hear about your loss. Life does keep moving-on! .......Songs like this one make us reflect on life. I find this kind of music far more rewarding and inspirational than music that amounts to little more than loud noise and or mundane and predictable lyrics about girls in tight shorts and pickup trucks.....Again, sorry for your loss. Honor her and keep pushing forward.
  19. We used to catch copperheads when I was in the Cub and Boy Scouts. They were never very aggressive and their poison is not among the really deadly snakes.. It was crawling away from me and it was easy to get him from behind. I’m not much of a risk taker....lol. I just wanted to get it out of the neighborhood and a few miles south of I70 seemed like a good place for him. Rattlesnakes i won’t touch and I don’t care to swim in lakes.
  20. Strange happenings this morning. Maybe the snake pictures and talk were an omen........Snakes don’t bother me much and I love reading about the big constrictors. Once got to hold a 12-13ft. Reticulated Python at a zoo and was very impressed by how strong it was for being a young juvenile. Definitely wouldn’t want to be near the big ones.....Anyway, this morning I found a copperhead in our backyard. 3-3 1/2 ft long. Acted pretty healthy and wasn’t threatening. We haven’t seen these near our neighborhood for the last twenty years, since our home edition was totally developed. Anyway, I g
  21. I’ll be retired eight years in May, 2021. Was going to retire at 61, but waited until I was 64, because of some financial advantages if I waited three more years. Those three years were a pain...lol...but I’m glad I waited. .......I don’t think I’ve been bored at all. In many ways, I’m busier than at any other time in my life and I’m enjoying it more than ever before. The difference is that most of the things I now do are things I like doing and/or choose to do. I play more gigs than when I was working, spend more time with my family, my wife and I are always out doing something, we can
  22. This post is not intended to criticize 12-string guitars. They are awesome sound machines............I had a Martin DX2 someting-or-other. Had the laminatied sides. Not a top end instrument, but a nice instrument for the money. Cost me around 525 on sale at the time. I'd been listening to a lot of Lightfoot and John Denver music and really like the ringng of their guitars. I had to have one. My only problem was that I'm accustomed to a very relaxed and even somewhat sloppy technique and that didn't fit too well with a 12-string. I had to concentrate on making chords that I typically ma
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