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  1. Today was a real good day....l didn’t do a damn thing!
  2. Great guitar! Names are misleading. Doves are beasts.......Nice guitar duo you have. Great to hide behind guitars like those two.
  3. Yeah, I think lots of folks have more “get up and go” when the the heat is fading. Today it’s supposed to be around 84 here. Certainly not a scorcher, but warmer than the last few days. Hell, when I was twenty-five the heat didn’t bother me. Used to play softball when it was upper 90s and 100+. Now, if it’s in the mid 80s I don’t want to go outside....lol....One of the big advantages of being retired is that if you don’t want to do something, you usually don’t do it. So, since my wife is over our daughter’s until around 3pm......means I’ll be napping, playing guitar, napping, fool around
  4. Today was my weekly music gig at Gusto Coffeehouse. Nice to be back in part of my regular routine. Been back for a month now. Don’t know went my Friday gig at Caribou Coffee will resume, We’ve got three large school districts now challenging the county over its COVID restrictions on sporting events and asking for the names of the medical authorities giving advice to the county. For example, only the parents can attend outdoor sporting events, but the gymnasium is full for volley ball. Anyway, it’s interesting to see so many people saying “Enough!” ........Fall is definitely arriving
  5. Truly sorry to hear about your loss. Life does keep moving-on! .......Songs like this one make us reflect on life. I find this kind of music far more rewarding and inspirational than music that amounts to little more than loud noise and or mundane and predictable lyrics about girls in tight shorts and pickup trucks.....Again, sorry for your loss. Honor her and keep pushing forward.
  6. We used to catch copperheads when I was in the Cub and Boy Scouts. They were never very aggressive and their poison is not among the really deadly snakes.. It was crawling away from me and it was easy to get him from behind. I’m not much of a risk taker....lol. I just wanted to get it out of the neighborhood and a few miles south of I70 seemed like a good place for him. Rattlesnakes i won’t touch and I don’t care to swim in lakes.
  7. Strange happenings this morning. Maybe the snake pictures and talk were an omen........Snakes don’t bother me much and I love reading about the big constrictors. Once got to hold a 12-13ft. Reticulated Python at a zoo and was very impressed by how strong it was for being a young juvenile. Definitely wouldn’t want to be near the big ones.....Anyway, this morning I found a copperhead in our backyard. 3-3 1/2 ft long. Acted pretty healthy and wasn’t threatening. We haven’t seen these near our neighborhood for the last twenty years, since our home edition was totally developed. Anyway, I g
  8. I’ll be retired eight years in May, 2021. Was going to retire at 61, but waited until I was 64, because of some financial advantages if I waited three more years. Those three years were a pain...lol...but I’m glad I waited. .......I don’t think I’ve been bored at all. In many ways, I’m busier than at any other time in my life and I’m enjoying it more than ever before. The difference is that most of the things I now do are things I like doing and/or choose to do. I play more gigs than when I was working, spend more time with my family, my wife and I are always out doing something, we can
  9. This post is not intended to criticize 12-string guitars. They are awesome sound machines............I had a Martin DX2 someting-or-other. Had the laminatied sides. Not a top end instrument, but a nice instrument for the money. Cost me around 525 on sale at the time. I'd been listening to a lot of Lightfoot and John Denver music and really like the ringng of their guitars. I had to have one. My only problem was that I'm accustomed to a very relaxed and even somewhat sloppy technique and that didn't fit too well with a 12-string. I had to concentrate on making chords that I typically ma
  10. With all the crap today, who knows what Volvo is doing? It's obviously all about marketing an expensive car and trying to make it attractive to "the average guy." Seeger was labeled as a radical by many, but he was patriotic as well. He didn't hate his county. .........I kind of thought that the Volkswagon/Johnny Cash commercial that aired during the Super Bowl last February was pretty cool. I believe it was chosen as the most popular commercial during the game and received a considerable amount of approving comments. To me it was celebrating unity as well as promoting Volkswagon. Howev
  11. Yeah, I pretty much use them on everything. I started using them several years back when GC had them for $3 a set, so I bought a bunch and have kept buying them. Every now-and-then I use a pack of Martin Retros. I think I’ve got a set of Retros on one of my Gibson’s now, but not sure which one. For me, if the strings make my guitar sound like a guitar I’m good with it.
  12. That is really a cool version! Swampy is a great description. Excellent!......I enjoyed this song when I first heard it in the early 60’s. Then, when I heard The Animals with Eric Burden’s gutteral vocals, I was hooked forever. ...
  13. I typically change mine once a year (a few times sooner than that). My loosely followed “rule of thumb” is to change strings when I replace the battery. I’m pretty gentle on the strings. 99% of the time it’s just my fingers and a thumb pick on the strings. I mostly use Martin SP Lights.
  14. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo. Almost 30 years ago we moved to Independence, Mo. (about 25 miles from Kansas City). I rarely ever go into the city anymore. Last time was a couple years ago. Everything I need and the places I play music are away from the city. My wife and I primarily exist in the suburbs of Independence, Blue Springs, and Lee’s Summit, Mo. No way in hell we would ever move back to a big city.
  15. Here are some pics I took this morning, sorry about the glare on a couple of them. Tried to make them bigger, but medium size was too big.
  16. Mine arrived this afternoon. I let it sit in it’s case for about three hours before opening it up to the air-conditioning. Been playing it all evening. . Really cool workmanship. Real easy and smooth player. Has more overtones than I was expecting. Fits nicely with my style. I’m sure I’ll be using this guitar a lot. I’ll get some pics tomorrow and try to get a video by the weekend.
  17. Call Wildwood Guitars! They’ve got several J200s. Very knowledgeable people. I bought mine there and it’s arriving tomorrow. Find a guitar you’re interested in, call them and ask them for their best price. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  18. I’ve spent many hours ( as many here have) listening to Some of my favorite songs and wondering who was using what particular instrument. This is one of those times when we’ll never likely know all the details, but we still enjoy wondering about the “ifs and buts.” Good song and good discussion.
  19. We did a frontyard concert today. After the rain cleared out, a couple of my friends came over and we set-up my Yamaha unit in the driveway and started playing some songs. I've done porch concerts quite a few times, but never at my own house. Anyway, we had a bunch of neighbors walk over and several cars stopped and they got out and listened. My buddy's wife said she counted forty-two people at one point. Of course, it's not like they stayed the entire time....lol....but once we'd been playing a half-hour or so there were always 20-25 people hanging around. Some folks came with their law
  20. We had the same kind of downpour here in Independence, Mo. at around 6:00am. I had just gotten the dogs inside and it started. No wind, but a rain that came down so hard it roared. Did it for about 15 minutes then turned into a gentle shower that lasted untill around 11:00am. We needed it. Been pretty dry for last few weeks. Also, it knocked the daytime temperature down to the low 70s. Sure beats the 90s.
  21. Mad Dog was a higher percentage of alcohol, I think. 18-19% or so. And don’t forget Thunderbird and Bali Hi. Seems there were dozens of those cheap “party wines.” Then in a few years most of them were gone. Sweet and fruity. Drink it like soda pop, get yourself drunk, then vomit while doing stupid stuff....lol.....those were the days
  22. Back in the day, a bootle of Annie Green Springs and a college gal equaled one-hell-of-a-good time.😎
  23. Speaking of things to drink——-My wife and I still have two unopened bottles of cheap wine from our wedding (almost fifty years ago). A bottle of Annie Green Springs and a bottle Boone Farm. I think back then they cost something like $1.50 or so. After reading a couple of the recent comments I started wondering what they taste like now. Maybe we’ll open them in February, sniff them, then pour them down the drain....lol....
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