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  1. Back in the day, a bootle of Annie Green Springs and a college gal equaled one-hell-of-a-good time.😎
  2. Speaking of things to drink——-My wife and I still have two unopened bottles of cheap wine from our wedding (almost fifty years ago). A bottle of Annie Green Springs and a bottle Boone Farm. I think back then they cost something like $1.50 or so. After reading a couple of the recent comments I started wondering what they taste like now. Maybe we’ll open them in February, sniff them, then pour them down the drain....lol....
  3. I think he’s a true Gibson fan.....lol.....And yeah, we are so spoiled that we ***** and moan about little things.
  4. Around 2006-2007, I went to a Johnny Cash convention/Memorial gathering in Nashville. Marty Stuart was there and a bunch of us were talking about guitars (imagine that). He told us about his collection, which consisted of guitars from Cash and Dylan, Patsy Kline guitar, The Beatles, etc. But he said that his most played guitar on stage was probably an old Fender Strat that cost less than a hundred bucks when he got it as a kid.
  5. My son’s brother-n-law and his family are in Houston. This is a pic of their house before the storm hits. I think they’re safe from the surge of water, but the wind and rain will be nasty.
  6. I hope and pray that everyone is safe. Please pay attention to the warnings!
  7. I’m glad it caught your attention. Maybe it wouldn’t sit in a UPS or FedEx lot, but maybe it would. I’m as anxious as you are, but like you, I can wait a couple more days.🤙
  8. Today I returned to playing my weekly gigs at the sweetest coffeehouse around. Gusto’s. I’d been playing there every Wednesday for just over seven years when the shutdown began. I was very surprised when I got there to find that during the shutdown one of their patrons, who is also an artist, brought them a picture he had sketched of me a few years ago during one of my gigs. The owner had the picture framed and placed on the coffee house fireplace. I’m very fortunate to have found this gig and they’ve always made me feel welcome. It’s great to play somewhere and even the customers reme
  9. Wildwood called me and asked me when I wanted it to ship, for my convenience. The reason they were asking is because of the heat. It’s as hot up there as it is here. They said if it shipped Friday it potentially might sit in a hot trailer for up to two days over the weekend. I told them to ship it Monday and I’ll still likely get it before the next weekend. I’m anxious to get it, but it’s not as if I didn’t have other guitars to play.......Pictures when it arrives and video/audio shortly after that. I really like the way Wildwood does,things.
  10. Today I bought a new Montana Gold J200 from Wildwood Guitars. Should get it early next week.
  11. Bought a J200 Montana Gold Rosewood today from Wildwood Guitars. Called them and asked for their best price on three new guitars they have. Very knowledgable people. Detailed answers to my questions and they’ll play the guitars you’re interested-in right into the phone to give you an idea of their sound. I also called GC about a particular J200. I’ve always had pretty good experiences at their stores when I’ve bought guitars. Today, over the phone was a different experience. The guy on the phone was very nice, but he was there to take orders, not answer questions or give real opinions
  12. Today has been pretty good (as most days are). Got a call from my seven-year gig and they want to get things going again next Wednesday. They are good people and I drove over to talk with them. I enjoyed the Music in The Park venues, but this coffeehouse is like a second home for me.
  13. Interesting conversation about hand exercises. Strong hands make it easier to play guitar.
  14. I’ve got a 2016 J100 Walnut. Excellent guitar. Big sound! Great fingerpicking guitar. .....These super jumbos are big guitars, so be sure they are comfortable for you. If you have shorter arms, they may be hard to play for an extended time......I hope you find the guitar you need.
  15. My coffeehouse and winery setup consists of a good mic/cable. Don’t recall the mic name., but it ran $80 or so. Anyway, my amp is a 50watt Roland XP Street Cube. For music in the park gigs I have a Yamaha StagePas with 150watts. I never use any effects. I try to stay as close to a straight acoustic sound as I can while still being heard. If I have a unique sound, it’s probably my playing technique. My music is almost always a mix of partial strums, bass runs, single notes, arpeggios, slides, hammer-one and pull-offs. I half-mute a lot of the notes and end-up with a kind of hallow sound
  16. Damn nice, Sal! If Lightfoot heard this, he’d also approve. This song is a sweet walk down memory lane. Folk music (especially when written by someone like Gordon) is great at showing real human emotions. Reminds me of a girlfriend back in the 60’s. We’d dated about 3 months when she and her family flew to California for a vacation. ShE never came back!....lol....All I got was a postcard telling me to have a good life....so I did. Good music, bud! I admire how you keep going.
  17. Today was a meloncholy day for me. My mom and dad's house is now owned by someone else. They start moving-in on Tuesday. I went up there earlier this evening to leave them all the keys and the garage door openers. I sat on the floor where my dad's recliner was and just talked out loud for a few minutes. My mom's recliner used to set right next to his. I never expected the stress that accompanied selling my parent's home. It sold pretty quickly and the paperwork is handled by others, so all I had to do was sign my name several times, but the process takes 4-5 weeks and that gives you a
  18. The AJs are awesome guitars. Ideal for gentle fingerpicking, but made for a loud and clear sound. My AJ is not the traditional one. Mine is Koa and short scale and as I said numerous times before, "I'm not sure what model it actually is." Whatever is it, it's a truly super guitar. I had a rosewood AJ, long scale and my son has it. He's had it for several years now and it's a gentle beast. I still play it now and then and it's a different feel and sound from my Koa AJ. If I remember correctly, I think the rosewood is a 91-92 model. I don't know that I'd say one is a better guitar than
  19. I've been lost for the last few/several years on what Gibson is doing with its lineup. I'm pretty much a purist----Birds are mahogany, AJs are rosewood, J200s are maple, J45s are mahogany, etc. I understand the occassional hybrid model, but often Gibson strays far from what I consider its traditional path. Today we has literally dozens of variations of each model. Many I wouldn't even consider buying at a great price. My AJ is Koa and shortscale. To me it's not a traditional AJ. BUT, it is one hell of a guitar. Yes, I still prefer the traditional models, BUT AGAIN, lots of these hybrid
  20. I have no association with Gibson, aside from playing Gibson guitars. The answer to the other questions is that I feel my Gibson’s are an extension of who I am as a person. Once I bond with them, they’re part of me.
  21. Come back soon. My friend! We all enjoy your thoughtful comments. The forum needs people like you.
  22. Another one gone. He had his own way of rockin’. One of those special people who walked their own musical path in the high tide of The British Invasion, psychodelic music, MOTOWN, The Beach Boys, etc. RIP Trini!
  23. Sweet way to honor a good man. We don’t hear enough about people like him.
  24. Never had one of his albums, but I’ve enjoyed a lot of this guy’s music. In particular, I find his voice very soothing.
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