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  1. Could I use this one? http://www.tubesandmore.com/scripts/foxweb.dll/moreinfo@d:/dfs/elevclients/cemirror/ELEVATOR.FXP?item=P-T269EX
  2. Hi! Looking to replace my valve junior's power transformer. Any suggestions? I'd like something close to the original so I don't have to guess where to solder the wires. Any and all suggestions appreciated.
  3. Hello, yet another thread... I handwired a board for my VJ and been having some problems. Last one was the main fuse and now it's the fuse between the PT and the pre-amp tube. I followed the infamous "Marshallized" layout, the only change I made was to substitute C3 and C4 for Solen caps, not the electrolytic caps I couldn't find in 1uF. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've asked around at other places and got very good advice, but I need all the info I can get, I hope you all understand why. Thanks!
  4. Does anybody know the specs for the EVJ fuse? The one in between the two red wires, you know, the one that always has problems... I need to replace that fuse. Thanks!
  5. Turret board.... also, you happen to know the specs for the fuse (in between the two red wires out of the PT)... I blew that fuse, my mistake, and now I need to get a replacement....
  6. Alright, I'm going for the Weber as well, seems reasonable. I got another on hold but will try the Weber first. Now, I got all the components myself along with the board and all other elements to replicate the "Marshallized" board, followed their layout to the letter, even got shocked a couple times! lol Now, the tubes are not getting hot? What's wrong? any ideas? Also when I removed the PCB I disconnected the brown, blue and white wires coming from the PT but they do NOT appear on the layout for the Marshallized board, so they're unhooked at the moment. Any clues where they go? Thanks!
  7. Oh yeah, I heard of the Marshall mods, but I can't find a 1000uF cap at 25V.
  8. Does anybody know the right Heyboer OT that's a good replacement for the stock VJ OT? The current OT is giving me a horrible sound. The amp was re-tubed and still that harsh, metallic sound. I wanna use a Heyboer because they're drop-in replacements and I heard the difference in tone is amazing. So I wanna give it a try before I give up on my VJ. Thanks all.
  9. If you want ugly, there's always Gibson's Holy duo... Yikes! I agree, buying the guitar just because some artists uses it is ridiculous, if you only buy it because of the way it looks or the guy who endorses it. However, if you're heavily influenced by some artist, it's just natural to buy that guitar just to get just a little closer to that tone or style. I say "just" a little closer because 99% of the sound is in the hands and soul, not the gear. Aside from all that, contract or not, it's a little bad taste for Dean to continue pushing his name all over the place like Corn Flakes or something. A little respect goes a long way.
  10. Oh yeah, I've been to that site, I couldn't figure out if I was browsing for guitars or Japanese comics. Very hard to figure out. I would tell you to try ebay, but nowadays it seems ebay is more like efake than anything else... I'm pretty sure there has to be lots of music stores in Japan selling the Epis you're want. And I do mean music stores, you know, the old kind, with a door and a showroom and a clerk behind the register...
  11. Oh yeah, I forgot, the Blues Driver is awesome; don't own one but tried one, real nice!
  12. The Boss SD-1 is a nice pedal, very nice actually, not metal distortion but nice.
  13. If this is about blame, well, look at the headstock. What says there? Epiphone, a Gibson company, so blame Gibson, it's their name and their responsibility. Period. Now, I do believe us customers have a lot to be blamed for as CB noted. I've seen people say hey, the guitar's got a couple scratches here and there but it's only 400 bucks.... Wow, wonder if you're gonna go to KFC and get the 1.99 special and say hey, it's got a cockroach in it, but it's the special meal.... lol
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