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  1. aww, i'm a wee bit disappointed. still LOVE the case, I think that's cooler! so it is along the lines of the original 1961 Casino.............. .
  2. From the Epiphone Blog: http://www.epiphone.com/blog/ Possible 1960's 335 dot with neck binding or something? What do you think? ***
  3. Shape: 335 Finish: Cherry Bridge: Tune-o-matic Nut: Bone Tailpiece: Frequensator Hardware: Nickel Pickguard: White Gibson 335 style Pickups: Epiphone P-90s OR Gibson P94s (Optional) Control knobs: Black/Silver Top Hat Wood: 5-ply Maple Neck joint: Set Neck Neck: Gibson 60 slim Taper: 1-piece Mahogany Inlays: Trapezoid Headstock: Epiphone "open book" Headstock Truss Rod Cover: White Epiphone E TRC Headstock Inlays: Epiphone logo and Tuning keys: Grover Rotomatic Really just my Valensi Riviera and my Casino put into one!
  4. I don't know.... I like it low, but I like to feel what i'm playing. That's why I use 11s on all my guitars.
  5. It's gonna be....................................... awesome! .
  6. With my casino, I use a Fender Super Champ XD. I use my tube screamer TS9 (but with the drive all the way down) this just compresses the sound and gives you the sound of natural tube breakup at much lower levels. .
  7. put the string down the hole, bend and turn. looks like the same ones on my fender mustang. .
  8. I dunno, i think it's kinda sad that we are here justifying Epiphone guitars, when there are people who think epiphone's are best guitars in the world, be it someone just starting out or someone on the big stage. .
  9. Here is my two pence: I can't talk for epiphone les pauls and SG's, but for my three "original dedicated epiphone models": Sheraton II, Riviera and Casino. None of them feel, look or sound cheap. I would rather have three Epiphones than one Gibson 335. I always think there is something cool about Epiphone as a brand, esp the history. .
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