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  1. Wouldn't you have to use an A/B/Y..? Seems like that's what people do to utilize 2 amps regularly.
  2. Maniak! She's a genuine beeeeeeeeeeute buddy!!! Congratz to ya'!!!
  3. Mighty fine haul lee!!! Super gratz to ya'!!!!:)
  4. Just the tab... And noooooo you can't eat yet! Dammit, I'm hungry woman!! Wait a minute... There is this weird big ol' black hunk of somethin' or another..? Can't quite figure it out. Just sits there and stares at me... Anybody be interested in a trade? :) No batteries required...
  5. +10 EP!! Ain't no rules in this game huh... Do what works for ya' and rain on the rest of it[cool]
  6. icant- Hey I know... Mine are better than animals... Haaaaahhhaaaaaaahhhhaa No sir, You're sure right there budro!
  7. Ohhhh yeah! Righteous pickups!! Take a look at these..? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110473040395
  8. Oh yeah... Illinois is full of outrageous guitar masters.
  9. Ouch! Yes sir, I'm with you... I sure haven't had any dealings with a 5AR4..? Good call tho. Always somethin' unannounced to contend with huh... Sheez! Well, Shoot for 7hrs your first day... haaaahhhahahhh Cool! Glad to hear your input on the amp. Always interested in amp "feedback"... Hang in there "laf1" and by all means shout out with the findings. Good Luck buddy!!
  10. tgifntx


    icant! Righteous addition buddy!! Just a whole buncha' gratz to ya' sir!!!! She looks like she's got a quick neck too!
  11. Was it a gradual loss of power or did it just go away on ya' right quick? A quick check... And I apologize, Not real familiar with the BC30. If you have an effects send and return, Try a jumper between the two. More than likely just some crud has accumulated within the jacks..? If it's started to act up only recently like with a move or semi-rough ride... Could just be a cold solder joint. Try the jumper tho if it's possible. Had the same crazy stuff goin' on with my PV TT Bandit... Did the jumper trick and got some contact cleaner and got it all squared up. Try the simple stuff first
  12. Ohhhhh, I dunno... I'd say it's worth 40.00 haaaaaaaaahhhaaaaah I'd give ya' 400.00 for it in a heartbeat!!! Just teasin' ya'... It's a real nice LP Custom! 5 ply binding, gold hardware and the headstock diamond logo. Check the serial number to get some more details as to when and where it was mfg'd for sure. Nice git!!!
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