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  1. One more time, here are a couple pics of my kid's LP....
  2. My son's new les paul has a little crackle in the tone control knobs. Is there a quick fix, or should he replace the controls, or just learn to live with it.
  3. Thanks for all of the responces. i think I have an Epiphone Les Paul Classic Quilt Top in Trans Blue. If anyone disagrees, please educate me. Also if any one has any suggestions on upgrades that my son should think about, pass them along. (like better pick ups, replace tuners, etc)
  4. I can't seem to post the pics, so here is a link to the photos in photo bucket... http://photobucket.com/transblue Any information would be appriciated.......
  5. can't seem to post the pics, any words of wisdom?
  6. I picked this up for my son at a second hand store. I sounds incredible. Only problem is I am not sure what I have here. I know from the serial number that it was made in Korea in 2002. Color is trans blue. Why does it say "Gibson" on it as well as Epiphone. What makes it a limited edition? (says Limited Edition on back of head). Is this a quilt top? http://photobucket.com/transblue
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