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  1. How about this: SRV & his brother play same the guitar.
  2. The Dot Deluxe will give you extra wow factor without the extra expense factor. This one had the poly dulled.
  3. Because they don't know what a Casino is.
  4. Beautful guitar. Don't worry about the knobs yet, just get the PICKGUARD OFF!
  5. Here you go. You can see where the headstock broke off and was repaired good as new. I opted to not have the cosmetic work done. Now I am not sure the scratcher pad is better than fine steel wool. The swirls don't show up until you put the guitar in direct sunlight, like when taking a photo. Before I took this photo I went over the neck with some fine wool and it seemed to soften the swirls from the pad. I did not use the random orbital sander that they are using on the poly dulling thread so I don't know how they compare to using the pad without the sander. Maybe the pad is good for breaking through the poly finish and then the fine wool can tame the swirls, followed by some kind of car polish, regular to bring back the luster or "cut" to further tame the swirls and bring back some luster. Try experimenting in some small areas to see what you think. Also consider how often you play in direct sunlight. I believe any of these techniques could be redone when the neck gets slick from playing without ever going through the poly.
  6. And BTW, he is using a Blues Jr. for the samples.
  7. This may help. The BD-2 and the Bluesbreaker ll are on it: The Comparinator
  8. If you actually "RTFQ", the OT is asking if anyone has photos of their neck after modding it to reduce "stickyness". I don't but if anyone thinks it is important I can take one and post it. I think the debate here is based on what constitutes stickyness- gunk on the neck or the nature of glossy (poly) finishes. I got the impression the OT was thinking of the latter. My LP Ultra ll came with what Gibson calls a satin neck, meaning it is not glossy. It is faster without the gloss but as other posters mentioned the neck becomes more slick with playing. My Dot did not have a satin neck but using the scratcher pad to dull the finish made it look and play better. If you want to see how the Dot looked after dulling the whole guitar see this link. I am Sin Nombre on this forum. Dulling poly finishes thread As far as my later comments on the thread about the swirl problem, it is not an issue on the curved neck, and I have since cured the swirls on the flat parts of the guitar with "Swirl & Scratch Remover" car polish.
  9. You can achieve the same result using a Teflon type, not steel or brass, dishwashing scratcher pad. I did my whole Dot Deluxe and it is much better. The neck looked and played beautiful. If one does the whole guitar they need to use some "cut" or scratch and swirl remover car polish on it to lessen the swirl pattern and bring out a nice luster. Either way no risk of removing too much poly or having runaway iron filings. (We are only talking polyurethane coated guitars here.)
  10. I bought my Ultra ll in February and the Nanomag has performed beautifully. However I am not planning to do any modding as I want to maintain the lifetime warranty for a long time in case there are any issues down the road. The battery will last a long time if you do not leave the cord in the jack. As mentioned the Nanomag and humbuckers are blendable. The two jacks allow one to use a footswitch to change from Nanomag to humbuckers or to get a stereo effect using two amps. I bought this guitar because I wanted to have a single coil option without buying a Fender-
  11. Lima-Oscar-Lima! Anybody got it?
  12. I noticed that before I chimed in, there were more posters from outside the US than from in it, even though it is not an internationaly oriented thread. I still wonder at the "democracy" of the internet with all ages and countries represented on these forums. I just wonder if there are some gals posting also who choose not to reveal that they are not guys. Or do they just not get into the "stuff" of guitars that much? :-
  13. Thanks. Some folks seem to think they are a Gibson part but that doesn't make sense. I'll try to locate Mouser. :P
  14. My Ultra ll, which is not a typical Epi LP, has a pcb and an opaque cover, which means you cannot see through it, because it has a pre-amp and shielding on the backside of it, unlike the new Gibsons that have the tinted transparent cover. It is also chambered. The pcb would be more of an asset if you could acquire the connectors they use to connect the humbuckers to the pcb. Then you could put the connectors on different PUs and plug and play without having to solder. But no one seems to think the connectors can be had. :P
  15. The knobs on the front of the Ultra ll are not the same as a standard LP. When the U-2 is standing in its stand upright and you are looking at the front of it, not holding it, two of the knobs are the same as a standard LP- the upper left is the volume control for the neck humbucker, and the upper right is the volume control for the bridge HB. But the lower left knob is a master tone control for all three pickups- you did know there were three right? The lower right knob varies the volume from the humbuckers to the Nanomag and I explain it further in a post I made to another new owner of an Ultra ll: Congratulations on the new Ultra ll. I've had mine over three months now and still love it. The action was very good as delivered, the satin neck will become slicker as you play but will still be faster than poly. The corners of the nut on mine were very sharp so I carefully filed them down a little to make it more comfortable to play. The nut is not hard plastic like my dot but some kind of softer bone-like material or maybe resin infused plastic so go easy if you decide to smooth the corners. I will give you my thoughts on using the Nanomag. First, I don't think of it as being an acoustic pup but rather a single coil that is much more Strat like than a P-90. I think it sounds rather shrill or tinny by itself and needs to be blended with the HBs. I think it sounds most like a Strat when blended with the neck HB. As for the Nanomag controls, I don't know why they put a gain control on an "acoustic" pup but I think having the gain more than halfway up makes the pup sound shrill. Problem is there really is no volume control for the Nano so if you turn the gain too far down you will lose your volume. The Nano "volume" knob on the front is really a continuous toggle between the Nano and HBs, but not exactly because if you turn all the way clockwise toward the Nano, you will still be getting the HBs as you have probably figured out. If you go counter clockwise you get the HBs but not the Nano. It sounds a little weird but I like it because as I said I don't like the Nano by itself anyway. When I want a Strat sound I turn the front "volume" knob all the way clockwise to the Nano then balance the HBs in with their volume controls, usually neck-8 and bridge-6. So the Nano gain is about 1/2, the bass dimed and the treble about 2/3. In Strat mode one does not have the power of an LP so I have to turn the amp up when I use the Nano/HB combination. If you haven't seen this yet take a look: Ultra ll demo
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