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  1. Hi Vlad, The GFS neck fit perfectly in the neck pocket of the body. I did put the tuners on first and put two high E strings on to align the neck, then clamped it into place with two wood clamps. Then I marked where the holes needed to be with an ice pick through the body holes, and then drilled the holes. These GFS necks fit perfectly in Epi Special II bodies (well, @ least in mine it did). The GFS neck isn’t as substantial in your hand as the original neck is, but it is comfortable enough. And the GFS neck feels more “solid” for some reason, for lack of a better word, than the original neck. And the frets definitely feel better, too. Not bad for a $65 neck.
  2. Thanks for the very informative reply, RobinTheHood, that was a great help. Now i’m sure I don’t have a fake and i’m going to keep the original neckplate. I’m also going to keep the original neck for the informative inspection sticker (just not on the guitar :) ). I wish I could find out more about the mysterious “Factory 10”, tho.
  3. Wow, you definitely can't judge that book by it's cover. Inspiring story, Col. Mustard, thanks for the reply B)
  4. Thanks for the reply, Col. Mustard, I enjoyed reading it. Since all I can afford are cheap and/or used instruments, I enjoy tinkering with them as much as I can, it helps me to bond with the instrument. But like you said, you have to have that “key” that makes investing in an instrument worth the effort. Then it becomes all yours :)
  5. Well, if it isn’t a fake, i’ll keep the original neckplate on :)
  6. Yes, the neckplate looks a lot like mine. Except that neckplate shows a factory that is listed in the Epiphone Wiki, Factory 13. I got the pickguard (specially made for Epi LP Special IIs) from eBay back in 2016, and put it on myself. I don’t think they’re available anymore.
  7. Hi mihcmac, I did all of the mods to my Epi LP myself, including the mahogany neck from GFS. I have the original neck in my closet as we speak. It doesn’t have any markings except for these stickers As you can see, I put aftermarket Gotoh tuners on it (not very well, either :( ) This is the front of the headstock I put an aftermarket unbleached bone Nut from Stew-Mac on it, because the original black plastic Nut was chipped on the low E string slot, it wouldn’t hold the low E string on.
  8. Thanks for the info, sparquelito, that was the info I was looking for. If it’s a fake, I can change out the neckplate, too.
  9. I was just wondering if anybody could help explaining the serial # :)
  10. I got it from Reverb.com in 2016 and the Serial # is 1008102530. From what I can surmise after consulting the Epiphone Wiki is that my Epi was made in August 2010 in Factory 10 and is Unit 2530. But when I looked at the factories, there was no Factory 10, they started with Factory 11 and went up to Factory 23. Can somebody help me with identifying my Epi LP? I recently put a mahogany neck from GFS on it, btw. Here are a couple of pics
  11. Pretty cool mods you did there, Aoresteen. My oldest guitar which I've had for over 25 years is an Epi S-310. Among a bunch of other mods, I got a 3-ply pickguard for it from Pickguards.us. You have to get those S-310 pickguards custom-made because they're slightly smaller than regular Strat pickguards.
  12. I really like the Epiphone Broadway in the middle, crust.
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