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  1. Hi im moving to Austraila so i have to sell all my babys my epiphone riviera made some time in the 90s i bought it off a junkie about 6 years ago in dublin and had it ever since.its in mint condition.lookin £350 pounds but will listen to offers .Im from Belfast Ireland thanks
  2. epi pick up covers ,http://www.rosetti.co.uk/Browse/Spares/Epiphone/Pickup-Covers
  3. never mind for a 130 quid thats peenuts.sucha deal fella
  4. http://www.matchettsmusic.com/product/102c70e9-9372-49c0-92a5-dc970a633aad.aspx all the way from belfast partner
  5. i care cause it gives guitar balance i have a riviera and an Lp ,ive had the Lp sinice i was 18 loved it then got the riviera and i could totaly see the diff of how it sits when on the strap
  6. ive heard this before ..bu ive never seen first hand,
  7. nah i like the 2ed type them cut-corner head stocks are on Les Pauls hate that .IMO
  8. well a brand new Gibby LP Cost about 1200 in belfast so 1500 for a vintage anit so bad
  9. its not alot in pounds i dont think ...sounds bad in dollars tho
  10. Your a Noel G maN I put exlirs on mine its megga .they are expensive tho
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