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  1. Hi im moving to Austraila so i have to sell all my babys my epiphone riviera made some time in the 90s i bought it off a junkie about 6 years ago in dublin and had it ever since.its in mint condition.lookin £350 pounds but will listen to offers .Im from Belfast Ireland thanks
  2. epi pick up covers ,http://www.rosetti.co.uk/Browse/Spares/Epiphone/Pickup-Covers
  3. never mind for a 130 quid thats peenuts.sucha deal fella
  4. http://www.matchettsmusic.com/product/102c70e9-9372-49c0-92a5-dc970a633aad.aspx all the way from belfast partner
  5. i care cause it gives guitar balance i have a riviera and an Lp ,ive had the Lp sinice i was 18 loved it then got the riviera and i could totaly see the diff of how it sits when on the strap
  6. ive heard this before ..bu ive never seen first hand,
  7. nah i like the 2ed type them cut-corner head stocks are on Les Pauls hate that .IMO
  8. well a brand new Gibby LP Cost about 1200 in belfast so 1500 for a vintage anit so bad
  9. its not alot in pounds i dont think ...sounds bad in dollars tho
  10. Your a Noel G maN I put exlirs on mine its megga .they are expensive tho
  11. got both and my ej200 blows the doors of my bird
  12. to stop someone from putting the serial on a fake and when you put the serial in it looks legit
  13. lol All our Dreams are made when were chained to the mirrior with a razor blade
  14. Ive never understood smashin a guitar ..I Had to work hard to get mine
  15. yea i think that the coronet in question
  16. yea his dad was ex-military..In the mag it says 57 just.He said hes loyal to the Gibsons and epiphones and did not like the strats.for a poor junkie he does have some nice guitars.there was a bit in the interveiw wher he said he had Gibson semi with big f-holes like a 355 and he was playin a gig in manchester and was playin **** so he threw it in to the growd.
  17. just read in this months Guitarist mag that his dad is holding it for ranson for 10k its a 1957 Epi Coronet made in New york .His Dads a Knob
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLr_Fmwrm_g listen from 4.20 noel usesd them on the new album
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