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  1. Hey, I'm just sayin' By the way, you didn't answer my question about how you'd feel if someone had taken your dad like that. 'Cuz that's what it all comes down to really, isn't it? Treating others like we'd want them to treat us? Cheers
  2. @ Motowntom: That '66 Casino is the one you ripped off from that old gentleman who didn't know what it was worth, correct? (You let him think that it would settle a $300 tab for a bit of work you did for him, if I recall). So you have a guitar worth 3-4K because you didn't inform him what his guitar was really worth. That is one of the slimiest stories I have ever heard. You really ought to go back and make that right before you (or he) die. That was just wrong. If someone took advantage of your dad like that, you'd be OK with it? Cheers
  3. Hi Bob and welcome. If your LP has a bolt on neck, I think you can pretty safely assume it's not an authentic Epiphone. And it most definitely was not made in Nashville. That doesn't mean it's not a decent guitar; many of the early LP copies that were made in Japan had bolt on necks. But Gibson/Epiphone has never, to my knowledge, made a LP with a bolt on neck. Cheers
  4. My 2008 Valensi was made in Korea. I don't know if they still are. It is a wonderful guitar; beautiful to behold and a marvelous instrument to play. I have always loved P90s and really, really like Gibson's P94s. I don't think these guitars are easy to locate, so good luck. Cheers
  5. I played an Epiphone Masterbuilt 500 today with a MIC sticker and a factory code of 11. Made in '08. Cheers
  6. To add to the overall knowledge of Epiphone's SN schema, Lord Summerisle has started building up some info regarding how to decode the new format that doesn't have the leading letter (this started in 2008, it seems). Here's what it is starting to shape up to, based on the assumption that the 5th and 6th digits in the SN correspond to the country of origin: 15 = Qingdao (electric) 16 = Qingdao (acoustic) 20 or 12 = DeaWon? or Unsung China? (still not sure which number corresponds to which factory) 21= Unsung, Korea My MIK Riviera is SN 080522XXXX, which would suggest that 22 is also a Korean plant. Cheers
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