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  1. Maybe a "captcha" system should be put in place in order to register: http://recaptcha.net/
  2. I guess they just wanted to put the name of the old Triumphs to these new basses to add some value to it. I guess it was just not worth it if they ran into trademark conflict. Also, I think their claim on the name might have expired since the old ones, which is why they might be running into issues now. edit: Woah... that was some bad grammar before... fixed
  3. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your Dot and play it often!!!
  4. Here's another thread about the non-reverse t-bird: http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=10784 Thread from another forum: http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?t=210323 I don't know much about them, but keep on searching the web on them and I'm sure you'll find something sooner or later :)
  5. All of those locations make good guitars, you just have to find them :) In all seriousness, it's consistency that is the issue for many of the Chinese/Korean made ones. I've heard that the EB-3 bass had a ton of quality issues, but then I look at mine and see none of those issues! So the best thing to do is to see for yourself the guitar you want to buy and get the store to set it up if it hasn't been done already (haha... very unique advice eh?). Good luck with your guitar shopping! I hope you find a winner!
  6. I'm really sorry to hear about your troubles Matiac, like the others said it really pains me to hear about the financial woes of great people like yourself. I really hope you'll find some work soon and try not to get discouraged. I'm young, I have no idea what it takes to raise a family but it really shows you care for them deeply. I'm hopeful that if you and many others out there show even half of the devotion to their families towards finding and keeping work, they'll turn out fine in the end. Remember: Keep on Truckin'
  7. Dang... I go away for a little while and all of this happens :( edit: Woah, I just realized that my old avatar is back and I lost a couple hundred posts :)
  8. Looks very nice! It looks like the Jack Casady bass, didn't another guitar pop up on the forum that was like this?
  9. Hmn... Reminds me of the Gibson Mandolins
  10. Very nice Bass! Never seen anything like that before!
  11. They are probably on the same server, so an update for us would effect them and vice-versa.
  12. Holy Cow! Never seen a triple post before. And yeah, it's slow for me too.
  13. It looks like the forum is wider for some reason. Looks like an update.
  14. I've always thought that a dark green Firebird would be soo nice! No problem. And if you haven't already, you should really subscribe to the "e-letter" from the main epiphone page! That's where I got the image I first posted, from one of their messages.
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