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  1. Thinking about one of these. It would be my first Epiphone in a decade. I've always wanted a double-cut Les Paul, and $600 is a price I can (just about) justify. I thought I'd wait until they had been out a while, for the honeymoon effect to wear off on people who bought one. So, DC Pro owners, I'd like to pick your brains. What's the skinny on these, the good and the bad? Thanks. Johnny.
  2. I don't know whether it was specifically used on "Slide Away," but I wouldn't be surprised... You have the right guitar and amp for the Noel Gallagher tone, but you're missing one vital piece of equipment that is all over his early Oasis recordings: An Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer, I'm not sure the TS9 gets you close enough, although, to be honest, I'm surprised it doesn't. Maybe you need one of those, or something that does a really good job of emulating it, to turn yourself into early-mid-1990s Noel? You may also need: eyebrows that join in the middle, a parka, an obstreperous younger brother with whom you feud a lot, a Man City shirt from the days when they were languishing in lower divisions and, unlike today, winning nothing, and the ability to pronounce "Our kid" in a Burnage accent.
  3. May sound strange, but I'm optimistic that stuff isn't there to cover up a poorly-fixed neck break. I was half joking before, but I still wonder if it wasn't some sort of improvised orthopedic aid for the previous owner.
  4. The previous owner had huge hands and only ever played open chords?
  5. Taking a wild guess here (as you didn't say it was along the entire neck, and I can't get the photos to open). A small number of people like to use wide strips of duct tape on the back of the neck as "markers" to feel where certain frets are. Personally, it would drive me crazy, but there are some who like to do it. Could be tape residue? Duct tape is nasty, sticky stuff. In which case, I don't know - assuming the neck is poly finished - Goo Gone?
  6. There's something wrong with your site. I just went there and there is no content, just ad links. This isn't to criticize your resource, which I think is an amazing effort to provide information to fans of Epiphone guitars, it's just to say your site is broken, I think.
  7. It's also done in an incredibly unintelligent way. I went years without posting here (busy at work, at home, and even playing my guitar), but people who have been here a long time will remember a character called Uncle Al/Mr. Nelson, who had the same bee in his bonnet as Rev 6. Every time a new member posted a picture of a recently acquired new Epiphone, out came the tart response about a "Chinese copy." The difference was that Mr. Nelson was clever and witty, and actually had a remarkable knowledge of 1960s Epiphones (he famously wrote a detailed thread about the origins of the Sheraton that was more than worth the 30 minutes it took to read it). In the end, though, people just wearied of his ceaseless drubbing of modern Epiphones. Then he got into flame wars with other members, and then he got banned. Rev 6 is actually far worse than Mr. Nelson, because, in his more sanguine moments, Mr. Nelson had some useful knowledge to impart. All this clown does is post endless threads of photos of modern (Japanese) Epiphones he has found online, in order to celebrate them as superior guitars to their Qingdao-made stablemates; or he posts photos of Qingdao-made SGs in order to "ask" about the finish, and then studiously ignores the advice that other people provide on that topic. It's dull and mindless and annoying. Guitar forums exist for enthusiasts to share knowledge and, well, enthusiasm for the instruments they play. If someone doesn't have anything to contribute to that purpose, then why are they here? That certainly isn't to say that only highly knowledgeable people, or only people with a profound love of Epiphones should post here. But if the only reason a person joins a forum is to bash the product made by the forum's owner, then I think the mods should ask themselves whether that person really needs to be here. Imagine going on a Ford forum in order to post endless pictures of 1960s Mustangs you don't own whilst complaining "all modern Fords are rubbish," or to celebrate GM cars over Fords at every turn. What do you think the mods would do once other members became irritated?
  8. Do you actually play guitar? Do you enjoy making music, or do you just Google Japanese Epiphones all day long?
  9. Just play it - and, if it makes you happy then buy it, or if it's already yours, play it. If it's already yours and you wish it wasn't, then sell it. Look, here's the beauty of cheap guitars: I started craving an electric 12 sting. Not many manufacturers make those these days, would you believe? Looked around on Craigslist for something used, and no dice. What I wanted was a Rickenbacker 330 or 360. But that would have been very selfish and greedy, because I don't really need one, and my wife and I are saving for a house deposit. What I bought was a Dean Boca, brand new, from an ebay store in Alabama. It arrived set up perfectly, plays very nicely. Is it as good as a Rick? Good God, no. Is it great for the $375 I paid for it (shipped)? Yes! If I ever get tired of it and want to offload it, will I get at least $200 back? Probably. I'll post pictures soon. You're going to hate it. It has an amber flame veneer on it. I think it looks great - for what it is - a cheap guitar. Not everything has to be an American made Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker or what have you. And Japanese Epiphone SGs are like hen's teeth when it comes to finding one, assuming you desperately want one of those over a standard G400. I'll leave you with this thought. Here's the thing about guitars: they are supposed to be fun. Don't worry about them so much, especially ones you don't, yourself, own.
  10. Once upon a time it would have been a matter of getting a train from Lime Street to New Street, but these days I'm in Virginia, so alas I'm not going. I would have liked to see what Crimson brought to Brum to show everyone. No doubt they'll post a Youtube vid about it soon, though.
  11. What is Under the photoflame ? Start sanding?
  12. Hey Epi, while you have the jig out for making Firebird headstocks, could you see your way to....?
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