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  1. The biggest problem is it has a Bigsby and the tuning issues that come with it. Unfortunately when I bought it I didn't know they also came without one. I have installed a BricksBiggsFix roller (better but the issue seems to be the nut) and tried a softer spring (different issue, the Bigsby on this guitar is very stiff, not nearly as smooth as others I've had or played) I have to lube the nut to even have a reasonable chance for it to stay in tune. This seems like it might work and like I said doesn't require any mods to the guitar itself so I can always go back to original if I want t
  2. I'm considering a Zero Glide nut for my Blak n Blu Casino, have had anumber of issues with it (Bigsby model) and I'm thinking this may help. The best part is you don't modify the nut slot so I can always put the original back. Anyone used a Zero Glide before? Not sure of the size to order either, they list sizes for Gibsons and Fenders but not Epi's.
  3. The video of Gary Clark Jr at the end made me get my Casino out, haven't played a guitar in months. Thanks.
  4. I miss my Wildkat too, have never seen another like it.
  5. He said he got it from Guitar Center, he can return it until they get it right or get a full refund, no issues...... I'd take it to a GC store and not fool with online to get it right.
  6. Awesome, now I won't have to pollute the ground water at my home... Thank you!
  7. I use the Grolsch washers too but the beer is krap IMHO even my dog hates it , still cheaper than Schallers even if you dump the beer and they work great
  8. Funny forum, I posted a question and it sat for 2 weeks, no answers and not a single view, deleted post and changed title, 160 views and 2 replies.... What does this mean? Beats me.......
  9. ........................
  10. My brother loves his Swingster but neither of us have tried a Gretsch yet...
  11. Don't have one but I heard a guy play one at GC, different enough from the Casino that there should be room for both in your house...
  12. I would prefer the Trapeze tailpiece to the Bigsby, I rarely if ever use it and have taken the bar off my 2 strats, but I thought I'd give it a go and didn't like it. It was very stiff, creaky and wouldn't stay in tune, so I ordered the BricksBiggsfix roller and a soft spring from Reverend Guitars. Bricks sells one too but I already had the spring from Reverend before I was able to order the roller. The results so far are mixed, the roller is a definite upgrade, guitar stays in tune now when using the Bigsby, the spring however is a total "No Go" it's about 1/4" longer than the origina
  13. It's Bigsby fixin day, I'll let you know what I think...
  14. I like it but I think between the Casino and my Firefox Custom (think Lucile with a different finish and Filtertron style pups) I've got all the Hollow body guitars I need for a while (except maybe that bass) Firefox Custom:
  15. Thanks, wasn't sure never saw those pups before
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