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  1. The biggest problem is it has a Bigsby and the tuning issues that come with it. Unfortunately when I bought it I didn't know they also came without one. I have installed a BricksBiggsFix roller (better but the issue seems to be the nut) and tried a softer spring (different issue, the Bigsby on this guitar is very stiff, not nearly as smooth as others I've had or played) I have to lube the nut to even have a reasonable chance for it to stay in tune. This seems like it might work and like I said doesn't require any mods to the guitar itself so I can always go back to original if I want too. I'm just curious if anyone's tried one yet.
  2. I'm considering a Zero Glide nut for my Blak n Blu Casino, have had anumber of issues with it (Bigsby model) and I'm thinking this may help. The best part is you don't modify the nut slot so I can always put the original back. Anyone used a Zero Glide before? Not sure of the size to order either, they list sizes for Gibsons and Fenders but not Epi's.
  3. The video of Gary Clark Jr at the end made me get my Casino out, haven't played a guitar in months. Thanks.
  4. I miss my Wildkat too, have never seen another like it.
  5. Don't have one of these but I wonder if I should contact them about the wonky Bigsby on my Blak and Blu? Haven't tried to correct it yet, but it's really stiff and unusable. I did get the softer spring that Reverend sells for the Bigsby but haven't installed it yet. Really wish I got the one with the Trapeze tailpiece instead of the Bigsby. Back to your regularly scheduled topic.........
  6. Sorry to hear about all the problems, I hope you guys get them all sorted. I've got to say, with all the issues you guys are having I'm kinda glad I cancelled mine and bought the Peerless instead.
  7. That's awesome, they look like a winner Unfortunately for me (maybe ) I'm feeling my feminine side and have changed my mind on the Sherry and the Casino didn't happen either, out sniped by a better sniper However I did find something, I'll post in lounge (non Epi)
  8. I'm considering cancelling my pre-order and getting a 50th Anniversary 1961 Epiphone Casino instead. I love the Sherry and mini humbuckers but I think I'd like a hollowbody instead of a semi hollow for my next guitar. So many decisions
  9. GREAT, I don't have enough GAS now you show me that.... Seriously I'm going on a quest for one in Sunburst, I loved my first Sherry and always wanted an older one with the mini humbuckers. Now Frequensator tailpiece or a Tremotone tremelo tailpiece? The wife will kill me, I just got the Suhr 2 weeks ago but these are just too cool. Thanks again <<<EDIT>>> Hmm looks like Tremotone only come on the Cherry Sherry (nice ring to that) and I love RED guitars.... But Epi archtops in Sunburst just look right to me, so that answers which tailpiece. $800 case included (that case usually runs ~ $100). Sounds like a great price. I paid that for the Sherry II. Pre-ordering now. BTW ant7629, did I say THANKS yet!
  10. Ok I'm in too, my first Gibby came home today (used)
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