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  1. This is me and my singer, playing with our band in a little club last friday. It was bloody hot.
  2. Nice one mrjones. I've got a Marshall 1936 2x12 for my Tiny Terror and it's pretty damn loud. Let us know how the different speakers work out as I'm thinking of replacing one of the celestions in mine.
  3. Just as a quick note. Celestions vintage 30s are about 80 quid a pop in blighty at the moment and you can get a vintage loaded 2x12 from Thomann for £160. A mate of mine just got one and it sounds awesome for ROCK. Worth a look, at least.
  4. I've had Kent Armstrong pick-ups in my sheraton for about 15 years. I changed out the stock p.ups because they were pretty crappy (apparently they have improved a lot over the years). I got the hot-rodded PAFs and they have held up quite well. I'm actually thinking of up grading. I played a mates Bare-Knuckle p.ups the other day and they sounded AWESOME. There are 2 different types of Kent Armstrongs. The cheaper type are made in the far-east while the more expensive ones are USA made. I got the cheap ones (I was only 18 at the time) and was very pleased. If you go here, http://www.wdmusi
  5. It can do 80's rock but you would still have to put a pedal in front of it to get that hyper-distorted sound. Put it this way; It can do 'Slash' no trouble at all. It won't be able to do the Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen etc. without some help. It's got more dirt than my jcm800 and at a lot lower volume. You have to push a 50watt jcm800 a fair bit before it gives up the goods. If you chuck a good boost pedal in the front end of the Tiny Terror, it sings for weeks. I would never get rid of my jcm800 but the Tiny Terror does it just as well for less volume. If you need more distortion then a j
  6. Get the Tiny Terror. It is now my main gigging amp. Put it through a 2x12 or 4x12 and it's plenty loud enough. I use mine live with a Marshall 2x12 cab and a boost pedal. It keeps up with the rest of my band (another guitar, bass and drums) and we play 70s rock. I used to use my JCM800 combo but it's now been retired in favour of the little Orange beauty.
  7. Marshall have just started making a 15watt all tube amp called the Haze. I haven't heard it yet but it looks like it might be good. I've got a Tiny Terror (Orange) and you can get a great Izzy/Slash sound out of it. I use it with a 2x12 in my band and it kicks classic-rock ***!
  8. I inherited these from my Dad when he passed away 4 years ago. The little Tiple on the end and the sunburst are both hand-made beauties by a luthier called Ralph Bown in York (uk), the Dobro is a 30s model that used to belong to Cyril Davies and the big ol' Yamaha is now my acoustic work-horse. Every one of them is a treasure but I'd swap them all to have my Dad back :)
  9. Just took some quick snaps so I thought I'd pop 'em up. Now I have to do the same for my amps. Bah!!! Cheers.
  10. Just to stick my nose in. Ever since I first heard Taj Mahals 'Giant Step/De Old Folks' album, I have always tuned my 12 strings down to at least D if not lower. Taj has it down to C on some songs. Gives a 12 that great Ledbeally/Blind Willie McTell sound.
  11. ] This was the first REAL guitar I bought in the early 90s. The scratchplate went first, then the selector switch got replaced by a brass one (kept breaking the plastic ones) and then I replaced the pick-ups with a couple of beefy Kent Armstrongs. It still gets gigged once or twice a week. It looks pretty lame compared to some of the ones on here but it's been my number one for over fifteen years.
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