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  2. thats a greast idea. i will go home tonight and see if the buzzing is due to the tailpiece. frankly, i didnt even check to see if the tailpiece screws are a little loose. the guitar is 22 years old after all... i think i will use one of my wifes workout socks....lol
  3. how would i check to see if its actually the tailpice?
  4. Hi all, can anyone recommend a floating bridge for my 1993 Epi Joe Pass? seems i am getting buzzing on the strings and it sure sounds like its from the bridge. when i loosen the stings and move them a bit it stops. but after a little while it starts up again so i firgured time for a new floating bridge..... comments thoughts welcome as always.... thanks roy
  5. Sleeko that is one reeaal nice emperor. ....that looks like a 3000.00 guitar.....
  6. Interestingly enough on the heel of the guitar it reads emperor VS..vintage sunburst? I just think someone at the factory put the wrong label on.....
  7. Here is my 2000 unsung factory epi joe pass in natural.
  8. Tell you what paravar i also have a 2000 joe pass from the unsung Factory and the neck on the 93 is slimmer and flatter. I think i prefer the unsung factory neck....
  9. https://flic.kr/s/aHsk9eNgUr not sure if this will work... here are pics of the 1993 Epi Joe Pass from the Samick factory. ..
  10. https://flic.kr/s/aHsk9eNgUr not sure if this will work...
  11. the Joe Pass Plays like butter. and the heritage cherry(that is what its called?) is beautiful.....
  12. awesome thanks guys.... i love that yellowing color :-)
  13. Good day all, I recently aquired an 1993 Epiphone Emperor II Joe Pass MIK Samick plant model in the Cherryburst color(I know, I know pics to follow) i have noticed that the binding has turned a beautiful yellow hue color and am curious if Samick back then used a poly finish or laquered? anyone know? thanks Roy
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