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  1. I just love my Casino, but lately (since the inspired by Lennon Casino announcement) i've been GASsing for a new Casino, Since i dont have the money for now, i was wondering how to pimp my Casino. What you would do? or have done to your Casino? Change the tuners? Change the pickup? What modification you did or would do?
  2. For me my Casino had a buzz coming from the Neck Pickup when i played on the 3rd 2nd and 1st string, i've found the problem after a couple of weeks! It was the wire connecting my bridge pickup to the volume pots that was loose and touching other things inside that was creating the buzz.
  3. I sent my Casino to the factory for some defect that it had, They replaced it with a new one, the new serial number start with EE, Where was it made? Does it mean it's an Elitist?
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